Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?

Cant we talk about something more pleasantMy book club has read many types of books that have either made me cry, laugh, be frustrated and dislike the novel to loving the novel. The women who run the club decided to try a graphic comic. Alright so I have read comics before when I was a kid but that had been about fifteen years ago since the last comic I read. I actually think it was about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? is by Roz Chast who illustrates comics but this one was about her parents and her life. I thought the illustrations were really well done and I loved that she put in several pictures that she had taken of her parents house and included them into the story. I was very entertained with the book. It was crazy, silly, serious and it felt real. There were plenty of moments that I cringed at but I could see happening.

In the beginning of the story there were plenty of laugh out loud moments. It had been a while since I really laughed out loud when reading a story. Though towards the middle of the story the mood changed. When that happened I was reminded of my grandparents. I will say that I did get a little teary towards the end of the story.

I thought that this book was a great intro back into comics and I am excited to try some more graphic novels. The women who run the book club gave us a list of other graphic novels that were like this one but I think I will go with a different topic, maybe something scary.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting

The Girl's Guide to Man HuntingMiranda Hill will soon be plotting against the man who had broken her trust now that he is back in town. She will seduce him and when he is in a compromising position she will take photos and post them online. She wants him to feel just like she did especially as this small town made her feel horrible with their assumptions and rumors.

Dane Croft was done with woman as he had been burned. The reputation he had was deserved but he was not a home wrecker. Dane will start up a business with his best friends back in his home town. He will be surprised to see Miranda at the class and even more as the passion they felt did not disappear.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting is the first book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. I liked this novel. It was a very fast read for me and Jessica Clare entertained me with her plot as this was all about revenge for Miranda and she had her sights set on Dane thanks to what happened with them nine years ago and a camera.

Miranda was an interesting character. She had gone through nine years of hell with the stares and whispers from her hometown, yet she stayed. She is moving on with her life now and gets a chance to get back at the man who ruined her. I was cheering for her but for most of the time it didn’t seem right. I didn’t feel that Dane was the bad guy that Miranda thought him to be. The question is now, who took the pictures? It wasn’t hard to figure out and I liked the certain justice that was made in the end. I liked Dane as Clare writes him to have grown up since high school. He learned his lessons and became a new man. He was still a man who enjoyed the good things in life but his life was  now more simple with wanting to work in survival.

So this book, holy cow! There is a lot of sex that is going on with Dane and Miranda. When they were with each other it was nothing but heated glances and lots of passion. Passion that would sizzle and sizzle until it burned.

Now with the ending I wasn’t sure how it would end. Obviously I knew it would have a happy ending but I wasn’t sure how the ending would happen. With how Clare concluded the book it was sweet and funny with how Dane had to fight for Miranda and it left me smiling.

I have the second book which I will be reading next. The second book will be with Beth Ann and Colt which in the first book you could practically hear the sizzle between them.

Slow Burn

Slow BurnEvan Donovan was doing an old friend a favor when he went to check up on Faye Duncan, Mike’s ex wife. Evan had no idea he would find her so appealing or that she was the photojournalist doing a story on them. Temptation will be too great to leave her on her own.

Faye Duncan wanted freedom and after her divorce she was going to take it. She will soon find herself in the arms of a strong smoke jumper and she wouldn’t want to leave but knows that this life is dangerous and doesn’t know if she wants to do it again.

Slow Burn is the second book to Anne Marsh’s series Burn. Reading the first book I wasn’t pulled in right away but ended up liking it a lot. This one I was prepared for Marsh’s type of writing and found I was pulled right into the book making me love reading it. First off Evan was completely different from his brother. He was quieter and had a softer side along with a very sexy side. Faye is beginning to enjoy life but also finding herself again.

Once again the enemy is a person who is starting fire but not a stalker this time. I liked that Marsh mixes it up and has a new person starting the fires in hopes to draw attention to their ability to put out the fire, at least the ones he started. Things will of course get out of hand and he will not be getting away from what he has done.

Anne Marsh has no other book out yet for the series Burn but I figure it will be Rio next in the series who is the last Donovan brother. I wondered if she will continue it with the rest of the smoke jumper team, it would be a way to keep the series going.

If werewolves are real what else? Bigfoot?

Loving the first book of the series Wild About You from Vicki Lewis Thompson I was happy to find the next book Werewolves in North Woods without problems. I had to find out more about the Wallace packs as this sequel followed Roarke, Aidan’s little brother.

Abby Winchell is visiting her grandfather as he has now found proof of a bigfoot sighting. She loves him and wants him to move down to Arizona so she can take care of him. She goes to see him and helps him prove that he is right but Roarke Wallace will be the one standing in her way that is until she finds out more about Roarke.

Roarke Wallace is a professor of Anthropology. He has come to Portland to prove that Bigfoot does not exist even though Roarke knows it is true. He is here to disprove Earl Winchell but finds himself meeting the granddaughter and is intrigued. His intrigue goes straight to lust. He knows he has to maintain it but the attraction will get the better of him and only draw them closer on their hike.

This sequel ends the stories on the New York pack, of course I’m sure their names will appear in the next stories Thompson writes.

The thing I like so far about this series is that its a good story. There is humor, desire, adventure and a little mystery. Roarke and Abby embark on a hike to help bigfoot find a new home and to give Earl some relief that he was right. I like that the playboy Roarke is being taken in by a human woman, something he said he would avoid like the plague. But that is like most werewolf stories, when a mate is found it is hard keep away.

I liked how Thompson creates these books around the most influential families in the werewolf community. I am intrigued by this series and can’t wait for more.

One Summer by Nora Roberts

I read the first book, Second Nature, and I wasn’t too thrilled with the story but I took the chance on the sequel which is One Summer.

Bryan Mitchell is an extrodinary photographer. She is determined and always gets her picture. Shade Colby is a cynical photojournalist who is as well determined. Together they are being thrown together to gets shots around the country of what summer is all about. Both have said they don’t want to get involved. One kiss changes everything. They will be on the road capturing moments of summer and finding love in the process.

From the first book to the second I liked reading this one. There was a sense of drama and just a strong story being told. I liked that both were teamed together to capture those summer moments but finding something else along the way.

I liked how Roberts creates Bryan and Shade to be both strong characters and a simple plot.