Garden of Lies

Garden of LiesUrsula Kern owns Kern Secretarial Agency with a couple of employees. When one of her employee ends up dead and Ursula knows it wasn’t suicide. She will go in search of answers from Anne’s last employment, she will find help from Slater Roxton her last employer. She will quickly learn that darker things were happening in the house.

Slater Roxton had been trapped on an island for one year which changed his life. Getting back to his normal routine was not going to happen so Slater changed his ways. Instead of fitting in with society he became an oddity. When Ursula comes into his life he knows that he doesn’t want to part from her, which leads him on a quest to help find her employees murderer.

Garden of Lies is a novel by Amanda Quick. I really loved this book. Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz has been a favorite of mine for many years. The plot immediately intrigued me and I was pulled right into the story.

Ursula’s character was a woman who had a career and worked hard at it. I liked Ursula’s conviction to do the right thing. She was a strong woman who wanted to do the right thing but she was also someone who acted first, thought second. With Ursula’s character she is hiding something which of course will come out though more towards the middle. Slater’s character was an oddity but that was what I liked about him. He was quiet and thoughtful but could be ruthless if needed to be.

The villain was clear in my mind but then things got twisted. That usually happens in an Amanda Quick novel. I thought she wrote the twist well.

The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage BargainAlexa Maria McKenzie decided to try her luck and cast a love spell to find the perfect man especially one that has cash to spend. Alexa needed money to save her parents home and will be shocked when the perfect person for the job was her best friends brother.

Nicholas Ryan was a billionaire and was about to get what he wanted but there was a problem. He had to marry to get the company he needed. With the help of his sister he will find a wife, her best friend.

The Marriage Bargain is the first book to the series Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst. I really liked the first book. This was a shorter novel then the other two I have read from the series but it was still a very entertaining novel to read. There were characters opposites of each other, fights, jealousy, hot sex and finally love even though it almost comes at the end and almost always too late.

Alexa was a kind and generous woman. She was determined to do things her way and on her own. I liked her love of animals and her drive to help out animals that need that extra help. Then there was Nicholas who did not want any attachments. He wanted to work but the “will” from his uncle stopped those plans. He was a good man but he was cold at times which was from his upbringing. Nicholas will start to change thanks to his wife, that is eventually. I thought that Jennifer Probst wrote a perfect ending to the book that will make you smile and know that this couple will have a chance.

I liked the list of requirements for Alexa and Nicholas and their potential spouses which were the exact opposites and yet it will work. That is when they were not fighting which was almost comical at times. Their fiery natures worked well for their attention to each other. When they had the chance the passion which surrounded them flared to life especially when they were arguing.

I am reading the second book to the series next which will complete the series for me as I have already read the third and fourth book.