First Star I See Tonight

Piper Dove was trying to make something of herself and bring back Dove Investigations. She will get a job but will be found out quickly, though it will turn around when he hires her.

Cooper Graham was an ex-quarterback who had opened his own nightclub. He was living life but then Piper thrust herself into his world and it was forever turned upside down.

First Star I See Tonight is the eighth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I enjoyed this story. It has been about two years since I had read the seventh book. Luckily you don’t have to know the characters from the previous book, although they are mentioned, this could be read as a standalone novel.

Piper’s character was out there. She was a little crazy but really it was a defense mechanism to keep those around her at an arms distance. Even though she was unconventional she got the job done. When it comes to relationships she doesn’t want one as she knows it will lead to disappointment. I was glad that Coop was resilient. Coop’s character was a man who had gotten whatever he wanted and he liked it that way. Getting together with Piper was not in his plan but he went with it. I liked that Piper kept him on his toes and that he never truly gave up.

The rest of the novel is filled with strange friends, some thieves, kidnapping, and a buy out that was going wrong. There was a lot that was happening but somehow it fit and made sense.

Confessions of a Lingerie Addict

Jennifer Ashley leads these humor filled characters through this quirky novel. Confessions of a Lingerie Addict will leave you laughing with the semi dysfunctional family.

Brenda Scott is a dj at a local radio station that is not going great. For Brenda it goes from bad to worse as her boyfriend dumps her, her mother gets a boy toy and her brother moves in. What Brenda does gain is a sexy man who actually likes her but does he like the real Brenda or this new fun woman she has become.

Nick Jordan met a beautiful woman on New Years Eve and slept with her. He meets her again as he hits her with her car. He quickly finds out he is her rival radio station but that doesn’t matter Nick wants Brenda.

This story was all over the place just like the characters so it all collided well together. The mom and her children were an interesting dynamic and got me thinking how I would have felt at the situation.

Jennifer Ashley brings in the reader as Brenda looses herself on the very first couple pages. You are intrigued with what will she be doing next and will laugh along with what she does next especially with her addiction to lingerie.

Nerds Like It Hot

Theo is down. What is going on? Makeup artist Gillian McCormick just saw a murder and has to get away. With the help of an eighty year old woman she is pushed onto a cruise for nerds. Gillian was a nerd herself and gets a makeover and become voluptuous and has to live up to her new attitude. With PI Lex Manchester she was willing to give the diguise a go.

Lex Manchester is PI and now hired to go undercover as a nerd which is not such a stretch. He is blown away at Gillian’s look and has troubles keeping his attention on protecting her. Instead he wants to get to know her a whole lot better.

This is the six book, Nerds Like It Hot, of the series Nerd by Vicki Lewis Thompson. With a handful of characters Thompson keeps the plot light even through all the action which they have to endure. All her characters keeps the dialogue goofy and fun as they proceed in protecting each other on this cruise.

Readers will love the sense of humor which Thompson creates and laugh along as Gillian, Lex, Dante and Cora all try to make it out alive on a cruise for nerds.

Nerds Gone Wild

A strange title but nevertheless I was intrigued to know more about this book and author Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Ally Jarrett has come into a fortune thanks to her grandmother who recently passed away. Ally is an heiress but wants nothing to do with that. She wants to become a wildlife photographer. And that is her plan except Mitchell Carruthers is starting to hover again.

Mitchell Carruthers is known as a personal secretary who worked for Ally’s grandmother. A nerd to the core but in reality he was a PI/Bodyguard. His job was to protect Ally and her inhertiance from anyone who would take it like her Uncle Kurt. But sparks will fly as they get close in a snowstorm.

With an assorted cast of characters Thompson creates a funny plot in Nerds Gone Wild. Each character brings humor in their own way which will leave you laughing at their antics while they are stuck in the usual snowstorm of Alaska.

I liked the plot of Nerds Gone Wild as it was original and brings in a lot of wit which will not leave as the reader plows through the entire book. This book is number three in the series Nerd.