Practical Magic

practical magicFor two hundred years the Owens women have been talked about and their unusual powers that are part of them. It had been said that any Owens woman who falls in love will only be with that man until he meets an untimely death. It will take Gillian and Sally to break the spell that had been with their family for two hundred years.

Practical Magic is a novel by Alice Hoffman. It surprised me that I had not reviewed this book before. I have read this book many times and have loved it since the first time I read it. I have liked stories with witches since I was little which has lead me to enjoy paranormal romances.

Sally and Gillian are sisters and enemies at times which I find it true to a lot of siblings. I know at times that was how it went with mine. Well I never thought of my younger brother as an enemy but he knew how to push my buttons and I did the same to him. There were times in the book that I didn’t like Gillian but underneath it all she is a good woman and good sister. Sally was always the good sister, anyone could see that, but there were times when she was a little controlling of the situation. She needed to protect everyone which wasn’t a bad thing.

The spell aspect was throughout the book. I liked how Hoffman wrote the Owens using their powers. It wasn’t always spells but more with how the Owens were feeling. Their emotions took over and caused some effect to objects or to those around them.

Now I will say that I had watched the movie first because I didn’t know that there was a book at that time. When my mom told me that there was a book she insisted that I borrow her copy. The movie and book are obviously very similar but there are differences. In the book the daughters of Sally are older than in the movie. I enjoyed that more as you got to see them grow up some and read about the difficulties they encountered being part of the Owens, just like their mom and aunt. In the book you also got to know more about Sally and Gillian. In the movie you get to know the characters but the book expands on the details.

I think that both movie and book are well done, and enjoyable to read and watch over and over at least for me.

Lover Eternal

Lover EternalRhage is part of the brotherhood who hunts down the lessers who are out to destroy them. Rhage is unlike his brothers as he is cursed with a beast that will transform him if he becomes enraged or if he doesn’t satisfy his beast with women. He longs for the beast to leave him and for the comfort of just one woman. Rhage will get the chance with Mary Luce but he will have to keep her safe from himself and the lessers.

Mary Luce has lived a hard life with her mother dying of cancer and herself getting cancer once again. She didn’t want to go through the cancer again as it nearly killed her last time. Her mind wouldn’t be on the cancer as she will meet Rhage and get tangled up in the lives of the brotherhood.

Lover Eternal is the second book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I really loved this book. I had to keep putting the book down as I had other things to do but when I picked up the book again I fell right back into the story. There was no confusion or boring moments for me, so reading the book flew by quick.

I like this idea of the brotherhood and with each book you learn more and more about the members who are part of the group. I liked Rhage and was intrigued by him and this curse that he was given. You would think that for a guy having one woman after another would be a good thing but for Rhage it was getting old and he wanted more. That’s when Mary comes into the mix. She will be that something more for Rhage but it wouldn’t be right away. There is jealousy and trust issues on both sides. For me I thought they were both holding back as they were also afraid. Rhage was afraid of his beast and Mary was afraid of the her cancer and having someone she loved watch her die.

The bad guys are still the lessers and some of the recruits are pretty insane. There will be trouble for Bella who is Mary’s neighbor as she will get tangled up with the lessers and it will be up to the brotherhood to protect her but that saving will have to come in the third book. Now as the endings go I was in agony when Rhage made the deal to lose Mary but it would keep her alive. I wanted to shout at the book though things will work itself out in the end as the deal will be rewritten.

I am reading the first three books of the series back to back and so far I am really loving this series. I am reading the third book next with Zsadist and his story intrigues me, I want to find out more and hope that he will be saved.

Midnight Warrior

Midnight WarriorBrynn of Falkhaar was a slave and healer. She will be brought to another man to be her master so that she could heal his warrior. She will do the task that is asked of her. She had expected the warrior to be harsh and to hurt her but she will be shocked to find that he is not like the other men.

Lord Gage Dumont was given a slave who was a healer so that his friend could be saved. He doubted her skills but soon would find that she was a gifted healer. Gage will also find himself starting to lust after her. He will want only her and for no one else to have her. Gage will fight to keep her safe.

Midnight Warrior is a novel by Iris Johansen. I haven’t read anything by Iris Johansen in a while but I knew that I would love this book since her novels are always entertaining. They can be a little long at times but they are worth the read. From the very first page of the book I was pulled right into the story and needed to finish so I kept reading until the last page.

I was captured by Brynn’s character and fascinated by her powers of healing. Although she was not the normal healer. She could heal by her touch and take the pain away but she had to link with that person. She was a strong woman with her opinions which got her punished though she never backed down. Gage’s character was a warrior but he was not the brute that he appeared. I liked that with Brynn he was gentle even though it seemed that he was forever yelling at her.

There were several side characters within the story and I have to say that I really liked Adwen and Malik. Adwen was a character that grew from the sickly wife to a strong woman who was willing to fight. Malik was the injured solider with a sense of humor and a bit of a player but his eyes were soon only on one woman. I liked that Adwen and Malik had a chance at happiness along with the main characters.

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)

How to Seduce a Vampire without really tryingVampire Zoltan Czakvar has lived for eight hundred years and never found out the truth of the day his mother was killed. He wanted the answers which will lead him to a group of secretive woman who are no ordinary woman.

Neona has lived for over a thousand years. She has lived in her home where her job was to protect the Living Water and to continue their female line. Their secrets will be in danger when Zoltan enters into her life.

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) is the fifteenth book to the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. I found myself really enjoying the book. I thought it was fast paced and it held true to the style which Sparks has been writing.

The character of Zoltan was like many of the vampires within the series but I was drawn to his compassion especially when he was dealing with Neona. What I also liked about his character was his ability to talk to animals, which is part of the big secret. It all made sense once you knew the facts about these women. Now Neona was an amazon warrior but she was not as strong as her fellow warriors. She did not push aside her pain of losing her sister which made her weak. I thought her power was interesting. She was a healer but she felt all the pain as she healed the other person.

I liked the mystery which was taking place within the book. There were several mystery’s, one was what happened to Zoltan all those years ago and the other was what were the woman hiding. Those secrets pulled you into the story and those secrets wouldn’t stay hidden forever as Sparks will make a big reveal.

There was a lot of action which happened in the book and there was a lot of interaction with the other vampires and these warriors. I liked that Emma was in the book and she got a nice surprise towards the end which made me smile. Another surprise was what happened to Zoltan which personally I didn’t see coming.

I am reading the sixteenth book which will conclude the series.

If He’s Tempted

If He's TemptedLady Olympia Wherlocke was on a mission to help Lady Agatha Mallam help find her brother so he could stop an arranged marriage. Olympia knows where to find Lord Brant and will locate him but find that will be the easy part. The next step will be to help stop Lady Mallam from ruining anymore of her children.

Lord Brant Mallam, Earl of Fieldgate, knew his mother was unwell but now she had gone too far. Brant will stop his sister from being used with the help of Olympia but things will get dangerous. Brant will have to now protect Olympia from being used in his mothers scheme.

If He’s Tempted is the fifth book to the series Wherlocke by Hannah Howell. I have read plenty from Hannah Howell and have enjoyed the stories. I had only focused on highlanders up to this point but I am branching out for her regency period in this series, Wherlocke. I liked the book, it was fun to read and a little strange with the part dealing with the powers.

Olympia’s character was interesting with the act of her powers that were because of her family. It was a surprise in the book for me as I wasn’t expecting that kind of supernatural to be from this book. I thought Olympia’s background story was interesting and sad with what had happened to her at such a young age. I was interested in finding out if Brant would take the news bad when he found out she was hiding things from him. I was happy to read that the big secret was not one that led Brant running in the other direction. Now Brant was a good man even though he liked to drown his sorrows with alcohol at times. He helps when he needs to especially with the new family members he was meeting for the first time. I felt bad for Brant for getting a terrible mother who only wanted money and would do anything for it, which of course makes her the perfect villain.

I did enjoy the book as as I said before, but it was a little strange with these powers that is from this family. I felt I wanted to know more as it wasn’t detailed enough for me. I figure maybe starting at the beginning of this family dynamic could become a little more clearer, and some more history given on this family.

Darkness Rises

Darkness RisesKrysta was used to fighting on her own when it came against vampires. She will become confused when a vampire starts to save her life every time she faces a pack of vampires. She will get to know this man, Etienne, to find out there is much more to him and to her.

Etienne was not a vampire but an Immortal Guardian. He is a protector and will be playing that role once again when it came to Krysta. He will be impressed with her skill and know that she was different. He will also know that her life is in danger thanks to her killing certain vampires.

Darkness Rises is the fourth book to the series Immortal Guardians by Dianne Duvall. I liked the book but I will say I was a little confused by it. There were plenty of things happening in the book with many characters which I needed to keep straight. Now Duvall writes who these people are but I felt I was missing more of those details that I would receive if I had read the prior stories.

The idea of these gifted ones and immortal guardians were an interesting twist to vampire stories that left me turning the pages. Krysta’s character was strong and was cheerful even with all that she was dealing with. I liked her spirit and her power to read auras was interesting. Etienne is a strong immortal and has his own ability which is telepathy which comes in handy. I was reminded of Lynsay Sands story Love Bites and Tall, Dark and Hungry, not because their writing is similar just that Etienne and Bastien are the same names used in both stories. It is not an important fact, it just popped in my head while I was reading the story which I thought was interesting. I don’t read many stories that have names like Etienne or Bastien.

Now as I have said from above that I was a little confused but the book intrigued me and I would be interested to start at the beginning of the series to see how it all started.

Sleeping with the Entity

Sleeping with the EntityDaniella Delaney wanted to make cupcakes and make her store successful but one man was making it very difficult, Nick St. George. He did not make her feel welcomed and wanted her gone. Daniella had no idea why but she was here to stay and determined to dislike him. That was difficult as she was finding him irresistible.

Nick St. George did not want any more humans in his town but it seemed that Daniella wasn’t going to budge. He was shocked that his usual techniques did not work which made her a mystery to him. Nick was determined to find out about this woman and the trouble that seemed to follow her.

Sleeping with the Entity is the first book to the series Entity by Cat Devon. I liked the book. It was kind of quirky with kind of being a little absurd but in a good way because you liked the characters.

This story is set in Chicago all around vampires and a cupcake baker. Daniella is a determined woman with a very sunny disposition especially when it comes to her cupcakes. I liked that when facing Nick she doesn’t fall over him even though she finds him very appealing. I loved the fact that Nick who was a pretty powerful vampire could not use his powers to compel Daniella to do what he wanted. They are kind of like adversaries in a way but obviously they get over that problem as they will be heating up the pages.

The supernatural aspect is a little strange. There are obviously vampires but Daniella is not just a normal human and Devon will explain more as the story goes on. That plays into a part with the bad guy as Daniella was to be a prize worth having.

Based on this first book I will be back to revisit Cat Devon’s series.