It Had to Be You

It Had to Be YouAli Winters soon finds herself being dumped by her boyfriend, kicked out of her home and now stealing $50,000. Ali needs to clear her name and she will with the help of Luke Hanover which has just come back to Lucky Harbor.

Luke Hanover needed a break from the job and came back to a place he had stayed away from for over ten years. Luke will be surprised by the tenant but that will not be the last time especially when dealing with Ali and the town.

It Had to Be You is the seventh book to Jill Shalvis’s series Lucky Harbor. This series is full of sweet stories that make you laugh and sometimes cry along with being frustrated at the situation or the characters. It Had to Be You was a good story. It was not my number one favorite from the series but I did like it because Jill Shalvis can write a story you get lost in.

Shalvis keeps the plots simple with two main characters who are thrown together in a situation that gets way out of hand. The plot for me is almost comical as Ali is a woman scorned but she really doesn’t have her heart in it. She is a little out there with her behavior but means well as she wears her heart on her sleeve. After her disaster with the relationship with Teddy you hoped that she would find happiness for herself. Teddy really was one who got around and you really wondered how he got away with it all. Now Luke our hero is a good man and cop who seemed to need a break from the job. It was funny as once he got to Lucky Harbor he did nothing but help out where he could with Ali and those in the town.

The crazy plot that dealt with the theft of $50,000 was solved with an unexpected culprit but Shalvis does give hints throughout the book. A happy ending will soon follow for Ali and Luke for another couple in Lucky Harbor.

I am interested to read how the relationship between Jack and Leah will be changing come Always on My Mind which I will be reading next.

The MacGregors: Alan

After reading the first two books about the brother and sister I had to find out about the first brother, who he would end up with and how.  The third book from MacGregors by Nora Roberts is All The Possibilities.

The Plot of All The Possibilities

Alan is the oldest son of the MacGregors his younger brother is Caine and sister is Rena.  He is doing very well for himself as a Senator and in most peoples minds a politician going up in the ranks for presidency.  This was the ultimate goal for Alan himself but now there was something else.  At a fundraiser he spots her standing there with wild hair and nothing like he have seen before.  Being intrigued right from the moment Alan wanted to get to know her right away and he decided to go over to her.

Shelby Campbell was cool, creative and full of energy.  She immediately liked Alan even though he was a Senator which was the problem.  She didn’t want to get attach to another politician but the problem was before she knew it she was.  Shelby found that Alan didn’t say now as he was very persistent to get her on a date.  He would also give her ususally presents which were not traditional.  Shelby knew she was falling and decided to enjoy the ride as far as she could go.

As their relationship progressed Shelby was introduced to Daniel who had a bias to her from the beginning but that is because of family history with Campbells and MacGregors.  But Shelby won Daniel over with her quick wit.  Alan loved Shelby and wondered how he would find a way to get her to commit.  Would he have to give it all up for her?

All The Possibilities was intriguing and very enjoyable to read.  I have loved to read about the kids and how they were able to find love.  Next will by the isolated Grant Campbell’s turn.