Otherwise Engaged

Otherwise EngagedMiss Amity Doncaster has dealt with scandal from six years ago as it still follows her but she will be in a different danger when she steps into the wrong carriage. The murderer named the Bridegroom will almost gets his hands on her but she will escape. The danger will not be over as now she had to find this killer before she is threatened again, she will find help from Benedict Stanbrige.

Benedict Stanbridge was a spy for the Crown and was almost killed but because of Amity Doncaster he was still breathing. He will feel gratitude but much more for this woman. Benedict will have to do all that he can to save this woman from the murderer.

Otherwise Engaged is a standalone novel by Amanda Quick a.k.a Jayne Ann Krentz. I had originally thought that this was going to be a continuation of the series Ladies of Lantern Street but I quickly figured out that it was not. I wasn’t too distraught as I love to read her books and it has been a while since I got a new book from this period so I was excited to read it. Her books are like a guilty pleasure for me. They’re the books that I can always reread over and over. This novel was one that I really enjoyed and reminded me of her other novels with the intrigue, murder, investigation and the connection between the two characters. Yes it is a formula as most authors have it, but I couldn’t put it down. I needed to know who was the villain and there were several to chose from so it was hard to make an accurate guess which made the book entertaining to read.

Amity was a world traveler and an accomplished one at that. She has dealt with scandal and deals with it again in the wake of this murderer. She is brave and expresses herself with no difficulty which I liked about her. Then there is Benedict who was clearly a man of mystery and was good at his job being a spy. Those abilities of investigation would come in handy to help Amity. I liked their teamwork as it was a give and take partnership.

The villain as I said above could have been a handful of people which left me guessing and trying to solve the plot as I read. This is something I like to do and when I can’t figure out the murderer before they are revealed I know that the author did a good job with writing the story.

The Duke’s Perfect Wife

Skipping over once again the second book, Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage, of the series I have gone to the fourth book. The second book is one I just can’t seem to find anytime in my library. It gets frustrating but with Jennifer Ashley’s series Highland Pleasures you can read the stories by themselves easily enough. I went on to find the fourth book The Duke’s Perfect Wife.

Lady Eleanor Ramsey was once engaged to the Hart MacKenzie. She lost her virginity to him and loved him but when she found out the Hart was not telling her the whole truth she ended it. Now years later she is back to help Hart and get out of being blackmailed by scandalous pictures that were taken. She will also soon find out that feelings for Hart have resurfaced.

Duke Hart MacKenzie has lead a hard life with the responsibility he takes on. He cares for his family and now going after the Prime Minister. He is a hard man and does what he wants. When Eleanor comes back into his life he will lead the seduction once again to show her that they belong together. It will be a fight as Hart will have to give up some control for the woman he loves.

As far as the stories go I will say the fourth book is very engaging to read. I wanted to hate Hart and did from the previous books in the series. You understand that it is his responsibility for everyone that has made him harder but you wanted him to lighten up. I was happy to read about the woman Eleanor coming back to help him. There was no happy reunion only pain as they kept coming back to each other. You wanted Eleanor and Hart to find that happy ending desperately, and you are not disappointed. Ashley gives a happy ending at the end but it was worked for. There is also a twist with the blackmailing photos which I liked. You are left not knowing until the end of the book who sent Eleanor the photos.

I am excited to read more on the series and how Jennifer Ashley will continue with the MacKenzie’s.