Catching Captain Nash

Captain Robert Nash was presumed dead for the last five years but he was back home and wanted his life back. He will come home and find his wife was about to be engaged to another man. Robert will put an end to that engagement but will wonder if he will be able to make Morwenna happy as they had been.

Morwenna Nash had grieved for five years for the husband that she had lost. Finally she has accepted a marriage proposal even though she did not love the gentleman. She will be stunned when her husband comes back from the grave. She hopes that she will be able to help him back into society and reclaim the love they had.

Catching Captain Nash is the six story to the series Dashing Widows by Anna Campbell. I actually enjoyed this book. The last couple stories have been good but not as good as the original trilogy. I was hesitant to read this one as the reviews were not great. There was not a lot going on with the story, it was primarily about a couple renewing the love that they had lost.

Now I will say that I think to do this story justice it could have been longer. With the story being so short the sex scenes were strange to me. I would not think that after five years of absence Morwenna would sleep with her husband the same night he came back, she would have been in shock. Though saying that I did like the relationship between them. I was cheering for Robert and Morwenna. I thought the scene with his daughter was sweet and I really enjoyed the epilogue. It was full of happiness and fluff but I would not have it any other way.

Anna has written another story in the series which features the man Morwenna jilted. This one will be a full length novel. I have a feeling I will be reading this story in the near future.

The Pirate and The Cowboy

The Pirate, The Adventure & The CowboyThe Pirate

Katherine Inskip needed a vacation and her friends decided to help her. They will arrange for Katherine to have a vacation for one month on an island. Katherine will be upset but will find that the island might be interesting especially with the captivating Jared Hawthorne.

I liked the story. It was definitely a quick read for me. I found Katherine’s character entertaining with her attitude. She was not a mean person just overworked. I liked Jared’s character. He was a confident man, a little cocky, but overall a good man. Within the book there is a mystery with what is happening on the island which is what Katherine will stumble upon.

The Cowboy

Margaret Lark has to go to her father who is dating her ex’s mother. She doesn’t want anything to do with her ex, Rafe Cassidy, as she had been hurt a year ago. She didn’t want to reopen that wound but Rafe will not let her forget what they had and he will be persistent.

I really liked the third book which concludes the trilogy. I liked Margaret’s character who was fueled by anger still over the man that she had loved. I liked that she fought hard to keep her guard up around him as she did not want to be pulled back in. Rafe’s character was the smooth one with a killer instinct. Though you will find that Rafe is not quite the ruthless business man he once was. So the story was simple but it kept me interested with the characters and with a side mystery. Someone was leaking information to the enemy and Rafe will have to find out who. The choices are limited so you could guess easily but I liked it nevertheless.

Only With Your Love

Only with your LoveCelia Vallerand was on a ship with her husband who will be killed by the pirates. She will be abducted by these pirates and will fight for her freedon, but there will be no stopping these pirates. She will be rescued by a man called Griffin who was a Captain and a pirate. She will be shocked when he tells her that he will take her to the Vallerand family, but she will be more shocked to find out the identity of her rescuer.

Only With Your Love is the second book to the series Vallerands by Lisa Kleypas. I thought this was a fantastic book to follow up the first book, When Strangers Marry.

I was happy to read that this story was about the twins or at least one of them. Philippe will be married to Celia but will be killed by the pirates. Celia’s rescuer will be Justin although he is unrecognizable with his long hair and beard. There were times that I did not like Justin throughout the book. He was sometimes too cruel to Celia with his teasing and reminding her that she succumbed to his charm. He was trying to push her away but then he wanted her at his side. His character from the previous book had not changed that much but towards the end I was happy to read that he truly accepted his family, that helped him change at least a little. Celia was a woman in a horrible situation. Her mind fought the attraction but her body wanted the pirate, Justin. I thought she was strong in the sense of her desire to do right. She did not need to nurse Justin back to health but she did because it was right. Now although their relationship was not anything romantic it did end up that way.

The bad pirates are pretty despicable in the book and there will be a betrayal which will have Justin fuming towards the end and very well could have killed more than one person.

In the book you will find out that Philippe was not the saint that everyone thought and there will be a twist towards the ending which I was wondering if Kleypas was going to go that route. I was wanting her to but at the same time didn’t because it would disrupt the happy ending that I wanted. Well even with the twist there was a happy ending for everyone which I loved.

In Rides Trouble

In Rides TroubleBecky “Rebel” Reichert was one of the best mechanics as she could create and build most anything. She will use this skill and her business as a cover for her brothers team of ex-military men. She was treated as one of the boys but desperately wanted to be noticed by the one man she had wanted for three years, Frank.

Frank “Boss” Knight had wanted Becky from the first moment that he saw her but he kept away because of the age difference. Now with three years near each other Frank will reach his boiling point and keep Becky at his side especially when she will be in danger.

In Rides Trouble is the second book to the series Black Knight Inc by Julie Ann Walker. I wanted more after reading the book which is good since that I have checked out all the books I could to continue the series. I had said the other day that I bet this series will be scorching and I was right. The second book is even steamier than the first thanks to the pent up sexual tension that is between Becky and Frank.

The characters of Frank and Becky are people who are in your face and determined to be the leaders which makes things frustrating for both of them. I really liked Frank’s character as he was a hard-ass but he was loyal to his men and wanted to be the good man. What drove me crazy was this deception he had going with this woman he went to visit who had a kid. I didn’t think this was a real love interest but I wasn’t completely sure. At one point I thought she was a widow of one of his men that he might have lost and she needed him. No matter who the woman was I didn’t want her to interfere with Becky’s pursuit of Frank. Now Becky was as tough as nails and a spitfire but even she had her breaking moments which I thought Walker wrote well. After the kidnapping you saw a softer side of Becky who was fighting back tears as she didn’t want to show a vulnerability to the men or Frank.

Throughout the book sparks flew between Frank and Becky which made this book very entertaining to read and filled with sexual tension and yes finally hot sex between them which was building for three years.

The bad guys were by far the men who took Becky and Eve from their boat. They were not very smart with the kidnapping but they should not be counted out because there will be some trouble later on in the book.

The third book is Rev It Up with Michele and Jake.

Surrender of a Siren

Surrender of a SirenSophia Hathaway had runaway from her upcoming marriage. She did not love the groom and did not want to feel sheltered. She wanted to feel passion. She fled to a ship that would take her away. She had not expected to find what she was looking for on the ship and in the arms of Gray.

Benedict “Gray” Grayson wanted and was turning a new leaf with his business. He wanted to give a good life for his brother and sister, but the new passenger was tempting him back in his old ways.

Surrender of a Siren is the second book to Tessa Dare’s series Toby and Isabel Trilogy. After reading the first book from Tessa Dare I knew that I had to finish the series, but of course everything was checked out from her. Now I have the other two books to complete this trilogy. I was excited to get the book as Tessa Dare is a brand new author for me, with the exception of the first book, that I had never read before. I kept hearing her name and people telling me to try her out. I am so happy that I got started on this series. She is a fantastic writer and you get pulled into her story right away.

Now the first book left with Sophia runaway from Toby which I felt was the right choice as he was not the right man for her. He tip toed around her like she was fragile flower. She is off to sea and showed much bravery along with finding lust and passion that she was missing out. She was becoming a temptress as she was following her passion. Then there was Gray who was trying to turn a new leaf and be more respectable. He was already a good man but I loved that a girl like Sophia tempted him to no end. He was a character you ended up loving with how he created that passion with Sophia and how he cared about his family.

Tessa Dare keeps the majority of the story on the ship. There is tons of interaction with Sophia with the crew which was very entertaining and I loved that her art was used then. It is one of her passions and not to be held back. I also liked the banter back and fourth between her and the men and of course Gray. So far this series is fantastic. With only one more book, which I have in my hand, I will finish the series.

Desert Eden

Heather Devereux is sailing away to meet and marry her French husband. She follows her families wishes but has no liking to her betrothed and longs for adventure. Soon she will find herself with all the adventure she will be able to handle as the ship is taken over by foreign warriors and Heather and her cousin are taken captive. Heather will find herself in a strange land, no family, and a slave to a Ottoman Prince. She will fight with all her strength but will soon find the adventure she has craved with the Prince.

Prince Khalid Beg is known as the “Sultan’s Beast”. His fierce fighting abilities and scar has proven his name and those around him cower in fear. But soon Khalid will find one woman who does not look upon his face in disgust. Thanks to his men he is given a new slave who is the answer for his revenge. He will use Heather and humiliate her in order to teach her obedience but when he is about to be rid of his slave Khalid will rethink getting rid of this woman.

The third book of the Deveraux series is Desert Eden and it was a whole new adventure from Patricia Grasso. So far the sisters of the Deveraux series have been fantastic. Grasso keeps them strong and not wilting flowers when they have to fight. Heather continues the theme of disobedience even more than her sisters making the story very entertaining to read.

Prince Khalid was a character that developed well. You disliked his cruel behavior of Heather in the beginning but throughout the book he changed. She developed that change really well. I liked that she built in the past for both Heather and Khalid that brought them closer together healing each other. Grasso keeps most of the book series with attacks on the sultan or Heather’s dreams but there are comical times especially with Heather’s tactics of disobedience.

The side characters of course were well developed. I especially liked Khalid’s mother. I disliked her but as she was kept in the picture she became a much stronger character and one you wanted to read about. At first I thought she was going to play a villain but that thought had been wrong. The main villain you will know but there are surprises on who are the other villains.

Richard Devereux will now have his chance next in Love in a Mist.