Somewhere I’ll Find You

Somewhere I'll Find YouJulia Wentworth and Damon Savage had one thing in common, they were married to each other and had no desire to be. Their parents had married them off when they were children and as adults neither were wanting to be saddled with a spouse. Circumstances will have Julia and Damon finding each other and will be more shocked when they have feelings for each other. Though each are hesitant where that will lead them.

Somewhere I’ll Find You is the first book to the series Capitol Theatre. I found this book to be very entertaining. I was wondering in the beginning if I would like it. There are sometimes when you love the authors writing but on that particular book it just didn’t give you what you wanted. I thought that was going to be the case with the beginning but then you continue and it became engaging and I wanted to know more.

Julia and Damon were given a disservice with being forced to marry without having their knowledge when they were children. It made them become guarded and hesitant to trust. Neither will want each other in their lives until they meet each other and then they feel the desire. You felt for Julia who did want to be loved by Damon but feared that he would take away the one thing that she treasured. Damon was a bit of a player but you really couldn’t fault him too much. He was likeable but he should’ve made more of an attempt to find Julia, Julia should’ve done the same.

Needless to say there will be that happy ending that you long for, it will just take a lot of time persuading and some mending of hearts. I was interested in Logan Scott and what he was running from. I figured it was a woman who had broken his heart but it seemed even more. The answers will be given in the second/last book of the series which I will be reading next.


Something Sinful

Something SinfulLord Charlemagne Griffin was the charmer of the family but now that will be getting him into trouble. He will use his charm and explain a great find he was about to get with a purchase of silk as he danced with the very attractive Lady Sarala. He will soon find out that he should know not to trust a pretty face.

Lady Sarala Carlisle took the news and knew exactly what to do. She felt bad but her family needed the money. Soon Sarala will find out that this job is not too easy with Shay attempting to seduce the silks back and now an unexpected danger lurks around them.

Something Sinful had intrigue. Suzanne Enoch switches it up in the third book from the Griffin Family series and gives a little more action and adventure still with the passion and seduction. It took a little time for me to like Sarala as I wasn’t sure what her angle was going to be about but you start to like her in the book especially as she matches wits with Shay every time they banter back and forth. Shay really is the seducer in the book especially with every chance he gets alone with Sarala. What I really loved was that the family bond of the Griffin’s which is created is very strong when facing an enemy, you are never alone with them around.

The villain was to be expected. There was not hiding that fact as it basically screamed out as you read it. But Enoch will keep you going to find out what will happen to the villain and the complete background story between the villain and Sarala.

Through the book I found myself wondering what is Sebastian’s story going to be about, which is the next and last book to the series. I go back and forth with liking Sebastian’s character but now that I have read all the siblings I really want to know what will happen with Sebastian.

A Bite To Remember

Continuing on with the Argeneau Family series the next one is A Bite To Remember the fifth book.

Vincent Argeneau is a four hundred year old immortal. He is tired of life, tired of acting but there is a problem. The people around him are starting to get into accidents. Vincent’s problem will be solved with the help of a PI, but knew problems will occur especially how attractive his PI is.

Jackie Morrisey is a PI for her fathers firm and now the owner. She takes her job seriously. She keeps her distance from immortals as she had an encounter with one years ago. But with one look at Vincent she found herself loosing the battle. She wants him more that she knew, but as the bodies keep building Jackie will have to watch out for herself before she becomes a target.

Since starting this series I have found that it is one that pulls you in and I of course have my favorite characters, Marguerite’s children especially. The series is witty and has its own humor along with adventure. Vincent’s story was very much like the rest of the others but nevertheless I liked how Lynsay Sands writes the story. Sands delivers a small twist with life mates that will have readers angry until they find out what happens next.

I liked the back stories that Sands gives each character but especially Jackie as you feel for her character and the trouble (an immortal) that she found herself in at eighteen. Through that trouble you want her to find some kind of justice and love which will make up for her struggle.

I liked once again how Marguerite played as a matchmaker. I still hope that Sands will give her a chance to find her own true life mate. I guess I will hold out as this is only the fifth book of the ever going series.