Three Proposals and a Scandal

Three Proposals and a ScandalLady Marianne Seaton had been jilted by a Duke but as the lady she was she made the most of it. She smiled towards society and moved on with her life. That life would soon change as her father had all but told her she would marry a man he picked out but the man that has Marianne wanting more was Elias Thorne.

Three Proposals and a Scandal looks to end the series Sons of Sin by Anna Campbell. Although, you never know if more will be written on this series. So I really liked this novella. I was wondering if Marianne would have her own story.

So the story is simple, Marianne is being courted by three men. Lord Desborough, the man her father wanted her to marry. Then there is Lord Tranter, who Marianne didn’t exactly trust. Lastly, was Elias Thorne who was the man Marianne didn’t want to want. He is of course the man that I was cheering for because he was not the fortune hunter everyone thought he was. Elias’s character was a man in love with Marianna. He loved her for the woman she was hiding, not for her fortune.  I liked Marianne’s character. She was a dutiful daughter but there was another side to her than the good society miss. I liked that Campbell had Marianne fighting an inner battle inside her. She did not just fall into Elias’s arms and pledge her undying love. Elias has to work for it and Marianne had to learn to trust.

The other two suitors were the complete opposite of each other, one a villain and the other a good man. The villain was a horrible man and I liked how Campbell ended his story. There was then her father who almost was like a villain. He didn’t believe his daughter when she told him the truth. His pride was too strong but it wouldn’t be a line severed forever. So, I ended up really liking the good suitor and kind of hope that Anna Campbell writes a story where he will find the woman he can love. Though it that doesn’t happen I’m still very satisfied with how the story concluded.

The Earl in My Bed

The Earl in My BedPaget Ellsworth walks the countryside lonely these days as her best friends are no longer at her side. One has past away while the other is at war. Paget will be annoyed that everyone thinks that she is to be with Owen, the earl’s youngest son, but she has found no passion there. She will be surprised when she turns to Jamie who is the eldest and heir.

Jamie, Earl of Winningham, has always been on the side when it came to his brothers and to Paget. His long desire for Paget he keeps hidden but now it gets harder to do when they finally kiss. He will find that he will want to keep her at his side.

The Earl in My Bed is a novella from the Forgotten Princesses series by Sophie Jordan. The novella was a very quick read and one that I enjoyed very much from the author. She writes intriguing characters that I want to know more about. I am always so surprised when a novella holds my attention and has a good story that is within its very few pages.

Now it has been a little while since I have read any of her books but I do remember very well Jack Hadley’s daughters from the previous books. I will will reading about the fourth sisters and I think final one of the series.

So The Earl in My Bed really was a fun book to read. I liked the characters of Paget and Jamie. They seemed an unlikely pair but instead they were perfect for each other. The younger brother Owen had been thought to be Paget’s husband when he came back but he wouldn’t have that chance now, of course he is in the third book to the Forgotten Princesses series so I am excited to see what will happen.

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartJuliana Fiori has lived with scandal since she set foot into London. She will find most are two faced with the exception of her brothers. She will be heart broken when the man, Duke of Leighton, is very much like the rest of London. She will be determined to show that the Duke of Disdain has passion whether he liked it or not.

Duke of Leighton, Simon Pearson, or the Duke of Disdain as he is called needs to marry to make sure his family’s reputation survives. He will find the perfect woman to marry but he keeps thinking about one that is not suitable for someone of his station. Simon will fight the attraction but he will be shown a new side of himself thanks to Juliana and its one he wasn’t too sure he wanted.

Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart is the third and final book to the series Love by Numbers from Sarah MacLean. It was a book with up and downs with the characters who were fighting their attraction every step of the way.

So I really did like the book but Simon got under my skin. He was all about a good reputation and he looked down upon anyone who was not his equal. He was stuck up and very proud. He kept hurting Juliana even though he truly wanted her. I felt bad for Penelope who was engaged to Simon and how she did not get her happy ending but know that she has her own story in MacLean’s other series, Rules of Scoundrels, and a happy ending will be hers. Though it still takes years for Penelope to get to that point so it was heart breaking but I wouldn’t want her to be in a loveless marriage especially when Juliana and Simon were meant to be together. Juliana was a spitfire and determined to make her way into society even with all the cruel things people say behind her back and too her face. I liked that she was determined to make Simon to feel passion. Now the ending was perfect as Simon was not the perfect Duke but a man who was now flawed and loved a woman without caring about her status.

There is a little surprise with the St. John’s mother coming back to England and its kind of horrible at how bad of a mother she really is to her children. I liked that Juliana finally saw that she was nothing like her mother.

Now since I am finished with the series of Love by Numbers I am switching to the series Rules of Scoundrel. I am first going to re-read the first and second book then move onto the third book, No Good Duke Goes Unpunished, which is sitting in my pile of books.

Pride and Pleasure

Anything titled with the word pride in it I have to check out as my love for Pride and Prejudice. The word triggers that love of the book and I make myself look further into what this particular book has to offer. Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day did not disappoint as I have already read a few books by Day I know that I like her style of writing and stories she creates.

Eliza Martin is in need of a man to protect her. Her life is not be threatened but her freedom of choosing a man she could spend a life with. For Eliza becoming an heiress was not all that it was cracked up to be so now she will resort to hiring a man to protect but what Eliza got was completely the wrong man as she required. The man was everything she wanted but could not admit to.

Jasper Bond is a thief and is good at his job. Taking the job for Eliza seemed relatively easy except when he keeps thinking about how beautiful Eliza truly is. He wants to perform his job but passion is getting in the way until finally he will give into the passion which Eliza and himself create.

Day brings these two character who are the most unlikely to get together and she creates a plot which will have the reader cheering them on. There was a good couple twist in the plot which the reader only discovers towards the end which was a surprise.

Overall Day brings in creative and a lively cast of characters which will entice the reader to finish Pride and Pleasure.

Captivated by Nora Roberts

Witchcraft is fun to read about. I love reading the supernatural world. Nora Roberts creates a family of witches in the Donovan Legacy. Four cousins are part of this series as they will find love. The first story is Captivated.

Morgana Donovan is a self proclaimed witch who owns her own business. Then trouble comes in the form of Nash Kirkland. He is a screen writer interested in doing research on Morgana who thinks she is a witch. Things will heat up and Morgana will tell him the truth but will Nash believe it. If it is destiny it will happen.

This book at first was something I had to get into. I will admit that. I heard witches and thought it would be cool. They do have powers but this novel is based towards more romance. So the witchcraft is interwoven through the story.

Personally though I loved how Roberts created this unique type of family. She creates this pair with a uniqueness that is appealing to read. I like how Morgana is whimsical and Nash is stubborn. The other two characters who will have their own story are Sebastian and Ana which show promise of creative story plots.

Killer Dreams by Iris Johansen

Sophie Dunston knows all too well how dreams can kill.  As one of the nations’ top sleep therapists, she specializes in the life-threatening night terrors that her ten-year-old son, Michael, suffers from.  But she is also an expert in another kind of terror-the kind that can turn on a dream life into a living nightmare in the the blink of an eye.

Someone is watching.  He’s a shadowy figure from out of her darkest fears and he hasn’t gotten her.  In one shocking moment of violence, he’d shattered Sophie’s world forever and left her with only one thing to life for: her son.  But the nightmare isn’t over for Sophie Dunston.  It’s just begun.  He’s been waiting.  Sophie was supposed to die the first time he’ll make sure that not even a miracle will save her.

It wasn’t a miracle that saved Jock Gavin, but it was pretty close.  A semiretired hit man, commando, and jack-of-all-deadly-trades, he knows what Sophie is up against-and that she’ll need help.  But the man he’s chosen for the job is an unpredictable as he is dangerous.  Matt Royd is a wild card-hard, cool, merciless-and putting him into play changes the game completely.  But to whose advantage?

Sophie will soon find out.  She will have to trust Royd because she has no choice left.  Because the bogeyman haunting her dreams is all too real and he’s on the hunt again.  Because the nightmare he’s got planned for Sophie won’t end when she wakes up screaming.  I won’t end. Ever.

Reading Iris Johansen I have come to love her style of suspense and action mixed with passion which is built up until it is ready to burst.

Killer Dreams was intense to read.  I love the scientific aspect with the formula to help night terrors.  I thought that was interesting.

It was fantastic to read about Jock and Jane.  They are two of my favorite characters in Johansen’s books.  They are repeated and it is fun to read from when they are younger and to see how they are developed through the books.  Jock’s role is intriguing in the books.  He plays the mercernary with a heart but still very confused.  Because of this his character is enduring.

Royd and Sophie’s dynamics were perfect together.  They hated each other but there was so much passion there on the surface.  It was fun reading to see how long that tension would last.

A lot of action and sabotage.  And the beginning of the book gave you a preview of just how intense the book would become.

Under the Kissing Bough by Shannon Donnelly

I have not read any books by Shannon Donnelly until now and  I was glad I did.  I like how she created her characters within this regency period.  It was charming, sweet and very enjoyable to read.

The Plot of Under the Kissing Bough:

Shy Eleanor Glover is astounded when wickedly handsome Geoffrey Westerly, Lord Staines, asks for her hand.  Yet he makes it plain that he wants nothing more than a sensible wife-and a Christmas Eve wedding to please his dying father.  With three beautiful sisters and a dearth of suitors herself, Eleanor does not refuse-yet she soon fears that despite Geoffrey’s generous promise to give her anything he heart desires, he won’t offer the one thing she truly wants…his love.

Eleanor’s reserve is a challenge to Geoffry-he once loved another woman, and believes his passionate nature scared her away.  Yet when he finds Eleanor seated beneath a mistletoe bough, tradition demands that he pluck a berry and kiss her.  He doesn’t anticipate his lovely bride’s warm response, but as the wedding draws near, he resolves to present the surprisingly strong-will Eleanor with a gift far more meaningful than a betrothal ring…his heart.

The story was a quiet story but you found yourself enchanted with the characters and plot.  Eleanor was wonderful and cheerful but very timid which only made her character more dynamic.  I love Geoffrey for his lack of confidence in himself but to the world he is confident.  The two characters show a sense of weakness but with each other together they will find their strengths.

Under the Kissing Bough is a wonderful christmas regency tale.