His Royal Princess

His Royal PrincessPrincess Alexandra wanted to live a little and she will get that chance when she meets Luke Houston, the movie star. She will be shocked that Luke will want more and Alex will be willing but will be nervous to want more with Luke.

Luke Houston was on site for his movie but it was going down hill, then he will meet Princess Alexandra. He will be impressed by Alex and want to know more. Luke will do what he could to get to know Alex and get close to her.

His Royal Princess is a novella from Billionaire’s Boys Club by Jessica Clare. 3.5 novella. I thought this was a cute story and fun addition to the series.

I thought Alex’s character was intriguing. She was brought up to be proper and she was but there was an adventurous girl inside of her just waiting to step out. It was cute that her mother and grandmother helped her. It was not expected which was nice. Alex lets herself go from the stuffy upbringing and live a little when it comes to Luke. Luke’s character was a nice guy. He was not a player but a serious actor who wanted to do the best he could when it came his movies. Luke is definitely a lustful guy but he is sweet and playful especially when it comes to Alex. It was interesting getting to know these characters who were introduced in the fourth book of this series.

I am reading the last three books next which will conclude the Billionaire’s and Bridesmaids series and the Billionaire’s Boys Club series.


WinterWinter is the fourth and final book to the series Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I liked this book. I thought that this was a very well done conclusion to the series but it was long, and I mean long. The book was over 800 pages.

So lets talk about the plot. Well to put it simply the plot is all about this small group of people trying to stop the Queen. That has been the plot throughout the series but this book will center on truly getting rid of the Queen.

Alright, now I said above that this book was 800 pages long and even though I liked the book it was a little much at times. Though I will admit that what was written was interesting. Each character had once again a good portion of the book. Now Winter would be the featured character but I felt that was not the case. I think it was still very much Cinder’s story which I didn’t mind as I like her above all the others. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like Winter. She was a kindhearted and compassionate girl who happened to be unlucky when it came to stepmothers.

Now what can I saw without giving any spoilers away. Probably not too much. The one thing that I will say is that Marissa Meyer is a very good writer and I liked that she gave a concrete conclusion to the story for all characters involved, whether it was bad or good.


CressCress is the third book to the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. Another very entertaining book in the series. With series like these I don’t always like them but this one has captured my attention.

The third book is with Cinder, Wolf, Scarlet, and Thorne who had all banned together to get to Cress as a rescue. Though that plan will quickly go bad when they are split up into groups. Their plan to stop the Queen is slowed down but they are all determined to stop the Queen and to save Kai from a fate which will be his death.

Within this book there was more action happening which was because the group was separated. I liked that each group got their own part in the book. You were able to get to know the characters better. Cress, the new character, was very naive but she was smart, and did the best that she could. So other than the new character there were some big things happening in this book, like identities being revealed and big rescue attempts.

I am reading Fairest next which will be about the Queen Levana. Then I will be finishing up the series with Winter.


ScarletI am continuing with Scarlet which is the second book to Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. This book was fun to read. This strange world that Meyer’s has written is interesting and it will hold your attention.

So this story is continuing with Cinder’s quest to find out what happened to her in her past. She is teamed up with another inmate, Thorne. Though Cinder’s story is not the only one being told. There is also Scarlet whose grandmother had been kidnapped by a group of men. Scarlet will team up with a man called Wolf.

I liked reading about Scarlet, who is being portrayed as Little Red Riding Hood, and her quest to find her grandmother but I found that I missed reading more about Cinder. Especially with the new information that is discovered about Cinder. Though Scarlet was a good addition to the series. She is fiery and a determined woman. I also liked Wolf as well even though he isn’t exactly a hero.

It is interesting how these characters are connected, and they are all connected to the missing Princess Selena. Well she is not really missing any longer. I hope that Cinder in the next book will be taking some action against the Queen but it still might be too early for that in the series.

I am reading Cress next.

Sins of A Duke

Sins of A DukeSebastian Griffin, Duke of Melbourne avoids scandal and rules his siblings as the leader of the family. Now with all of them taken care of Sebastian finds himself in a situation of scandal with a Princess, but Sebastian has a feeling Princess Josefina is not who she claims to be.

Princess Josefina Katarina Embry came to England dazzling everyone of the ton expect the one she needed, Sebastian Griffin. She knew that he would not be the right pick as he asked too many questions and he was starting to make her heart beat faster.

The conclusion of the Griffin Family series is Sins of a Duke from Suzanne Enoch. I liked this series from the start with how the family was there for each other and how they got on each others nerves. Sebastian has always been the controlling one which was nice to see him loose a little stiffness. You got to find out the other side of the foreboding older brother. Princess Josefina was someone who confused me as what she really wanted in life as it seemed that it was to abide her father. There was mystery to what happened to her in her earlier years which you could guess from the clues. I did like the twist at the end with her circumstance and how it changed.

When I started the series I felt that I was waiting for the novel with Sebastian and even though I liked it I wasn’t thrilled by it as I was with the first novel. I did like that there was more of a mystery with this novel. I thought that side of the story gave a little more intrigue to the story. As I’ve finished the Griffin Family series I can’t wait to find more of Suzanne Enoch’s novels to read.

Courting Carolina

Courting CarolinaAlec MacKeage happens upon a woman being abused and immediately rescues her. He is helped by a wolf that appears to be on this woman’s side. Alec will know immediately that this woman is not Jane Smith as she claims. He will figure out the truth only to know that they can not be together.

Carolina Oceanus is on the run from her kidnappers and is given safety from one man. She will keep her identity a secret from her savior but soon she will have to tell him the truth as her family is looking for her.

Courting Carolina is the third book to Spellbound Falls series which started off strong and kept going strong throughout the book. I liked finding out more from Carolina as the story went on. She is an interesting character that I have grown to like. I thought the paring that Janet Chapman did between the highlander and the princess was the correct one. You got to see Carolina grow into the woman she was supposed to be and not the wilted flower everyone saw. Alec was stubborn but I liked that of the highlander and he gave her value that others had not seen. Once again a heartwarming story between the characters with magic on their side.

Divine Misdemeanors

Merry and her men have faced off with the Queen and the Prince and have lived to tell the tale. Now they are back in America and trouble is at their front door again but this time the demi-fey are the ones that are being attacked. Merry must help her people out and to find the one who is harming them.

The eighth book, Divine Misdemeanors, of the series Meredith Gentry was not bad. I had thought before that the seventh book from Laurell Hamilton had finished the series but she cranked out another one.

Turning the pages for this book started out slow. Since I love reading about Merry and her guards I knew I would like the book but it took a little to get into the story. The plot is not following the same as it had been and to me it lost a little interest. This book was not my favorite. Now on the other hand it was a good story once you got into the book and back with the characters. New things are revealed and Merry’s men who are the fathers of her twins are not the only ones she loves or lets in her bed.

At the end of the story Hamilton leaves it open. This book was published in 2009 so its been several years. I’m not sure if she will write another book for the Meredith Gentry series, but she certainly does not close the chapter completely.