Private Lies

Private LiesJax Monroe was pissed at her soon to be ex husband, the man she had thought loved her, but when she found him cheating she knew it was all lies. Jax will have to get her life in gear again. Her friends solution was to find someone knew. She had her eye on the bartender but she wasn’t that type of girl. Though there will be something about Shane that will have her wanting him and then wanting more.

Shane Reynolds was undercover as a bartender. He was disgusted by the way people acted at the country club but then he meets Jax. She is the only person that he wanted to get to know. Though it could be crossing a line as he was working for her father. Shane will take a risk when it comes to Jax.

Private Lies is the third book to the series Sex, Lies & Wedding Cake by Cat Johnson. I liked this story. It was pretty much fluff, not much going on, but it was still fun to read. I thought this of course could have been drawn out into a bigger novel which would let you know more about the characters.

Jax was wealthy due to her parents. She might not make the best decisions but she tries her hardest at whatever she does. I liked that Jax wasn’t like her friends or the majority of people at the country club. I also liked that she let herself go and be with Shane. Those scenes were again very steamy. Shane’s character is not necessarily the bad boy but he is certainly rough around the edges for the country club scene. I liked that he was a private investigator and that he was undercover. I was wondering if that would get him into trouble with Jax as he is lying to her but Johnson kind of just glosses over that part, its there but its not that big of deal. Maybe in a novel it would have been, though when you are writing a novella there is only so much that you can put in.