Slow Burn

Slow BurnEvan Donovan was doing an old friend a favor when he went to check up on Faye Duncan, Mike’s ex wife. Evan had no idea he would find her so appealing or that she was the photojournalist doing a story on them. Temptation will be too great to leave her on her own.

Faye Duncan wanted freedom and after her divorce she was going to take it. She will soon find herself in the arms of a strong smoke jumper and she wouldn’t want to leave but knows that this life is dangerous and doesn’t know if she wants to do it again.

Slow Burn is the second book to Anne Marsh’s series Burn. Reading the first book I wasn’t pulled in right away but ended up liking it a lot. This one I was prepared for Marsh’s type of writing and found I was pulled right into the book making me love reading it. First off Evan was completely different from his brother. He was quieter and had a softer side along with a very sexy side. Faye is beginning to enjoy life but also finding herself again.

Once again the enemy is a person who is starting fire but not a stalker this time. I liked that Marsh mixes it up and has a new person starting the fires in hopes to draw attention to their ability to put out the fire, at least the ones he started. Things will of course get out of hand and he will not be getting away from what he has done.

Anne Marsh has no other book out yet for the series Burn but I figure it will be Rio next in the series who is the last Donovan brother. I wondered if she will continue it with the rest of the smoke jumper team, it would be a way to keep the series going.