DeceptionRaphael and Cyn must face a dangerous situation when someone from Raphael’s past kidnaps him while he is in Hawaii. An enemy from Europe has descended and wants Raphael’s territory.

Deception is the ninth book to the series Vampires in Americas by D. B. Reynolds. I really loved this book. It was intense with Raphael’s kidnapping and how Cyn and the team find a way to save him.

Cyn’s character is once again a bad ass. With every book she is getting more and more blood thirsty. I don’t want her to appear so invincible but I do love the kick ass attitude. She is a woman who would do whatever she needed to protect her mate. I loved that Raphael and Cyn have a connection as that helps them talk to each other in their dreams, which was helpful.

The villain, Mathilda was pretty viscous but really only in the cunning way. She was a woman who liked to get her way and when she didn’t get her way she had a temper tantrum. Mathilda’s way of capturing Raphael was underhanded as she using a lot of vampires and magic. The magic aspect was interesting which it sounds like there will be more with Nick’s character. I had liked Nick in the first book because he was just a guy but I don’t want him causing problems. I just really hope that a love triangle doesn’t happen with Cyn, Raphael and Nick. It is not needed.

I am reading Christian next.

Crystal Cove

Crystal CoveJustine Hoffman had never been in love. She will find the reason for her unlucky side of love was that she had a curse placed on her so she would never find love. For if a witch loved a man and that witch loved him back he would die. Justine didn’t know all the facts but was able to break the curse and will unleash a whole new set of problems.

Jason Black was here on the island for one reason and that was to find a witch, her key and her book. Jason will find that with Justine but he will find a problem with his need for the book as he starts to have feelings for her which makes his task a little more difficult.

Crystal Cove is the fourth book to the series Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas. Once again this was a book I couldn’t put down from the author. This book by far has the most magic which was very interesting to read about. The main element of the magic were witches. Justine was the main character who was a practicing witch. She is not fully trained but able to do magic. I liked that without tons of training she was able to break her own curse that she discovered was placed on her. This of course had consequences which leads her down to a whole new dilemma. Then there was Jason who was very different character as he had no soul. I have not read many books like that so it was interesting to read about him. He was devious but it was needed to get what he wanted. Between the two characters there was a lot of chemistry and it was amusing with the spell that Justine botched up but in the end everything worked out. Kleypas kept the ending with magic and a little surprise that gave Justine and Jason a chance at their own happy ending.

There is another book that is coming out this year. I don’t know who it will be about but one person I could see Kleypas writing about would be Priscilla because she is a witch as well. Until that time when Lightning Bay comes out I will be on the search for more books by Lisa Kleypas like her historical romances and the first book of Friday Harbor series.

A Stroke of Midnight

A Stroke of Midnight is the fourth book of the series Meredith Gentry. Laurell Hamilton is upping the anti with the amount of  threats that will be coming Merry’s way.

Getting pregnant can be stressful enough but with the added threats that were building it was almost impossible. Merry will come back to her Queen as the threats had gotten worse that even the police were called in to help. Merry will find little support of the sidhe until they find out that the ring has come back to life and children of the sidhe were not impossible.

Having the ring act as matchmaker for the sidhe was inventive on Hamilton’s part. I liked that Nicca was in this part with the matchmaking. You will meet the character Biddy who will be for Nicca. With more power the Queen is not happy. I like to think that maybe Merry will become stronger than the Queen even though she is still mortal. That would be a good twist at the end.

New powers are also coming back with tattoos being displayed on some of the guards bodies and Merry’s. These tattoos were a thing of the past.

Hamilton does a good job with keeping Cel in the book as well even as he is still being tortured. His followers are doing his bidding. Of course punishment will come swiftly as the Queen will deal with the traitors. She will punish the traitors but never the real traitor, her son.

More guards are introduced female and male. A healer will join Merry and the other guards. Along with Mistral who will be making his presence known.

The fifth book will be all about the storm guard, Mistral.

Face The Fire by Nora Roberts

I was liking the direction in the Three Sisters Island series for the first two books of the series. In the last book, Face The Fire is a fantastic finish for the trilogy.

Mia Devlin is a witch known by all. She does not hide what she is or who, she embrasses it. But Mia is loved by all and she takes fate very serious. The love of her life Sam Logan walked out of her life ten years ago and it broke her heart now he is back. Sam is not just anybody he is also a practicing witch and knows he needs and wants Mia. He regrets what he left behind but now he is going to make up for it. Mia is battling her restuarant and rekindling he friendship and bond with her sister witches. Mia will need all the help to keep those she loves saves and to find if she can let Sam back into her life.

I liked that the witchcraft added to the elements of the story. Each story went further into the history of these witches who all went through tragedies. The present descendants all had a second chance to make up for their mistakes.

The relationship of Sam and Mia was fun to read. It was tragic and seemed real even with the realm of witchcraft in their corner. It made you angry and hope that they would find a way to be together.

The story Face The Fire was a sweet and thrilling story that finished up the trilogy of the Three Sisters Island.

Skin Trade by Laurell Hamilton

Skin Trade is the 17th book in Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series.  As usual the book was surrounding Anita Blake as she fights her enemies and her lust as her hunger grows.

At the end of Skin Trade I was happy to have it end.  The 17th book is a lot or so it seemed.  I read it once before and I think that there was just so much happening of the same that it wasn’t as great for me as her earlier books.  At a couple points it was hard for me to finish.

During the book it was hard to read as Anita keeps her men growing.  Sure it is fun to read but at times you wish she would gain control already.  The extra tigers was a different take in the story but they are just another group of men in her bed.  It is getting a little annoying.

The one thing I loved though was police work was put back into Anita’s life and characters that have not been around came back.  I like the complexity that Edward still has around him but it is becoming so much more.

Laurell Hamilton has a way though of making me still want to read her books.  I need to keep reading to find out more about Anita and her men.  Will she ever get pregnant or truly change into one of her beast?  Only time will tell.

Blood Noir by Laurell Hamilton

The sixteenth book, Blood Noir is worthwhile to read.  If you love reading about Jason this is the book for you.

Anita Blake is taking a trip with Jason to visit his dying estranged father.  All seemed very simple until they find out the Summerlands wedding is going to happen.  All will be going to hell as Jason and Anita fight to stay alive.

In the mist of it all I really liked this book.  Blood Noir has an interesting plot that gets Jason completely involved.  Out of werewolves Jason is my favorite character to read about.  I was ecstatic that the book was solely on Jason and Anita.

In the book it seemed to be less, to be tamed with all the sex which was nice because it didn’t take away from the action of and plot of Jason.  Of course in Hamilton’s book there is always that sexual desire which is created.  Anita is still feeding the ardeur but it is more controlled until the mother of all darkness gets a hold of her.

The cool part was Jason in the end became more to Anita.  He became her wolf to call.  This creates a greater tie between Anita and Jason.

Overall the book was fun to read, sensual and held a lot of action throughout the book.

Cerulean Sins by Laurell Hamilton

With each book that Hamilton writes it is getting steamier and steamier.  But still Cerulean Sins which is the eleventh book is pretty tamed.

Anita Blake is back in the eleventh book and is making an impact with the 2000 year old Vampire Belle Mort.  All the while trying to figure out the power which seems to be growing stronger.

I liked this book with the fact that Belle is making her way into Anita’s life.  She is trying to control Anita but she is not winning.  I am finding I still like Anita’s life but she is becoming strong more indifferent to killing and having sex with strangers or to her friends.

It was interesting to see those of Belle’s line coming to the Circus and trying to battle for power.  With all of them combined they are stronger than Belle has imagined.

The arduer is growing stronger.  This is a control over Anita.  She must feed the arduer either by sex, blood, or sex.  The idea seems a little riducles but it is entertaining to read about as Anita is acting in a way like an animal.  Her leopard side seems to take over more her wolf side makes its appearance every now and then.

It is now that Jason finally gets his wish and Anita and him have sex.  Of course it is under the radar of the arduer but it changes things.  Jason’s character is a fun one.  He is a playboy but when he gets series he becomes that more interesting.

Jason is not the only one who will be with Anita.  Asher finally gets his wish.  Jean Claude, Anita and Asher are all together.  Like it was in the past with their former human servant.

As Anita becomes more powerful she acquires a vampire servant with Damien.  I kind of liked this that Anita is not dependent on another vampire one is dependent on her.

As always though Hamilton writes books that entertain.  I am not done with reading them again.