Brown Eyed Girl

Avery Crosslin was a wedding planner who was trying to make her business profitable. When she lands a big client she is hopeful this will skyrocket her career. Though this job will have her getting close to Joe Travis, the one man she was trying to avoid. He was a temptation that she wanted to avoid, but Joe will not let her forget him.

Joe Travis had seen Avery and wanted her instantly. Joe will do all that he could do to get Avery’s attention. He will slowly entice her, seduce her, and show that he truly cares for her.

Brown Eyed Girl is the fourth and final book to the series Travises by Lisa Kleypas. I really enjoyed this story. For me it was a slow like. At first it was a little slow with getting to know the characters, but once I got to know them I was all in with the story.

Avery’s character was a dedicated worker and doing her best to elevate her career. Work was all she did as she had been burned before by her ex. Avery was guarded but with Joe she was letting down her guard. The part with the dog was too cute. It made me want to adopt another animal, but with a dog and a cat already I don’t have the room. There was another cute part with dogs that was at the ending, which gave a sappy yet very satisfying ending. Joe’s character was a man who had gone through a tragedy with losing his father and an accident that could have killed him. You would think that Joe would be withdrawn but he was easy going and it was clear he was besotted with Avery. I liked the way he pursued Avery. He confounded her when he couldn’t keep his hands off of her to being polite and almost indifferent. Of course you knew the whole time Joe wanted her but he wanted her to feel the same, and she will.

The bride to be and mother were terrible. At first I thought the bride to be was just a little spoiled but then I read the truth and it wasn’t good especially for the groom. I was happy that Avery went with her conscious on the situation.

I thought the Travises series was one that was worth reading.

Dare to Take

Dare to TakeTyler Dare wanted to do his job but when his sister ask him to help Ella he has no choice but to say yes. For years Tyler tried to put distance between him and Ella but now he is wondering if he should close that distance.

Ella Shaw had wanted Tyler as long as she remembered, but he had broken her heart. Ella will be cautious when she lets Tyler back into her life. She tries to keep things light between them but she will not be able to control how her heart feels.

Dare to Take is the sixth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this story. This series is very fast paced and easy to read which for me is because of these characters.

Tyler’s character takes everything onto himself. He doesn’t ask for help even though he really needs it. I liked that Tyler will finally get it and he will be changing. Ella’s character was a girl who felt like she was worthless. She had come from little and because of disappointments in her life it left her self-esteem very low. This effected her but it didn’t consume her. Though when it came to a relationship with Tyler it made her wary, but he will also help show Ella that she is a strong woman. I will say that it will be Ella who takes that final step, which I liked.

The chemistry between Tyler and Ella is of course explosive. I wanted them together but I wanted Tyler to stop being scared and running from what he wanted. Every time he ran from Ella he hurt her that much more.

So, the father, Robert Dare, really disappointed me. This is a spoiler alert. If you don’t want to know what Robert Dare did stop reading now. I had thought Robert Dare made progress with getting along with Avery but in this book Tyler will find his father with another woman. So Robert Dare is now cheating on his present wife, Savannah. You also learn that Tyler had learned about his father’s cheating with Savannah when he was 14 and was told by his father to keep quiet. His father obviously wants Tyler to do the same. Now I don’t know if he would be the best person to confess to Savannah, a part of me doesn’t want him to since Savannah was the one who helped break up his family. In the book Tyler will tell his mother but nothing gets resolved. I suppose that it will in the next books.

I am looking forward to reading the next book and finding out which sibling will be written about next.

Wrong Number, Right Guy

Wrong Number Right GuyMay Wexler will find herself stepping into a biker bar thanks to some strange texts she got from her sister. May will soon find out that the texts were not from her sister but a man named Ozzie, who was undercover. Because of the wrong number May will find herself on the run and needing protection, Ozzie will provide that protection along with an opportunity that will change her life.

Wrong Number Right Guy is first book from Bourbon Street Guys by Elle Casey. I took a chance on this story as I have never read anything from this author. From the reviews I was optimistic about the story because the majority had said the story was funny and well done. I will have to agree with the statement as I thought that this was a funny story with strange but interesting characters. I can see all of these characters having their own story.

May’s character was such a surprise. She might have been scared  about the danger but when she needed to be strong. I really liked how she got the upper hand when it came to some combat skills. The problem with May I thought was with her feelings about Ozzie. I guess it was normal especially in such an extreme situation, it just got a little annoying at times. Now Ozzie’s character was a badass and almost like a mystery. He is quiet but his quiet is respected. Though there is another side to him which can be funny. He is playful when it comes to May and that helps her when they get together.

The bad guys that the team are after sell drugs and of course deal in murder. The team will be doing surveillance which is where May will come in. She will be taking pictures of the bad guys. There is not a lot of interaction with the bad guys but in the end I do like how Elle Casey has one of the bad guys being stopped.

I am looking forward to continuing the series when the second book comes out.


LucasLucas Donlon, Vampire Lord of the Plains located in the Badlands of America, is at war with the Midwest Vampire Lord. Lucas is someone who enjoys life and can be charming but when trouble is coming to his borders he will do everything to stop the intruder.

Kathryn Hunter is Special Agent of the FBI and has gone off on her own to find her brother who went missing in the Badlands. Armed with her gun and knowledge Kathryn knows that she will have no help from the FBI but she will be surprised when help will come her way in the form of a Vampire Lord, Lucas.

Lucas is the sixth book to the series Vampires in America by D B Reynolds. Since starting this series I have found myself very impressed with the plots and characters that were detailed in these books. There is that instant sex appeal but also a lot of good action that has the characters having to find a way out of the trouble that is getting too close to them. So basically Lucas was really a fantastic book just like the others in the series.

Lucas I liked a lot as he was very charming and he had that personality that made you feel like he was your best friend but get on his bad side and he would do what needed to be done. Kathryn was a strong woman, all the woman in this series are strong in their own ways, and was determined to find her brother. I liked that she was not one to back down especially when facing Lucas who could be intimidating.

Like the others in the series Lucas and Kathryn will find themselves intensely attracted to each other and they will succumb to that attraction. It would be hard for these mates to resist each other and Reynolds writes those scenes between them very well. Now lets not forget about Daniel who will have a good ending which has Kathryn rejoicing to have found her brother.

There is an enemy that has been identified at the end of the book which was not a stretch to the imagination as Reynolds will let you know that she is one pissed off vampire. At the end of the book there will also be Aden who is mentioned right on the last page. This of course intrigued me and now I really want to know more about this Aden.

So I have the novellas Betrayed and Hunted on my kindle and as I was trying to re-read and read the first time these books in order then I screwed up because I didn’t read read Betrayed before the sixth book, Lucas. I have a feeling it will still be a very good read as Reynolds has not disappointed me with her books. Hunted is right after the sixth book so I will be reading that in the correct order and then it will be on to Aden which is the seventh book to the series and last one that I own, at least for now.

Turn Up the Heat

Turn up the heat

Turn Up the Heat is a collection of three stories by three different authors, Lori Foster, Christie Ridgway and Victoria Dahl.

Love Won’t Wait

Brendan “Brick” Carlisle is used to woman falling at his feet but Merrily Loveland does not fit that mold which makes Brick want to know more about her. She is a challenge but he will get knocked off his feet with what she proposes.

Beach House Beginnings

Meg Alexander was coming back home for a quick trip to Crescent Cove. She is a confident woman but will be baffled at the spark of desire that she feels for Caleb McCall. Passion will take over for this no-nonsence woman making her rethink love.

Strong Enough to Love

Eve Hill knew love and it was hard especially when you feel for a married man. Two years later Brian Stewart is back and wants to pursue that attraction he had for Eve. He left those two years ago to give his marriage a chance even though he knew it was over long ago. Brian will have to work to win Eve back as he had broken her heart.

All three of these stories were rather on the short side with a little more than 100 pages for each story but all very entertaining to read. I find that each author can write a story that you will want to read. Lori Foster I will always read so I enjoyed her story. Christine Ridgway I will be honest I don’t read much of her but I liked the book. The last book, Strong Enough to Love, stuck with me the most which also could be because it was the last story I read. But I liked Eve’s story because I distinctly remember her in the series Jackson Hole. I wanted her to have her happy ending and I was happy to read that she finally got it.

Sweet Stuff

Sweet StuffRiley Brown left the busy life of Chicago to a quiet town in Georgia. Riley missed being a food stylist but she needed to leave the city. She will find new friends and a new way to live. She will be torn when a new relationship becomes possible with a writer but she will take the jump.

Quinn Brannigan needed to finish his novel in peace and chose this quiet town. He never expected to be tempted by this woman who kept being a klutz around him.

Sweet Stuff is the second book to the Cupcake Club series from Donna Kauffman. This was another cute book from the series. First off you have the desserts still playing a factor in the story but then with the added lovable giant dog you can’t go wrong.

I instantly liked Riley as I thought she was written like a real person. When you got to know more about her story and what happened with her ex-fiancee you wanted to punch him hard, but the fact that she found happiness gave the book an extra sweet ending. Now Quinn is a mystery writer who you want to without a doubt cuddle up with as he is sweet and considerate especially when it comes to Riley. He even likes the big dog Brutus. It was cute that he kept being stealthy around Riley or she was just too energized to not notice her surrounding. Now their relationship starts off a little shaky but its nothing but fireworks when they accept each other fully. This is more for Riley who gives herself a chance to love again.

The next book is Babycakes which is the third book from the Cupcake Club series.

Close Enough to Touch

Close Enough to TouchGrace Barrett is down on her luck and is now in Wyoming, a complete change from LA. Grace will not take any crap or charity from people but her boundaries will be tested when she meets her neighbor Cole.

Cole Rawlins is healing from an injury only several months from ago. He will be staying at an apartment but when a new neighbor shows up Cole starts getting interested. Problems are in the making especially when Cole’s past and Grace’s past collide making old injuries hard to ignore.

Victoria Dahl is an author that can get your heart pounding with her characters and not just in that passionate way. You feel for the characters as she makes them real and with many depths making a well rounded character. Close Enough to Touch is one of her several novels she has written and its one that I couldn’t stop reading. You get to know Grace and Cole very well and know without a doubt these are two very damaged people. Both have boundaries that guard their emotions and wouldn’t let others in. Grace is more effective with it as she has learned many times to keep distant. Throughout the book I grasped it hoping that these two would have a chance to be together. I wanted them to find happiness with each other which is why when Cole’s old flame strolls into town I wanted to throw the book. Of course I kept reading. Dahl keeps true to her characters when she keeps them away from each other, well there is tons of passion when they are together but that’s not the future we all hope full for them. She does change the characters but in a subtle way as no one changes over night.

At the end we are left with a heartwarming ending that makes you smile as it leaves the characters in a good place. Now I checked out when she would have another book published and it looks like two characters from this book will have their own, Merry and Shane. Within this book they were more on the side so it will be interesting to read how they are to interact.