Secrets of A Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer NightAnnabelle Peyton was desperate to find a suitable husband as her family would soon be on the streets. With the help of three friends they will help her land a husband before the season was over. The only problem was Simon Hunt who made no mistaking his desire to have Annabelle as a mistress.

Simon Hunt was the son of a butcher but left the family business and became an entrepreneur. Simon had become very wealthy but because of his status he was not always entirely welcomed among the peers. His goal lately had been to become closer to Annabelle which was becoming real as he was persistent.

Secrets of a Summer Night is the first book of the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. The previous book I suppose was an introduction to the series which was important as you got to know Marcus a little who will be in the second book. The series is about four woman who became friends due to their wallflower status which brings a certain amount of entertaining.

Annabelle was a woman who needed to marry and marry anyone who was a peer because she needed financial help. You couldn’t blame Annabelle for pursuing Lord Kendall because he fit the guidelines but you wanted her to chose Simon who would at least make her happy. Now Simon was a man who pushed for more. He would never give up. You would think he was a bad guy for wanting Annabelle as a mistress but he wasn’t a bad man, just one who got his way a lot of time. It was good for him to get rejected by Annabelle. Now Annabelle and Simon were different in status but due to circumstances they will become much closer. I liked them together especially as it turns to more, it always was but they were afraid to admit it.

The villain was a peer who was an evil man but thankfully he will get what is coming towards him. The attacker of the villain was a surprise but it brought a smile to my face knowing that the victim would no longer be in danger of the villain.

I am reading the second book next where Marcus and Lillian will finally square off.

Where Dreams Begin

Where Dreams BeginZachary Bronson has risen from a poor man to a wealthy one but he needs an aristocratic wife to set his place into society. He needs a place in society to help his sister find a suitable husband. He will first have to learn about society which is where Lady Holly Taylor will help due to his negotiating.

Lady Holly Taylor has come out of mourning but she still misses her husband. She will however start to feel things towards a man whom would be inappropriate for her to associate with.

Where Dreams Begin is another standalone novel from Lisa Kleypas. I liked the book. There are sometimes books that just tell a story about the characters and this one was definitely one of them.

Holly missed her husband still after three years since his death which showed that Holly truly loved her husband. That was good but it stopped her from living again. She will find a life once again with being close to Zach and helping him and his family. It was like she woke up from the coma she had been in. Now Zach was not a gentleman in the traditional way of England’s gentleman. I liked that about him. He was definitely rough around the edges and even with the polishing that Holly was doing the man he was could not be hidden. There is an attraction on both sides but both are unwilling to take that step since they knew it would not lead them anywhere. Though that only last so long.

I thought the ending was well done. It looked to be like a happy ending right up to the last couple pages, but then something tragic happened and it was a close call for the couple to be happy. Kleypas does not disappoint us with writing a unhappy ending, Holly and Zach will find that happiness which I was waiting for since the beginning of the book.

Tempted at Midnight

Tempted at MidnightLady Emily Stapleford wanted romance and love just like her friends had found in their marriage. No suitors were coming to her side except for the American Logan Jennsen who put her father in debt. She wants nothing to do with him but soon will find her thoughts changing about the man she knew very little about especially as he helps her.

Logan Jennsen was curious about Emily Stapleford. At first he thought she was a spoiled little girl but that will change when he finds more about her. Logan will want to be close to her and will but will soon find that her life might be in danger thanks to him.

Tempted at Midnight is the fourth and final book in the series Mayhem in Mayfair by Jacquie D’Alessandro. As the last book in the series I was very entertained like all the rest of the books. D’Alessandro writes characters that I like and want to read about.

Logan was a mystery and one you wanted to solve especially with what happened back in America and how he changed his fate. I liked how D’Alessandro created Logan’s past and how it came back to haunt him, thus causing a problem which the hero and heroine must solve. Now Emily was a Lady through and through yet a poor one at the moment. I liked that she was a good person and not the spoiled person that Logan thought her to be. She was kind especially to her younger brother. Then passion will soon ignite with each kiss between Logan and Emily. The two of them can’t help but to be attracted to each other but fight it every step of the way.

The villain is the man in Logan’s past. You find out little by little each time Logan talks about his past. It was interesting to learn more and more about Logan as the book went on. D’Alessandro wrote a mystery around Logan and I wanted to know all that had happened to him back in America. She won’t disappoint you and the past will be revealed along with the villain who wants to see Logan dead.

Alright so the ending was a little corny as it was all wrapped up with a very happy ending for all four women, but I loved it regardless.

The Trouble with Being a Duke

The Trouble with Being a DukeAnthony Hurst, Duke of Kingsborough, is hosting the annual ball that has not been seen in his house for the last five years. He will be obligated to dance with potential brides but only one will stop him in his tracks. He will pursue her and end in an embrace that is until she runs out on him. He will look for her and find her fairly easily but she will not leap into his arms. Their happy ending will take some persuading.

Isabella Chilcott was meant for another but she wanted a night to forget what was needed to be done. She will find that night at the Kingsborough ball and in the arms of the Duke himself. She knows that the fairytale cannot last and she will flee before she wants more. She thought that night with the Duke would be the last she saw of him but he will be persistent and she will have to decide to follow her honor or her heart.

The Trouble with Being a Duke is the first book to Sophie Barnes series Kingsborough Ball. Overall I liked this book. At first that was not the case as I was almost indifferent, I just wasn’t getting into the story. I guess the beginning didn’t really capture my attention but as I kept turning the pages of the book I was pulled into the story of Isabella and Anthony.

The couple were very different in status and it would be unthinkable of a Duke marrying so low beneath but Anthony will fight through what society thinks and pursue the woman he has come to love. So as I am a sucker for romances Anthony was an ideal man for wanting Isabella despite her ranking. Isabella I liked for the sole reason was that she was honorable. She was going to marry a man she didn’t love to help her parents. Even when she started to have feelings for Anthony she would still do her duty to her family, but not too worry as this is a romance novel and a happy ending will come for the characters.

There are bumps in the road that happen, one is status but the other is the villain aka mean girl. Lady Harriett is a definite mean girl who wants Anthony and will do what she can to ruin Isabella. Barnes will not let Harriett prevail. Barnes also gives a little twist that is something that you could have guessed thanks to some clues.

I will be back for more from Sophie Barnes.

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot To HandleMerry Kade was the girl next door, that is what everyone saw. Merry was more than that and she was going to prove that as she found a job that she was determined to do. She will be distracted by a cowboy who will have her heart beating faster but he is not being completely honest with her.

Shane Harcourt was in the middle of a lawsuit and wanted it done. Now he finds himself with more trouble with Merry Kade who wanted to change the ghost town that belonged to him and restore it. He will get close to her to find a way to stop it but feelings will soon get involved and the lies were building up.

I had read Strong Enough to Touch and loved it. It was a fantastic book and great beginning to Victoria Dahl’s series Jackson Hole. Too Hot to Handle was a great follow up to the series with passion and betrayal all wrapped up together.

I loved Merry’s character. She had many layers and was fascinating to find out the real person. She was stronger then the persona she gave off with those around her. She was still fragile and heartbroken but there was a certain toughness that she gained and confidence to face those who thought little of her like her cousin. Now Shane I wanted to like but lying to start a relationship was not the best way to start out with. Of course you liked him because he was sensual and gave something to Merry, her own confidence.

There was the normal fall that happens in novels and you knew it would be coming and it was heartbreaking as I imagined it would be. There is a happy ending that follows but not before some more heartbreaking scenes and surprises which follow.

Victoria Dahl introduces a new character named Walker who is another cowboy and will be featured in the next book, So Tough to Tame, from the series Jackson Hole.

Like No Other Lover

Julie Anne Long was an author I read a review on but did not try until now. At my library the only one available was Like No Other Lover, which is the second book to the Pennyroyal Green series.

Cynthia Brightly was looking for a match and with her looks it would be easy or so she thought. With little left to her name she came to a country party and would not leave until she had found a husband. But the heir Miles was going to be a problem. She knew he would never go for her but Cynthia felt a draw to him that overwhelmed her.

Miles Redmond was now the heir thanks to his brother disappearing. He was now told to find a wife and he was doing so with his fathers closest friends daughter but then Cynthia made her appearance again. He had wanted her when he first saw her but he was a lowly second son. He knew that they would not be able to marry but Miles found himself staring off into her blue eyes wishing something completely different.

Stepping into the novel I felt I was missing something with the older brother and this outstanding feud with this other family. So with those two things in the back of my mind it took me a few more pages to connect with the characters, but once you do its smooth sailing.

The main character Cynthia I almost wanted to dislike at first but then you were given insight to the person she was and how she came to be. Suddenly I wanted to cheer for her and for her to find that happiness she deserved.

The other main character Miles I liked from the beginning but I had wondered about him. I did not want him to fall in the traps of marriage to a young woman or in the clutches of one who was already married. The two together, Miles and Cynthia, seemed wrong but worked just right once they were able to talk and not judge.

Julie Anne Long keeps you waiting for the two characters to come together. I felt it was a little long in some parts but I knew that was so the scene would be built up and so the characters could shine. I liked that the book surrounded a stay at a country visit as it kept the book in one place in time.

Reading Like No Other Lover left me wanting to read more on the Pennyroyal Green series to find out more. This time I will start with the first book.

Temptation by Nora Roberts

“Socialite Eden Carlborough didn’t expect running a girl’s camp to be easy, but she never thought she’d literally be run up an apple tree by the little monsters.  She was equally surprised to come crashing down into the capable arms of orchard owner Chase Elliot.  While her handsome neighbor’s overbearing ways were highly irritating, his touch ignited feelings she’d never known.  She never imagined she’d be so very…tempted!”

Eden Carlborough had no choice but to fend for herself and only a strong woman would prevail, and only a determined man can break those boundaries.

I loved this short story.  Temptation was a pleasure to read.  Eden was a strong woman and was on her own.  After the father’s death and a lack of funds she had to find other means.  I love that she was able to find a way to continue on when she had nothing.

Then there was Chase Elliot.  He was a much-needed man in Eden’s life even if she didn’t want it at first.  Chase had a very caveman complex.  Some times I found myself loving that side other times wanting to hit him for his attitude.

Temptation was fun and quick to read.