Rebel Without a Cake

Rita Lucero was preparing for Halloween when she will get an offer to make the cakes for one of the biggest events that they would get. Rita will be determined to make things work but when she helps Bernice with a supposed ghost problem things will quickly get out of hand. Rita will also discover some secrets were better left unheard.

Rebel Without a Cake is the fifth book to the series A Piece of Cake Mystery by Jacklyn Brady. I liked the book but out of the series for me this just didn’t draw me in like the others.

Rita’s character is handling a lot and it seems she is crankier than ever in this book. At this point I hope that she gets a vacation so she can just relax. I also hope that she had an actual conversation with Miss Frankie about not just signing her up for task without asking. It was done in the book but not in the right way. I don’t dislike Miss Frankie but she can be a bulldozer in the conversation. I want them to have a true partnership in the business and a relationship where one is not dominating the other.

Within this series there has been Edie who was full of annoyance with Rita but they have gotten close and I now really love Edie. She is a pain in the butt but you now know that is just Edie. Though she does have a sweet side and concerns about the others in the shop. I hope that Jacklyn Brady continues with Edie keeping hold of River. She needs someone at her side to care about her as well.

I am reading the sixth book next which looks to be the last of the series.

The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of ChristmasEve Harmon was dreading another birthday where she would once again be alone. Though this year she would take a chance on the wild side and have a one night stand with a very complicated man that will change her life.

The Heart of Christmas is the seventh book in the series Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak. First off I did like this book. Now it has been a while since I picked up a book from Whiskey Creek which was only because I was very angry with the story line that happened with Chey. Now I think I was able to enjoy this book because its wasn’t focused on Chey, though she was there in the book. I do hope that the secret will come out with Chey and that she is the one to tell Dylan so Dylan doesn’t feel all the way betrayed.

Alright enough with my frustration with Chey, back to Eve and Rex. I liked Eve who was a good person and always did the right thing. Eve was not necessarily a perfect person but she made herself out to be like that. I wanted her to get angry especially with Ted who was trying to be nice but to me he was getting annoying. She does stand up and address her feelings which I was happy for. Now the character of Rex was certainly a different type of character from those in Whiskey Creek. Rex was on the run from his past who were some pretty dangerous men. At first I will say that Rex was not a character I really liked. I thought he was too closed off and too cold to Eve. Then you get to know the man and realize there is more to his character than you think. Rex is a pretty complicated character that had a lot to deal with in his life. For Rex it takes him a really long time in the book to finally get that he should have a chance at happiness with someone like Eve.

There is the threat of danger in the book which comes from Rex’s past and I thought it was interesting with how it was handled and especially who had helped.

I decided since this book for me was a success I am going to follow it up with the eighth book in the series which I will be reading next.

Along Came a Rogue

Along Came a RogueMajor Nathaniel Grey is a man that does what he wants and when he wants, but when his best friend is injured he will drop everything and come to his side. Grey will be tasked to bring home Thomas’s sister, Emily, and Grey will stop at nothing until he accomplishes that task. Grey will be shocked by Emily as she was not the girl he had remembered.

Emily remembered a time when she was young and foolish, and helplessly in love with her brother’s best friend. With marriage Emily changed and had become harder especially with the accidents that kept happening around her. Emily will want to get away but Grey will make it difficult for her to leave his side.

Along Came a Rogue is the second book to the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels by Anna Harrington. I really liked this book.

Nathaniel is a womanizer but he was one you still liked because he drops everything to help a friend. I wanted Nathaniel to find that happiness and to trust another. I liked that he did drop down his guard to truly start to care. I liked how Nathaniel is persistent and does not give up. Emily’s character was a young woman who was in trouble but she was doing the best that she could in her situation. I liked that she was a fighter but that made her heart harden. Letting others in was harder for her. She will have a chance with Nathaniel but she has to let herself love again and to trust.

The person behind the accidents is pretty easy to guess but there will be a surprise regarding the person who is helping the villain.

I am reading the third book next.

Dare to Hold

Dare to HoldScott was bored with his job and wanted something more. He will find that with his brother’s security firm. He will use these connections to help protect Meg. He will do anything to protect her as he was falling for her.

Meg was single and going to be a mother. She was not looking for any guy to spend time with but when it came to Scott she could not say no. She will let him help especially when her ex starts to show he is serious about threatening her and her unborn baby.

Dare to Hold is the fourth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this book.

Meg’s character I wasn’t sure I would like when I had read the third book but she had not been a bad person, just someone who was needy. In this book she is stronger, well she has to be since she is going to be a mother. I liked that Meg was trying hard but she is human and help is sometimes needed. I liked that she didn’t go to Dylan, instead Scott was helping. Scott’s character is a cop well soon to be ex-cop to work in his brothers security firm. Scott is a man that likes to push his control and is dominant, very much like his older brother Ian. Though he would never hurt a woman. I think he just liked having things go his way. Though it was good he was like that because that would help Meg with her ex.

The problem in this book was Meg’s ex who had been abusive. You really end up hating Mike but everything he does, he does to himself.

I am reading the fifth book next.

Merry Christmas, Baby

Merry Christmas, BabyChloe was always considered the wild child but then was tamed, to a point, when she found Sawyer and they married. Now years later Chloe finds herself pregnant. She is scared that she and Sawyer are not equipped to be parents and that they were drifting apart. It will take a Christmas party to bring the couple back together.

Merry Christmas, Baby is a novella to the series Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis which I loved. Now I had read that this is the last story from the series, which I had wondered about. With the previous book I had thought Shalvis was wrapping up especially when she wrote that Lucille was retiring from her matchmaking.

Well I was happy that she wrote this novella to give a final of the entire series. The novella was fantastic. It was sweet, short and to the point, and it felt real. When Chloe and Sawyer ended their story in the third book they were getting their happy ending. Shalvis gives us a look into their lives and it was not perfect, which I liked since then it felt more real. No couple is extremely happy and there are bumps in the road. Chloe and Sawyer have those problems and it doesn’t help they are both stubborn. Though I liked how Sawyer who was not great at showing his emotion got sentimental. He truly loved Chloe and your heart melts.

So with finishing off this novella I have completed the series Lucky Harbor. The great thing is that Shalvis has plenty more series to read which I am sure that I will be exploring in the near future.

Sometimes A Rogue

Sometimes a RogueMiss Sarah Clarke-Townsend was taking a walk with her very pregnant sister when several men started to follow them. Sarah heard that they were after her sister and there was no way she was going to let that happen. Sarah convinced the men that she was the Duchess that they were looking for. Now all she had to do was find a way out of their clutches which was looking to be very difficult.

Rob Carmichael was a disgrace to his family when he turned to become a Bow Street Runner. He was good at his job and that will come in handy when his good friends sister-in-law was taken. He will search for this woman and get her to safety but their adventure would not be over.

Sometimes A Rogue is the fifth book to the series Lost Lords by Mary Jo Putney. I liked this book, it was something cute to read and I went through it pretty fast.

The character Sarah was quiet and shy at times but in a time of crisis she became a different person. She was brave and determined to keep her sister safe no matter the cost. Rob was honorable even though he said he wasn’t. He was a smart man and got the job done, whatever his case may be. The two of them traveling through Ireland does spark something between them and a fire is lit that brings passion. Their kind of love were not their first as they had loved and lost before. I kind of liked that. They both shared that loss which made them realize how precious love could be.

Finding Perfect

Finding PerfectPia O’Brian was the mean girl in high school but she grew up a lot in those years and now faced with a giant decision that will change her life forever. She will find herself getting help from an unexpected man in Raoul Moreno who runs a camp for kids and knew little about her. She will take the help but soon will find herself in over her head especially as love blossoms.

Finding Perfect is the third book to Fool’s Gold series from Susan Mallery. Reading about Pia gave a new insight to the character and I found myself liking her more than before. The situation that she was put into because of her friend Crystal gave her more chaos but also a chance at true happiness. I did love the interaction between her and Raoul because it felt real like most of the characters Mallery writes.¬†Once again there are tons of side characters that grab you and I find that I am waiting for their stories especially the triplets who will be next in the fourth, fifth and sixth book which I can wait to find in my library and read.

The story was heartwarming with some heartbreaking things that happened giving more to the story. Now even with all that happening I found myself not as pulled into the story as the last one. This of course will not stop me from reading more on the series especially because I did like the story just not as much as the previous one. I will have to go out and find more on the series especially as more men are now moving to Fool’s Gold.

The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress

Since finishing the series Highlander I took a break from the author but now I’, in the mood for a new series from Banks. I picked up the trilogy Anetakis Tycoon series. The first book in the series is The Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress.

Chrysander Anetakis’s is a multimillionaire with his hotels that he and his brothers own. He is happy with life and with the woman he loves but his life is about to be turned upside down. The woman he has been seeing, Marley, has betrayed him and his brothers. She has stolen papers and sold them out.

Marley Jameson is in love and now pregnant everything is going well until her lover accuses her that she has betrayed him. Marley is heart broken but before she can do anything she is kidnapped. Months later Marley is let go but with amnesia. She is frightened and doesn’t know anyone. Marley will have to put her life into the very man that had left her, its just that she can’t remember that.

As for the first series I really loved how the story progressed. There was love, betrayal, sabotage and back to love. There was no action but enough betrayal to make the reader angry for both characters. You wanted to hate Chrysander and cheer for Marley as you know she has to be innocent or at least you hope.

I liked how Banks proceeded with Marley’s amnesia and led the characters to wonder is she faking and will Chrysander ever trust her again. The villain of course was kind of expected but you didn’t know all that had happened until the very end. Banks wraps up the story in a sweet romantic way that will leave the reader content and waiting for the next chapter with the next brother.

Look out for Storm Watch

Keeping out of the rain was going to be difficult for Lizzy as her goal was to find her sister CeCe who was out there nine months pregnant and not answering her phone. She goes out and needs help from her friend Dustin but he is gone and his brother is in his place. Jason is the last person she needed to see but she got over her lust and accepted his help.

Jason came back for three things and none of them was getting back into the action with helping Lizzy brave through the storm. Wanting her was something he always did and now as they battle to find her sister he was going to make sure those feelings were ignited again.

Storm Watch is the first book of the series Uniformly Hot and from the series title Jill Shalvis held nothing back. The characters pent up sexual tension ignited in the mist of chaos to leave the reader with steamy passages and hope that they could whether the storm together and make a future.

Ravished by Amanda Quick

A scarred man holds mystery but not when he has a horrible scar lashed around his face with a reputation that will make you think twice of dancing with him. This was Gideon’s problem which occured six years ago but Harriet is soon to find out that Gideon is the only man for her. The scar does not worry her only that he is closed off from love but between her discovery of fossils she will find a way to show Gideon there is a upside to love.

Ravished held excitement as the idea of thieves who were intruding in on Harriet’s caves and what really happened those six years ago.

I liked the cleverness of Gideon and Harriet’s character who were funny to read about as they interacted with each other. The book went by in a flash and there was a twist that you did not see coming which ties up the whole story.