A Game of Chance

A Game of ChanceChance Mackenzie had one target in mind but until know that man would stay alive. Chance will get lucky and find the terrorists daughter and use her as bait. He will feel remorse as he will quickly find himself caring for Sunny.

Sunny Miller had been on the run since before she was born. She was ready for anything expect a plane crash. Sunny will find herself stranded with a pilot though everything is not as it seems.

A Game of Chance is the fifth book to the series Mackenzie Family Saga series by Linda Howard. I found myself engrossed with the story. I wanted to know more about this family and what had happened to Sunny’s family. The book itself is just about 250 pages which went by quickly. The story was simple but I liked how Howard wrote the characters. They were each very strong and had secrets of their own but they were not sharing, at least not yet. Now even though the characters didn’t know each that well it did nothing to stop them when it came to those lustful feelings. Of course before this couple walks into the sunset they will have to resolve one tiny problem which is how to get over the fact that pretty much everything Chance told Sunny from the start had been a lie and to stop her father.

Well after reading the fifth book I find myself wondering how the series started. I know that I will be back to the MacKenzie Family Saga series.

Crash Landing

Crash LandingBillionaire Gibb Martin needed a pilot to get back to the states so he could stop his best friend from making a mistake. He will pay Sophia to take him to Florida but there will be a problem when a storm comes upon them.

Sophia Cruz was a good pilot and loved her job. She took on the job which would pay some of her bills but this will be a challenging job as she had to be very close to Gibb who tempted her. But that will take a step back when a storm will leave them stranded on an island.

Crash Landing is the third book to Stop the Wedding series by Lori Wilde. This is the final book to the series and once again I liked it. It was another cute addition that was filled with some sizzle as the other two had.

I liked Sophia and Gibb as they were worlds apart at least on the outside that is what it appeared to be. Gibb was more down to earth than what was expected which I liked. You liked him more for that. Sophia was strong and fierce when in a tough situation.

Now the situation of a couple on an island you knew that it would lead only one way. They will steam up the pages but what happens after the island? A happy ending will come their way but it will take Gibb to get a grip on his feelings. That will only happen thanks to his friend whose wedding he was trying to stop.

As a whole I liked the series. It held my attention, had some humor, some sizzle and a good group of characters.

Only Mine

Only MineDakota Hendrix was serious about her job and wanted to do it well. She will have it going without any obstacles until a frantic older brother of the contestants demanded his brothers to leave the show. One look at the man and she knew to stay away but with him being so close she couldn’t keep him at arms distance even though she knew her heart would be broken.

Finn Anderson wanted his brothers back home and finish up school but found he was not able to get his wish. Too keep close to his brothers he takes the job as a pilot which lets him get closer to Dakota who he finds extremely attractive. He will start something even though he says over and over he wouldn’t stay.

I took a break from the series waiting for the books to be available to be checked out. I am starting the series once again with the fourth book, Only Mine, by Susan Mallery. Going back to Susan Mallery’s series is like coming back to an old friend. I guess it’s probably because I am a little of a sap and love all the romance stories that seem real as there are those heartbreaking and heartwarming moments.

Mallery keeps the series going with the Hendrix family, the triplets, but mainly Dakota. She was goal and worked orientated but when Finn comes into her life she starts to get side tracked. This is partly due to Finn, the show, her own problems with getting pregnant and her family who all have a part in the story. I loved that she has a happy ending for finding that family she wanted. Finn is the big protective brother who is like a mother hen. He is humorous with his over protective behavior and soon learns that his brothers are adults.

The story reminded me a little of the Bachelor or really like any dating show that is on reality tv show but with the characters Mallery writes about you are eagerly along for the ride. The side characters I loved were Aurelia and Stephen.

I decided to get as many books of Mallery’s series as I could so I can get immersed in the town of Fool’s Gold. Only Yours is next with Montana who is one of the Hendrix triplets.

Animal Magnetism

Growing up in a small town of Sunshine, Idaho Lilah Young had a routine and it did not have her crashing into a truck. Or meeting a hunk that she can’t stop staring at. Lilah will soon be bumping into Brady more and more as he stays to help his two friends. She will find that she needs to have more from Brady and will end up taking more, but not opening her heart.

Brady Miller is a pilot for hire and likes his life but things are about to change. Getting rear ended was a new experience but not as strange as seeing a duck on a leash. Brady is stunned by Lilah who helps these animals. His first instinct is to run as he is one for leaving but soon he finds it harder and harder to leave.

Animal Magnetism is the first book of Jill Shalvis’s new series Animal Magnetism. With Shalvis you know what to expect with steamy, funny scenes and a plot you just can’t get enough.

First thought of the series was I wanted more! Shalvis is usually an author I want to read and after reading this book it confirmed it once again. Shalvis creates a fantastic bunch of characters who I could easily see each having their own book contributed to the series, which she is making it happen.

The character of Lilah was a breath of fresh air. She was outspoken and hurt at the same time. I liked that she was emotional when it came to the animals. She took them in and gave them a home.

I loved Brady, the hard loving man/pilot who doesn’t care about anyone (except his foster brothers even if he doesn’t want to admit it). He will fall hard for Lilah but it wouldn’t be overnight.

Having the animals in the story made it sweeter and added humor to the characters lives. What I did not expect to find was the surprise relationship that Brady already had in this small town (his foster brothers Adam and Dell). That surprise kept you involved in the story and closer to his character as you got to know more about him.

After reading Animal Magnetism I couldn’t wait to find out who would be the next one to find that pull. Would it be Dell, Adam, Jade, or Holly?

Smart and Sexy

Noah Fisher loves his job but he is now going for a break, a long over due break. There is a hitch in his plans when he is held at gun point in his cockpit. Noah is stupefied that Bailey is doing this. He is able to get away but something is holding him back, he needs to help Bailey.

Bailey Sinclair needs to get to her location and she knew that Noah would be able to do the job. She did not like doing this to Noah but he was her only shot as they were after her and the money she needed to find. Bailey though will get side tracked as she and Noah are thrust together in a tight spot and lust will win out.

Smart and Sexy is the first book of Jill Shalvis’s series Sky High Air. The title says it all for the first book of the series. Shalvis will have you begging quickly for Noah and Bailey to find a way together through all the mess that starts on the first page.

This was a fast pace book that kept going with the action of the thugs and the mystery where the money was hidden. I liked that the character of Bailey was strong and kept going even when the situation seemed impossible. Noah was the heartthrob you wanted to see find peace of mind and joy, in the form of Bailey of course.

Now with the book going fast there is no lack of passion that Shalvis writes between the two lead characters, they started out with fire and kept going until the very end.

I liked how Shalvis added in the two friends of Noah who worked at Sky High, who had each other’s backs. You get a sense of who they are before they each have their own story.

Will definitely be checking out the other two books from Sky High Air.

The Marine’s Babies

Captain Jace Monroe was a great marine but what he wasn’t prepared for was playing daddy to two twin girls he knew nothing about. Getting two little girls dumped on his doorstep was not ideal but he had to make it work as the mother of the children abadoned them. Feeling out of his league he found a nanny.

Emma Stewart knew this would be hard to do. A nanny job after her tragedy but she wanted to do this. Helping Jace and his little girls was the best job but one that she would not always have. Of course having the marine as your employer made a few things difficult as feelings started to show on both sides. But tragedy will make it hard for each to trust and truly love one another.

The Marine’s Babies was a cute short book which falls in the category of harlequin books. Laura Marie Altom gives a short story where the characters each are supporting hurt from their past and the only way to be fine is to come together. I liked that she was able to have depths with the characters in such a short novel.

For a short romance book The Marine’s Babies is a delight to read.

Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts

Island of Flowers is set in a seductive setting but it is anything but. There will be heartache and problems but underneath everything there is a young girl seeking comfort and a father.

Laine Simmons has not known her father for fifteen years but now is her chance to know him. Only person standing in her way is herself and a man named Dillon O’Brian. They will be up against each other only to protect Cap, Laine’s father and Dillon’s friend and business partner. But together there will be something that can’t be ignored only if prejudice gets in the way.

This was a quick romance novel but in this instance I wished it was longer with a more drawn out plot. I wished there was more detail about her family and more courting. I found that it was romantic but it seemed to easy in the end that all is forgiven. There would have been better for a little more detail giving a little more fight.

But then again this was still a great romance book by Roberts that will want you to believe that romance is not dead only hidden.