A Slip in Time

A Slip in TimeJulia Hargrove was from England, the year was 1893. She was going with her family to Scotland to the Dunraven castle. She will not want to be at castle especially as her room seems to be haunted. Julia will find out that it is not haunted but that time shifts and she comes face to face with a warrior, Rae MacKinnon, back in 1390.

A Slip in Time is a book from Kathleen Kirkwood. I was impressed with this book.

So I don’t read many time travel books just because I am not always interested in them. It usually is that the writing is not that great or the style of how the book is written. Well I had no complaints when I read the book from Kathleen Kirkwood. I was immediately pulled into the story and did not want to stop reading.

Immediately I liked Julia’s character, I thought she was written well. I liked that was scared and heartbroken, but she had a backbone when it came to doing what she needed. Then there was Rae who was a man that was a laird of his clansmen. He was a warrior but not just all brawn, he was smart and cautious. He was also very sensual especially when it came to Julia. I loved the romance that bloomed between them but in the back of my mind I wondered how would it last when you knew that the slip in time would eventually close.

I thought that Kirkwood wrote the time traveling parts very well. I was intrigued with how she made the time traveling happened, how it progressed and that it had happened before. So for those who want a very well done time traveling book try A Slip in Time.

“Morrigan’s Cross” by Nora Roberts

Okay so I read my first romance of Nora Roberts and I thought it was fantastic but the thing that surprised me was the fact that she also produced paranormal novels.  I thought that I would try my luck and read this book.

This book is about the forces of good and evil fighting across a different time and space.  Lilith is creating her army and only Morrigan and her people will be able to stand up against her.

The story starts and ends with a person telling a story to a crowd of people.  I liked that idea of a storyteller.

In the story there are two brothers Cain and Hoyt.  Cain is turned into a vampire by Lilith and Hoyt couldn’t not save him.  Morrigan tells Hoyt that he must learn to stop Lilith.  Hoyt will learn about vampires and will have others gathered to help the cause.  Hoyt will not only try to stop Lilith but he will also travel through time and space to go to New York where his brother resides.  Here Hoyt will learn and find a way to stop Lilith with the help of Cain, King and Glenna.

The story had a mix of magic and vampires.  The characters themselves were from 1128 to present day.  I liked the old style feel of Hoyt, it made his character more believable.  I liked the magic that was displayed but I guess I wasn’t enthralled by the story.  I think that perhaps more magic needed to be included.  I am very into the supernatural and witches have been one of my favorites.  So over all the story was a good read and I will have to try another paranormal novel.