Mansfield Park

mansfield-parkI decided the next book I wanted to try was Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. This one has been a favorite of mine with the movie.

Mansfield Park is about a young girl, Fanny Price, moving to her relatives home who are much more wealthy than her own. The story will be about her life at Mansfield Park from a young girl to a grown woman, and the obstacles she faced while she lived there.

I liked the book. I will be honest that it took me some time to get through some of the parts. I felt there was a little too much detail on some of the everyday things that went on in life. From book to movie this to me felt very different but that was only with the detail. The movie told the same story but things were shortened or switched slightly around. It would have been a very long movie if all of the parts in the book were put into the movie. I think it was a good thing that I had seen the movie before reading this book because at times I felt that I was a little lost with all the detail. You can certainly understand what is happening but as I said before it is long in certain parts.

I will say that you got to know the characters a lot more in the book. Though in the movie you got to see how these characters acted but no that much on the childhood, so that part I thought gave some good insight.

For the next book by Jane Austen I am going to read Sense and Sensibility.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildWhen I heard that Harry Potter was being continued I was hesitant to buy the book. I had loved Harry Potter and I really didn’t want more because I was satisfied with what I had. But as an avid reader of Harry Potter I had to read the book, the curiosity was driving me crazy. So I was given Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and let me say that I actually liked it. There were some issues I had with it but overall I thought it was really good. What threw me was the format. When I had gotten the book it didn’t occur to me it would be in play form, I guess I was just not thinking. Well once I got over that bit of news I went straight to reading the story.

The story starts right off where the seventh book ends which is nineteen years later. Harry and his friends are at the train station and they are dropping off their children to go to Hogwarts. Albus (Harry and Ginny’s child) will be the main character along with Scorpious (Draco’s child) and it will be telling their story once they are at Hogwarts. I wouldn’t go into great detail so not to spoil it. All I will say is those boys will be changing a lot of things and there will be consequences.

Now there are some out there that didn’t like the book and that’s fine as we all have our own opinions and likes and dislikes. This book is not like the other books because it is not a book but a play. It is written in dialogue and scene direction so there are no places for the characters thoughts, but honestly it didn’t bother me. I thought that the characters stayed true to who they were in the books. I also liked that you got to know more about what was happening in the characters life, where they ended up in life. And of course there were some good twist that were very entertaining to read.

Darling Beast

Darling BeastApollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne, has been convicted of murdering three of his friends four years ago. With the help of his now brother-in-law he escaped but he was still not free to take his place in society. He will have to find the murderer and will be helped by some unexpected allies. Though he will be distracted when an actress, Lily, captured his attention.

Lily Stump was a famous actress and playwright even though no one knew that fact. Lily, her son and a servant named Maude were temporarily living at Harte’s Folly while it was being restored. There will be one problem that happens which is finding a mute man in the gardens who is not who she thinks.

Darling Beast is the seventh book to the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt. I had bought this book awhile ago but had not gotten the chance to read the book until now. Usually the books I buy take a while to read because I am always checking out books from my library. Well I picked it up now because I also have the eighth book from the series. Alright so Darling Beast was a book that I really liked.

I was excited to read Apollo’s story because of his sister Artemis. I had really liked her character in the sixth book and her interaction with her brother. I wanted to know what had happened three years ago as you knew that Apollo was not the murderer. It was interesting with Apollo as he could not talk, he only could write down his words. I felt for the first half of the book there was a gentler side to Apollo especially as he interacted with Lily’s child. There is a dangerous side to Apollo but only when he is protecting those he loves. Now Lily is a confident actress who knows what she has to do in life. She protects those that she loves. When she interacts with Apollo I really liked them together especially when it started out with him just being a gardener. That let Lily really get to know the man and not the title or the scandal that was part of his life.

The mystery of the murderer was prevalent in the book as that was a major part of the plot. The question of who was the real murderer had stumped me, which I liked. I waiting for the big reveal. There is another little surprise that is with Lily and her past. I knew the mystery but only a small part of it.

I found that Hoyt was writing in some recurring names and new names that I know will most likely be given their own story. I figure that Miss Royal will have her own story and possibly Duke Montgomery who is an intriguing character.

I am excited to read the eighth book next which is with Phoebe, the sister of Duke Wakefield.

Take a break and listen for the confession

Elizabeth Boyle was someone I was interested in reading after I tried one other book from her. As I read the back cover summary my interest peeked. This sounded like the regency romances but with adventure and sabotage. Confessions of A Little Black Gown is the fourth book in the series  Bachelor Chronicles.

Thalia Langley was a spinster to everyone. She had settled on that she would never marry even as her sister tried to find men. Thalia though will have meet her match in a vicar. She never would have seen it coming but this particular vicar is not who he says but then again Thalia is not as innocent as she appears.

Lord Larkin is playing spy again as a vicar to find the whereabouts of a criminal and who helped him. What Larkin did not expect was to find Thalia Langley to be desirable and perhaps even in the middle of all of this mess. Larkin will have to keep up his disguise but that will be hard as Thalia threatens to make him forget everything.

This story was not all that I expected at first. I found it hard to get into the characters to a point which is sometimes how it is when you read novels out of order. Since Confessions of A Little Black Gown is the fourth book of the series perhaps starting at the beginning would give you more insight into the characters. But once you got into the story it slowly unfolded and you are able to loose  yourself into the story.

From reading the end of the story I am interested in how the following book will keep with the problem Boyle presented to the characters.

My Wife’s Affair

Reading the back cover I was not sure of this book. It sounded interesting but from what I am used to reading it did not seem to be my style. But I wanted to try the book as I was going to hear the author have an interview. I had never gone to an interview with an author and I have to say it was fun. The interview she gave was about publishing which is always a need to know when trying to break into the business.

Before the interview I was able to find and read the book because I wanted to see the type of work she did and after reading I was surprised.

Georgie and Peter have been married for a while with three wonderful children. Moving to London was Peter’s idea and Georgie took that opportunity to try and find an acting role again. And she did for the role of Dora Jordan. Georgie becomes involved with the character and her marriage is threatened as events soon to spiral out of control leaving more than one character in pain.

The story invoked such a feeling of frustration through the entire book but in a way that was amazing because the book gave me such a response. The story was from the husbands point of view which was unexpected and unique I have to say.

I liked to read about the historical part which was intertwined I think Woodruff did a very good job combining the past and present.

Through the entire story I was dreading the end because I had a feeling I knew to a point what was coming. I have to say the wife I was not a fan of. She seemed too self but I like stories that have the happy ending. This book does not but it ended really well to keep the reader invested and to feel for the characters. From that one story I was very surprised at my reaction and I believe if an author can invoke any emotion (frustration, love, desire, passion, happiness, sadness) for the reader they have reached their goal.

I am interested in what Nancy Woodruff will have next coming. In her interview she is going towards nonfiction for her next book so we will have to see. She has one other book out called, Someone Else’s Child.

An Unexpected Song by Iris Johansen

Through Johansen’s work I have discovered her stories to be focused on the adventure, with mystery and love all thrown into the mix.  An Unexpected Song is a softer side of love but still danger is behind every corner.

Taking the stage that evening, Daisy Justine had no idea that she was auditioning for her life.  Watching from the darkness beyond the footlights was the world-famous composer Jason Hayes.  The reclusive genius was seeking a new star to play the tragic heroine in his latest wrok, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello.

From the moment he heard her sing, Jason knew he’d found the star he’d been searching for his whole life.  But coaxing her from Geneva to the bright lights of Broadway wasn’t going to be easy.  For she’d made a promise to another man that she couldn’t break-nor disclose to anyone not even Jason.

Jason has only two weeks to change Daisy’s mind.  But the closer he gets to her, the closer danger comes.  For there’s more than just artistic temperament behind Jason’s legendary seclusion.  He, too, is harboring a secret, stalked by a killer who’d followed him for decades.  Now he’ll do anything to protect Daisy from the greatest threat of all-himself.

I thought the story was a very cute, sweet and romantic tale of two people not wanting love but gets it in the end.  I liked the mix of danger which follows Jason in the form a woman but switches when she is setting her target to Daisy.

Johansen is never not without danger and adventure which makes her stories so thrilling to read.

An Unexpected Song has all the qualities you need, romantic, undenying love and the power of music which is turned to love but with a twist of sabotage.