The Pregnancy Test

MandyThe Pregnancy Test was not ready for the pink strip down the middle of the pregnancy test. She also wasn’t expecting her boyfriend to up and leave saying he can’t deal with another kid. She will find help with her best friends who help her get a new job. Mandy was ready to dislike her boss from all that she heard but she couldn’t, instead she fought the attraction that Damien brought out in her.

Damien needed a new secretary but most only lasted so long, now he had Mandy. He will find attraction with this woman knowing he shouldn’t. He can’t help but be intrigued by her and will take her with him on his week trip to the Caribbean where he will find out the secret Mandy is hiding.

Going for more Erin McCarthy I found the series New York Girlfriends. The Pregnancy Test is the first book to this series. As I have found out from the previous book of McCarthy sex does intertwine in her books among her characters very well. She does the same with Mandy and Damien and it gets a little hot and heavy especially as Mandy is pregnant and has some cravings that only Damien can satisfy.

Now what is cute about this story is how Damien turns protective. He would be the man you wanted to be the baby’s daddy. He is sweet and wants to be part of Mandy’s life along with her little girl. The book gets a little crazy with the psychic and telling these friends their destinies which for Mandy turns out well. Jamie’s future will be told next which looks to be the last book to this series.

The Tycoon’s Secret Affair

Maya Banks ends the Anetakis Tycoon’s series with the last book, The Tycoon’s Secret Affair,¬†featuring Piers.

Jewel Henley needs this job to survive a little longer but what she hadn’t meant to do was sleep with her boss the night before. She hoped it would not cause problems but before she knew it she was fired. Alone and with no money Jewel leaves but she doesn’t expect to be pregnant.

Peirs Anetakis makes it his business not to be close to females emotionally. His one night stand created a problem and he solved it but he didn’t mean for her to get fired. Five months later Piers looked for Jewel and will be surprised to find her in the hospital and pregnant. He wouldn’t trust Jewel or that the baby is his but soon his shield will break but will it be fast enough?

I honestly love how Maya Banks creates the women to be strong and able to leave on their own and do what they had to do. But what is frustrating is that the Anetakis men are hot headed idiots at time. But I did like that Piers had to make the big aplogize to get back what he lost. I also liked how Banks did not leave the test as a negative but with a happy ending.

The Anetakis Tycoon’s series was fun and fast to read and you will enjoy the carefree women and hot headed Greek Tycoons.