Fix You: Bash and Olivia

Fix YouOlivia Beckett loved her boyfriend but found that he was changing before her eyes. No longer was he smiling and laughing but now had a cruel smirk and a violent streak. She will be saved one night by a man who worked at a college bar. Olivia’s life will be quickly spinning out of control but she will find a way to survive with Bash’s help.

Sebastian “Bash” McDaniels wanted out of Boston and he was going to get there with his boxing career. Though things will get complicated when he goes out of his way to help a girl who was being abused by her boyfriend.

Fix You: Bash and Olivia is the first book to the series the McDaniels Brothers by Christine Bell. This was a free book on amazon and it was a really great book, in fact I loved it. I sat down and read through the book in one sitting.

Olivia’s character was a sweet young woman who was in a bad relationship. Now even though she did not get away at the first sign of trouble, she did her best to get help. While doing that she grew more of a backbone. Bash’s character was a man who had a troubled past but was doing his best to make something of himself. I liked that Bash thought to help Olivia with no hesitation. He just went in and helped. It was unfair with how Bash was treated but understandable since Andy’s father was important in society. Now with Bash and Olivia I loved how they came to be. They were completely the opposite of each but they worked in the sweetest way.

Andy, Olivia’s boyfriend, was a piece of work. He was certainly the villain of the story and I was really hoping that Christine Bell would make sure that Andy got in trouble. I really loved the surprise at the end which gave the justice that was needed for Bash.

Since I loved this book so much I bought Matty’s and Reid story. My reading is going a little slow right now with tax season but I will be reading Matty’s story next.

Into the Fire

into the fireJamie Kincaid’s cousin had died three months ago and she wanted answers. She will find Nate’s best friend, Dillon Gaynor, and demand answers. But Jamie will find that answer will not come easy as Dillon is not cooperating, she will also find strange things happening around them.

Into the Fire is a novel by Anne Stuart. This was a book that you will remember. It was dark and there were cruel characters, and situations where bad things happened to these characters. The situations that were written about were actually messed up. I liked the book overall just not every situation the characters were in.

Anne Stuart writes about dark and tough situations that the characters have to endure. There are sometimes no heroes in the book, the hero could be classified as a villain. Dillon would definitely be considered a villain, even though yes he is the hero of the story. He was not a nice guy, he was tough and cruel and actually treated Jamie like crap most of the time. It pissed me off because I liked Dillon for the hope of him being a better guy. There were parts of the story that you saw Dillon as a better man but he never took that extra step to really get rid of his cruelty towards others. Jamie was someone I wanted to cheer for but she was still a little naive as she still wanted Dillon. She was like an addict and Dillon was the drug. Again there were parts that when they were together it seemed right, it was just not a sweet romance.

I think those who have read Anne Stuart would like this book because they know her style of writing. Just be warned this is not a cute romance story.

Fools Rush In

Fools Rush InMillie Barnes has loved one man, Joe Carpenter, since high school and she will finally have a chance with him. Though as Millie gets her chance her eyes look towards Sam who is her ex brother in law.

Fools Rush In is a novel from Kristan Higgins. This author can write a story that is entertaining, easy to read which is filed with heartwarming and heartbreaking situation that feel real.

Millie has been a stalker when it had come to Joe, not a bad stalker, just someone who was hopelessly in love with a man that never really paid attention to her. She has loved him since high school. I will have to say that as I got to know Joe I didn’t really like him. He was nice but a little too immature for my tastes. Millie will learn that she might need someone else other than Joe. Now Sam is another nice man like Joe but he is much more mature. He is grounded and is an all around good man.

I loved how Kristan Higgins slowly built the love that blossomed between Millie and Sam. They were friends and something switched, they started to see each other in a different light. Now with the rational part of my brain I thought Millie and Sam together was a little weird as he was her brother in law for eighteen years. Though the romance reader in me loved the romance that had happened between Millie and Sam.

Run the Risk

Logan Riske is on a mission to find out about his friends murder. He has to first locate the witness which seems to be harder than he thought. Logan will go after the witnesses sister who appears to be be undercover as well.

Pepper Yates has a knack for looking over her shoulder as she has been running with her brother for years. Now the danger is higher and she has to be careful of everyone, especially the new tenant who can’t take a hint to leave her alone.

Run the Risk

Run the Risk is the first book to Lori Foster’s series Love Undercover. Pretty much whatever book Foster writes I will like. Run the Risk keeps with that tradition. The series reminded me of Edge of Honor but a little less intense. Love Undercover has a little more lightheartedness, lots of sex and sexual tension, but still with danger lurking at every step.

Within the series there are six people you get to know. The main ones are Logan and Pepper but I felt that Foster does a good job so you know who the others are. The other characters will be following this book with their own story in the series Love Undercover, which I am excited to read.

Within the story I really liked the cloak and dagger situations Logan and Pepper were in. They were both playing a false role but parts of them could never be hidden, especially how they go above and beyond in protecting those around them.

I loved how mousy Pepper had to play when in reality her character is anything but plain. She craves life and that does show especially during the steamy scenes between herself and Logan. Now Logan is the man you want watching over you. He is tough, attractive, and good with his hands.

Bare It All is the second book to the series Love Undercover and came out in April while the third book, Getting Rowdy will be coming out in September. I am taking a break from the series until the third book comes out so I can read the second and third right after each other. This way I wouldn’t have to wait.

Sins of a Virgin

Sins of a VirginMadeline Valdan is a scandalous courtesan to the noblemen of English society. She will shock society by holding an auction for the suitor to take her virginity. The auction is unbelievable to everyone but bidders line the up. Madeline though is not all she claims to be, but she will make sure that no one will find the truth except for a bow street runner.

Gabriel Huntford wants to find his sisters murderer along with several other girls who were murdered. Every turn he took lead him to a dead end. Now he finds himself with a chance to continue with the investigation with his new job, protecting Madeline Valdan.

Sins of a Virgin is the first book to the Sinners Trio series by Anna Randol. I had previously read one book from her and I liked it but it wasn’t my favorite. Now Sins of a Virgin is not ranked up in my ultimate favorites but I certainly liked it better than the previous book. For me I found myself connecting more with the characters. Gabriel was a fantastic character that had fought hard in his life and things kept going wrong. Madeline had to hide and face many demons that made her cold and guarded. This was not a happy romance novel, it was darker especially with the murders. I did like that Randol gives us a conclusion on the murderer. The villain was not seen coming until the end. I had a feeling about the character but wasn’t sure what the motive would be.

I thought Randol does a very good job splitting the book into a mystery/suspense romance book. The mystery took over as spies were what this book was about. I have read book on spies who have tended to be more lighthearted. Randol does not make them lighthearted at all. The trio are all flawed and damaged from the job or what life has shown them. There were a lot of layers in the book that you kept having to uncover. I thought that it was interesting to make the trio two men and a woman. It gave diversity. I will definitely be looking forward to reading about the other two in the series.

Real Men Will

Eric Donovan is the quiet brother, the good brother, the responsible brother, but for one night he was not any of those things. That was of course six months ago. He had not stopped thinking about her but it was all moot. She did not know his real name.

Beth Cantrell was not used to unbelievable sex, a one night stand, but that is what she got. Of course it was six months ago but she couldn’t stop thinking about Jamie Donovan. That is until she found out the man she slept with was not who he said he was. No the man she slept with was Eric Donovan. Beth felt betrayed but she knew she couldn’t resist him. She would give Eric her body but not her trust.

Real Men Will is the end of the trilogy of the Donovan Brothers Brewery, which I loved. This book appeared moodier due to the main character Eric but nevertheless it was good. I liked how Victoria Dahl uncovered why Eric truly felt responsible for everything.

Both characters, Eric and Beth, hid behind their masks that they displayed for the world. I liked that they were real with each other eventually when they learned to trust. Eric I grew to like even though he was an ass through parts of the book as he was relentless with what he thought was right.

With Beth as a character she was a strong one. I felt like cheering her on as she had to rise above her past and move on. Dahl did not make it easy either with Beth forgiving Eric which I liked as he lied about his name.

I liked how Dahl also kept Kendall within the trilogy. It was interesting with how each character was involved with Kendall and effected aside from the business aspect.

Overall the series Donovan Brothers Brewery was one to read from Victoria Dahl and one to enjoy.

A Man For Amanda by Nora Roberts

There is something easy to Nora Roberts books. The second book of the series Calhoun Women is A Man For Amanda. The second book was a fantastic continuation of the series.

Amanda Calhoun is the practical sister who is the assistant manager at the hotel in town. Sloan is the new architect who is going to help transform the Towers into a functioning hotel. The two automatically butt heads right from the beginning but they will find each other through their own stubbornness and a sneaky new character who wants more than Amanda’s companionship.

The second book of Calhoun Women was a blast to read. There was romance, wit, and humor that drifted through the characters.

I liked that the plot was only a few weeks apart from the first book. It kept the reader in the story and the lives of the sisters. I loved that it was Amanda’s time to find love according to her Aunt and it was in the form of Sloan.

The two characters were a blast to read. There stubborn streak kept the book filled with wit.

I liked that the plot had a little suspense to it. A sneaky character was trying to find the emeralds that had been leaked to the papers. He is not someone you think would do that but very quickly you know his desire. I actually liked that you knew who the bad guy was in this book but you didn’t know his strategy which left you to enjoy the book and to read on to find out his plan.

A Man For Amanda is a delight to read for romance readers. You will fall in love with the Calhoun women.