Sweetest Scoundrel

Sweetest ScoundrelMiss Eve Dinwoody is the bastard sister of Duke of Montgomery. She loved her blackmailing brother but disliked what he did to others. She will soon find herself in charge of her brothers money for Harte’s Folly. Eve could handle the bookkeeping but could not handle the owner, Asa.

Asa Makepeace aka Mr. Harte had been working at the theater since he was seventeen years. Asa had worked hard to make sure his theater was a success and he was close to the new opening, only one problem stood in his way, Eve Dinwoody. Asa knew he could not charm her like his other women, Asa would have to work hard to have Eve trust him.

Sweetest Scoundrel is the ninth book to the Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. I was happy to have Hoyt going back to the family that started the series, the Makepeace’s.

Asa’s character was a man who followed a path he knew that his family didn’t want. He was passionate and good at his job. I really liked him though in the beginning I did think that Asa was an ass to Eve. Though Eve was being cold to him as well. They each had their own reasons for being how they were and it was interesting how Hoyt wrote their back stories, especially Eve’s. You knew that something terrible had happened to her especially with her reaction to certain things that happened at the theater. The truth will be revealed and its pretty bad but things do get better for Eve especially when Asa starts helping. Eve’s character was shy and scared. She cared for those who were close but she was too scared to really take a step out of her own shadow. She will be able to take that step thanks to Asa.

The villain was unknown until close to the end when Hoyt revealed the truth. I felt that with the villain things moved very quickly at the end. I wouldn’t have minded a little more but in the end I got what I wanted with what happened to the villain.

The next book to the Maiden Lane comes out this May. This one will be with Val, the Duke of Montgomery and with Mrs. Crumb. I have a feeling this one will have a lot of secrets and some twist as these are not exactly honest characters. I can’t wait to read their story.

Music of the Heart

Giving time to others was hard for Cassandra to do but when it was for charity she was willing. Thrust into the limelight Cassandra played many concerts at a young age but now Cassandra does not play concerts. She stays in her house only to do as she wants but now the Greek tycoon will change her life.

Neo Stamos had a goal to be a billionaire and he made it so with his friend. But now Neo has lost a bet and must take what his friend has offered. A years worth of piano lessons with a prodigy. Neo did not know what to expect with Cassandra but soon she would fill his world and complete what was missing.

The Shy Bride which is written by Lucy Monroe is a modern day short romance novel. Neo is the strong, cultured man with little love in his life. While Cass is the shy, innocent woman who has not had the chance to love. Together they make the connection and blossoms a relationship that starts from friendship.

I liked that Monroe creates the characters to become friends first as it was needed to let them take the final plunge into love.

Lucy Monroe will continue the Traditional Greek Husband series with the sequel and last book which will have Neo’s friend and business partner finding love.