Sleepless in Manhattan

Paige Walker had been the sick girl in her hometown. Paige wanted a fresh start in New York and she was making it but then her dreams will be crushed. She will rely on her friends for help to get her dream on her own. She will get help from her friends, Frankie and Eve as well from her brother Matt. The one that she will be hesitant to ask for help will be the man she loved since she was a teenager, Jake Romano.

Sleepless in Manhattan is the first book to the series From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan. I had seen this book when this series started but I wanted to wait for several books to be finished. I thought this was a sweet story. Its a story of second chances and your heart will melt when Jake finally realizes what he was missing.

I liked Paige’s drive for organizing. I am completely the same with organizing the things in my life. I thought she was brave to try and not because she survived surgery but because starting a business is not an easy task. I liked that she was nervous, excited and scared as hell throughout the story. It felt real. The romance between Jake and Paige was not there but that is because Jake could not let himself be with Paige that way. Though things will change and Jake will finally let himself want Paige but it will still take a while for him to open his heart up all the way.

I am interested in reading about Frankie and Eve who are the best friends of Paige and who are part of the business.

At the end the book there was another story, Midnight at Tiffany’s. This was a prequel to the series From Manhattan with Love. This book is about Matilda who is an inspiring writer who is looking to get a chance to get her book published. She is working as a waitress to pay the bills which is when her life will get changed forever. She will meet Chase the man whose brother has a publishing house but she did not know the man was Chase.

This prequel which is a novella is a sweet and very short. You get everything you want all wrapped up in a bow. I of course want more detail but I was satisfied with how the story was written.

The second book is Sunset in Central Park which I will be reading next.

When We Touch

When We Touch (Whiskey Creek, #0.5)Olivia Arnold wasn’t ready to come home and plan her sisters wedding to the man she thought she would’ve married. Olivia had to hold her head up high and pretend it didn’t bother her. Having Brandon by her side will help her through the ordeal. It didn’t hurt that having Brandon around would make both Kyle and Noelle angry.

When We Touch is the prequel to the series Whiskey Creek. I have read the first book of this series and I really liked it. Its funny that its been a year since I have read anything from this series but I wanted to wait for more of the books to accumulate. Now that they have I have the second book through the sixth to read. I decided to get the first book back out and re-read right after this one which didn’t take me long. I figured that it was a good idea as that was when a lot of the characters were really introduced and you got to know some of their personalities.

I really liked When We Touch. I thought that this novella was well done and to the point. It gave all you the emotions that you wanted, a little heartbreak, betrayal, new beginnings, and love. I liked Olivia’s character but I wanted her to get mad, even though that would only fuel her sister’s, Noelle, happiness. Noelle is a piece of work and there was no redeeming quality in her character. I was happy that in this not so happy marriage will  be coming to an end in the first book. Now the stepbrothers were interesting. I didn’t really like Kyle but it wasn’t like he was a real villain. He made a mistake and now was paying for it. Brandon I really liked as he was a good guy, maybe a little rough around the edges. He wanted Olivia but keeping her was not in his thought process until it became apparent he needed her to be.

I am looking forward to continuing the series with When Snow Falls.

The Governess Affair

The Governess AffairSerena Barton wants compensation from the Duke of Clermont for what he had done to her. She would not back down especially when Hugo Marshall, the Wolf of Clermont was directed to get rid of her. Serena kept her guard up and determination but soon found that the wolf was not as bad as he seemed.

Hugo Marshall or known as Wolf of Clermont to the people as he does not back down from any job, but Hugo will meet his match. He will find that harming this woman is not in his nature though. Hugo will find other ways but finds that he can’t get rid of Serena as she has become more to him.

I had already tried out Courtney Milan with Proof of Seduction so I knew that The Governess Affair would easily have passion laced through the book. I was not expecting The Governess Affair to be a novella. Usually I avoid them as I am left wanting. I like my plot drawn out with detail and character development. I was surprised that I found it in Courtney Milan’s novella. The Governess Affair was a fantastic book and great prequel to this series. I definitely want to find out more after the epilogue with the two brothers meeting.

Serena and Hugo are interesting characters as they come alive in the book. There is banter back and forth almost like challenges every time they are together. They are each fighting their own battles to make their lives better. I love the strong way Serena sticks to her convictions no matter what the cost. Hugo was described well for being a man you would not want to mess with. Each of them had a vulnerability because of their past making them well rounded characters. You will end up cheering for them to find love and a way to have a better life.

The villain is clearly the Duke of Clermont who you would not mind seeing getting his head on a platter. Milan makes sure he gets what is coming to him for all that he has done. I can’t wait to read about Robert, who is Clermont’s son, and hope he is not like his father in The Duchess War.

Now as The Governess Affair was a novella it was a quick read and something I could not put down. I had liked the previous novel I read of hers but for me so far this book was better. I am excited to read more from Courtney Milan especially on the Brothers Sinister series.