Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

I had told myself I would try Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter before I saw the movie. The movie is out on DVD now so I figured it was time to start the book. Its been several months since I first read Seth Grahame-Smith and his Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which still to this day I am not sure I loved or didn’t, so going after this book was a something I wasn’t still sure.

The premise of the book is basically Abraham Lincoln discovers vampires at an early age and swears to destroy each and everyone as they covered his life with death. Abraham becomes one of the best vampire hunters until he is stopped by John Wilkes Booth or is he?

So now that I have your attention I will say this Seth Grahame-Smith is a very interesting writer, strange but still interesting. I wasn’t enthralled with the book as it didn’t grasp my attention as Pride and Prejudice and Zombies did even with is absurdities. Now I am not saying this book is horrible as it is definitely not. The history of Lincoln’s life was intriguing but at times I felt a little bored with the history. The added aspect of vampires was kind of funny when Smith adds it into the text. I did like a little twist at the end of the book and actually the introduction that was written. It was clever to read and gave a certain mystery to the novel.

Overall again I am indifferent but can appreciate the idea behind this novel. Now as it happens I found myself picking up the movie the same night just out of sheer curiosity. The movie did grab me as I watched it. There were plenty of things that were cut out and the ending was okay. They ventured away from how the book ended but the movie was fun to watch all the same.

The First Daughter and A Vampire

Love at Stake is a series that keeps going and I love it. Kerrelyn Sparks keeps this series going with new characters and old ones still very present. The eleventh book to the series is Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Gregori Holstein is a relatively young vampire and completely bottle fed which amuses most of his fellow vampires. Of course now that habit is what will help the vampires create an alliance with the President of the United States, there is just one catch. Gregori will have to play babysitter to the eldest daughter as they go on a dangerous mission. Gregori is willing to help as it will help their cause but feelings of desire make it difficult to stay on task.

Abigail Tucker or known as Abby is the eldest daughter of the President. She stayed out of the limelight by choice as she did not like the attention but then there was her mother. Her mother became too sick and Abby knew it was in her power to find a cure. Abby’s life is dedicated to help her mother and now with the help of a vampire she will be that much closer. The only thing Abby didn’t think would happen is the desire she feels as Gregori gazes upon her.

As I had started the series Gregori was just a funny young vampire who was amusing to read about. As the series progressed you started to like him more and more. Soon I had hoped he would have his own book and now Sparks delivers.

The character of Gregori was perfect. There was enough humor to love him and even though he had done something unethical to Abby you still wanted to love him. Abby’s character was a spitfire once she was able to let go. I loved how Sparks gave her to be the level headed one. It made the book amusing to read as she let her guard down and got caught up in the vampire life.

Now Sexiest Vampire Alive is not filled with only an amusing plot or characters, no, Sparks gives betrayal and heartache within the pages. Gregori betrays Abby in order to help the vampires that will have you screaming no! don’t do it! You knew that there would be trouble once he had done it, and of course it comes at the right moment at the end, but Sparks will not end it with tragedy. There will be a happy ending as with all of her stories.

Love at Stake series is a quirky, fun take on vampires living in the modern world and trying to get by. The next book will be all about the Dr. Phang and for those who have read the series you know what I mean. For those who haven’t it is another very new vampire who is part of Roman’s team.

Exclusive by Sandra Brown

Heart pounding thriller, sabotage, blackmail, but in the end you still didn’t know what really happened.  At the end there is a conclusion but who is really guilty the lines get blurred with who really killed the baby.  Exclusive is intense and fantastic to read.

A second-string with first class talent, Barrie Travis is stuck at a low-budget independent television station struggling to survive among the giant networks.  Then, suddenly, she recieves an invitation from First Lady Vanessa Merritt for an off-the-record conversation.  Barrie’s reporter’s instincts are instantly aroused.

During a furtive, emotionally charged meeting, Barrie sees that the President’s beautiful wife is stunned by grief after the crib death of their infant son.  Vanessa’s motive for meeting Barrie seems to be to share her headache with another woman.  What Barrie overlooks in her excitment at hearing the confidences of the First Lady are the questions she should be asking: Why would Vanessa Merritt call her?  And why would the President’s wife hint to an unknown reporter that her child may have been murdered?

Blind to everything but getting her exclusive, Barrie is determined to investigate the death of teh President’s child.  But she soon realizes that getting the story will test her ethics and her patriotism.  Would she expose information that could topple the presidency?  She confronts this problem when she tracks down Gray Bondurant, a former presidential aide and war hero who shunned the poltics of Washington in favor of life on a remote Wyoming ranch.  And when they both begin to follow a trail of lies and intrigue right to the White House door, Barrie’s exclusive puts at least three people on the firing line: First Lady, Gray, and herself-as crimes and ambitions combine to endanger their lives and the future of the nation.

Finishing reading you are in awe and still confused in a way.  Excluive was an intense thriller and a joy to read about.  I liked that this concentrated on the first family with a reporter who gets a hunch and runs with it.

Reporters usually come out on the bottom and dead somewhere with these types of novels but with help Barrie is able to survive, barely.

I love the sexual tension between Gray and Barrie, it is intense just like everything else about them.  But it is not easy for them.

The secret of who is the babies father for the first lady will shock you.  It drove me crazy and you wanted to know the truth but only at the end do you find out.

Sandra Brown delivers a suspenseful and heated novel with the sensual tension and adventure.  A novel worth reading.

Wanting more from Foster

The moment has finally come when I was able to pick up the copy of Lori Foster’s latest book in the series of SBC Fighters, Back in Black.

“Drew Black, a president of the SBC fighting organization, is a controversial as they come.  But this hotheaded entrepreneur is a perfect match for his popular sports club venture: uncompromising and extreme.  Maybe too extreme.  With a reputation for saying what he thinks, Drew’s been causing a lot of friction.  That’s why someone’s been called in to clean up his image, before he does any permanent damage.

The lucky lady is Gillian Noode, a PR expert who has smoothed out the rough edges on many a man.  But Drew is rougher than anyone she’s ever met, and he refuses to change for any woman, for any reason.  To make matters more complicated, Gillian’s starting to like him raw.  Now opposites aren’t simply attracting, they’re igniting. But in the rising heat, who will end up on top?”

This book, Back in Black, along with all other Lori Foster’s books are amazing to read.  They are exciting, sexy and fun to read.  This book was no exception, it was fantastic.  I didn’t have to read the plot because I knew I would like it, but I read it anyways.

In this most recent story the two characters are Drew Black and Gillian Noode.  They are steamy and complete opposites.  It is exciting when they finally get together but they are not the only characters.  On the side is Brett and Audrey another complete opposites.  Brett is the fighter and Audrey is the woman against the fighting but the two can’t stay away from each other.  I loved the villain in this story, a little crazy but you didn’t know exactly at the beginning.

The writing is fantastic with the enticing plot which is very funny and strikingly fast to read.  I couldn’t put down the book with the witty dialogue, steamy scenes with delicious characters.  There is some about fighters that gets your blood boiling.

Now the question, is there another book to the SBC Fighters series and is it coming out soon?!