Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

Rita Lucero did not want to host the Mardi Gras party but was forced into the role. She will work hard to make the party a success but when one of the guest winds up dead a whole lot of trouble starts for Rita’s family.

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof is the second book to the series A Piece of Cake Mystery by Jacklyn Brady. I am really enjoying this series. It actually surprised me because of my lack of interest with mystery’s. Although to be fair this is definitely not a very serious mystery, this is what is considered a cozy mystery. It was fast paced and it kept me interested.

Rita’s character is out of her element with the amount of work to do. Although she is ready for that hard work. Personally she needs to take a break and chill out for a moment but that would be unlikely to happen. With the investigation Rita stays close to it as her family could be in trouble. I liked her tenacious attitude with the investigation but she was too head strong and acted first then thought.

The investigation was interesting as she did her own interviewing of the bystanders. I was wondering who had done it without too much success with guessing the right person. The main police officer was Liam Sullivan who had been introduced in the first book. Now as a romance reader I am always looking to see who will become attached. Liam definitely has a shot and then there is Gabriel the bartender. Only time will tell if Rita’s character will become more than interested in one of them. I just don’t want the whole love triangle thing happening. It gets annoying and I lose interested.

With each story I am also learning more about the staff and I have to say I am not too impressed by them. They are clearly resentful of Rita for invading their territory. Though I have noticed that some of the ice has thawed and they are warming up to her.

I decided to continue with this series and will be reading Arsenic and Old Cake next.

Three Proposals and a Scandal

Three Proposals and a ScandalLady Marianne Seaton had been jilted by a Duke but as the lady she was she made the most of it. She smiled towards society and moved on with her life. That life would soon change as her father had all but told her she would marry a man he picked out but the man that has Marianne wanting more was Elias Thorne.

Three Proposals and a Scandal looks to end the series Sons of Sin by Anna Campbell. Although, you never know if more will be written on this series. So I really liked this novella. I was wondering if Marianne would have her own story.

So the story is simple, Marianne is being courted by three men. Lord Desborough, the man her father wanted her to marry. Then there is Lord Tranter, who Marianne didn’t exactly trust. Lastly, was Elias Thorne who was the man Marianne didn’t want to want. He is of course the man that I was cheering for because he was not the fortune hunter everyone thought he was. Elias’s character was a man in love with Marianna. He loved her for the woman she was hiding, not for her fortune.  I liked Marianne’s character. She was a dutiful daughter but there was another side to her than the good society miss. I liked that Campbell had Marianne fighting an inner battle inside her. She did not just fall into Elias’s arms and pledge her undying love. Elias has to work for it and Marianne had to learn to trust.

The other two suitors were the complete opposite of each other, one a villain and the other a good man. The villain was a horrible man and I liked how Campbell ended his story. There was then her father who almost was like a villain. He didn’t believe his daughter when she told him the truth. His pride was too strong but it wouldn’t be a line severed forever. So, I ended up really liking the good suitor and kind of hope that Anna Campbell writes a story where he will find the woman he can love. Though it that doesn’t happen I’m still very satisfied with how the story concluded.

Her Christmas Earl

Her christmas earlPhilippa Sanders was trying to help get a letter her sister had foolishly written to a rake, the Earl of Erskine. Philippa will soon need help when she is discovered by none other than the Earl of Erskine. The situation will quickly get out of hand when they are locked in together. Things will quickly spiral out of control and Philippa and Blair will find themselves together permanently.

Her Christmas Earl is a novella from Anna Campbell. I thought that this was a well written novella that certainly captured my attention. I have read several of her books and they have always drawn me into the story, I knew that this novella would be no different. This novella had a sweet romance that was built from lust to love.

So Philippa’s character was a good sister trying to help. She is someone who is forgotten about or stepped over, particularly by her family. I liked that there was a fire within Philippa, otherwise she would have been too boring. To bring out her fire was Blair, the Earl of Erskine. I liked Blair’s character. He was certainly a rogue but that did not rule his life. I liked that he never tried to trick Philippa and was always truthful, well except for initially trapping them in the closet. Together this couple will work perfectly it will just take awhile for Philippa to trust that Blair truly wanted her and loved her.

How to Capture a Countess

How to Capture a CountessRose Balfour never thought she would be invited to her godmothers house. She went ahead to the house party for her sisters hoping that if she made a good impression her sisters would be treated the same way. Rose will be baffled when she comes face to face with the man that had kissed her senseless six years ago. She knew that she needed to stay away from him but that was hard to do as he was bent on seducing her.

Lord Alton Sinclair or Lord Sin known to many wanted revenge on the woman who had caused many to mock him six years ago. Thanks to his aunt he will have his chance at revenge except whenever he came near her the control he has leaves. He becomes enthralled with the woman before him and wants nothing more than to touch her, to kiss her.

How to Capture a Countess is the first book to the series Duchess Diaries by Karen Hawkins. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hawkins always brings a sense of humor to her story and a fun plot that will leave you entertained.

Rose was someone who did what she could for those she loved. She was a good person and someone who didn’t mean to hurt others, but it was funny how she was always bruising Sin whenever they were together. Now Lord Sin was a man on a mission and it was a vindictive one as he was aiming for Rose. I loved how Hawkins slowly showed his act of revenge was leaving his mind and only the idea of being with Rose was taking over. They were very compatible with each other. Their touch was explosive leaving them both wanting each other every time they were near. I liked the unpredictability that Hawkins created when Rose and Sin were trying to find a way to be alone together.

Since I enjoyed this book I found myself looking up the next two books. I found out that this series has another author writing her own stories, but as of right now I am sticking to Hawkins stories with the Duchess Diaries. I was happy to see that the two books will feature the two other Balfour sisters, and since my library has then I will be getting them very soon.

Girl Least Likely To Marry

Girl Least Likely to MarrySamuel “Tuck” Tucker was seen as a jock foremost but what most did not see was that he had a brain. Cassie was the girl who thought him stupid and he was having fun making her think otherwise but the joke will be up and he will find that the more he spends with her the more he wants her.

Cassie Barclay was genius smart, she wasn’t the normal girl next door. She will brush off Tuck and didn’t want to give him a moment of her time because he was a jock. The problem was she was attracted to him.

Girl Least Likely To Marry by Amy Andrews is the second book to Wedding Season series by four different authors. I liked this book, it was cute and a fast paced. Its a Harlequin romance, the first one was as well, so they tend to be shorter than other novels. I felt that this story flowed a little more than the first. I think it was because I have know gotten to know the friends a little better. It didn’t hurt that there were no hurt feelings that started with these two characters. There was a little annoyance with each other, really on Cassie’s side, but that quickly evaporated especially when they started to sleep with each other.

I honestly liked Cassie’s character as she was a genius, she just didn’t have much at experience with living life. It was kind of humorous when she started to act normal with feelings at the end. It was something she had never felt before. Tuck was kind of a player but all in good fun. I didn’t like he took Cassie on a dance with a wager but I warmed up to his character. He was fun loving and was smart which worked well for Cassie. I liked them together and was cheering for them to find that happy ending.

I am reading the third book, Maid of Dishonor, next which is with Gina.

Season for Surrender

Season for SurrenderAlexander Edgware, Lord Xavier, was given a wager to invite an innocent lady to one of his party’s. The innocent happened to be Miss Louisa Oliver but he will not be wanting to ruin her, he will play protector to keep her reputation safe.

Miss Louisa Oliver was given an invitation to a party that is known for the scandalous activities and she was going to take a chance as she figured she was going to be a spinster forever. She was going to have some fun but she will find out that her invitation was given to her with strings attached.

Season for Surrender is the second book to the series Season by Theresa Romain. This is the second book I have tried by the author and I have to say I once again enjoyed her writing.

I was happy to read about Louisa and how she was going to not cry off because of these two guys were making her part of a wager. She was getting stronger in the book with showing a side of personality that she kept quiet. She was also able to bring out a better person in Alex as he kept questioning his life now. Alex was a decent man but underneath all the scandal that kept him in the wager books and newspapers. Personally throughout the story I really didn’t know why Alex’s reputation for scandal was really all that important to him. He does realize it towards the end but he was pretty stubborn to not show defeat through it all.

Their romance started out very slow and there were obstacles in the way as Louisa had to get over being angry at Alex for something she thought he did. As that obstacle was dropped they were able to embark on their feelings and the tension that was between them. Of course it is never that easy as the bad guy will show up. I wasn’t all too surprised by the person as it made sense with how clues of how this character was described by Romain. I liked how Alex and Louisa had thwarted the bad guy in the book towards the end. It was pretty great how they got the upper hand and giving themselves a happy ending all at the same time.

I am reading next the third book which will have Jane as the main character whom I found funny but know that with her behavior she will be getting into trouble.

River Road

River RoadLucy Sheridan was dragged out of a party by the guy she had a crush on and was humiliated in front of all kids there. Now thirteen years later Lucy will find herself once again being rescued without being asked. She will learn the truth of that night and find that there is more to the story.

Mason Fletcher played knight in shinning armor for Lucy thirteen year ago because of what he heard was going to happen to her. Mason stopped the attack and saved Lucy that night. He will save her again thirteen years later only to find that they will be pulled into bigger danger.

River Road is a standalone novel from Jayne Ann Krentz. I really enjoyed the novel as it was a well written thriller. There were lots of twist and turns throughout the novel that kept you on your toes. I was with it the whole way wanting to find out what would have happened to Lucy if Mason didn’t step in and who was the other person helping Tristan at the time. It was hard to guess throughout the book as Krentz does a good job at making many look to be the bad guy but in reality all those people were afraid of that person or being blackmailed. The villain behind the scenes surprised me, well at least one of them.

I have to say that I really liked the characters of Lucy and Mason. They are at odds with each other but there is a passion that surrounds them especially in time of danger. Now I have to say that when the secret of what was in store for Lucy was revealed around the middle of the book it was pretty shocking. The villain was truly evil but he gets what was coming to him by an unsuspecting person.

Now this wasn’t my normal romance that I have been reading but there was certainly a lot of passion between the two characters that would keep you warm at night. Jayne Ann Krentz will always keep me reading.

The Season

The SeasonLady Alexandra Stafford was having her come out into society and was dreading the entire day. There will be help to make the day enjoyable as Blackmoor will be close to her side, but things start to unravel. Alex will hear a curious conversation that eluded to murder of the previous Earl of Blackmoor.

Gavin, the Earl of Blackmoor, was not ready for becoming the Earl but had to do it as his father was taken suddenly. Gavin will stay close to his friends the Stafford’s and will start to notice Lady Alexandra and that she was not a child any longer. Gavin will yield his attraction as a danger starts to follow.

The Season is a standalone novel from Sarah MacLean. I have read several books from her and really have gotten into them. I liked this one. It was good with the protective brothers, kind friends, and a mystery of murder to solve. I will say I am more drawn to her series Rules of Scoundrels which has a little more grit to it.

As the book lacked some grit it did make up with how a seventeen year old would be acting. They were silly and a little naive which sounded reasonable. MacLean keeps that up with the whole story. Of course Alexandra “Alex” was not just silly but inquisitive about the new information that was heard about Blackmoor. Now Gavin is everything that is dull or at least that is how he portrays himself to be. He will show a new side of himself as he soon finds himself thinking differently of Alex.

The danger that is following Blackmoor will have Alex falling into the crossfire and stumbling onto the secret. Through the words written the villain had a voice without being acknowledged. Now I had a strong hunch of the villain just as it seemed how the story was unfolding. I picked the villain pretty early on but it was interesting to read the dialogue.

Cowboy Up

The six book, Cowboy Up, of the series Sons of Chance is another steamy story delivered by Vicki Lewis Thompson.

Emily Sterling has been a California girl her whole life even though her father is a cowboy. All Emily ever heard from both her parents is don’t get involved with a cowboy. Well Emily is back for her father’s birthday and knows that ranching is something she loves, it doesn’t hurt a certain cowboy is captured her attention.

Clay Whitaker has lived on the ranch for some time know. This has been the most stable home he has but now Emily is back once again. At eighteen he fell for her but she wanted nothing to do with him. Now at twenty eight he still can’t get her out of his head. He wants to dislike her for how she treats her father but all is not as it appears, and he will soon find the real Emily.

As another book to the series I liked it. Again very steamy with the scenes and Thompson writes the relationships in the story well. I liked that there was more to Emily than she appeared and had a good head on her shoulders. Clay was the ultimate cowboy who you wanted to lust after but he was also the type to guard himself from deep feelings like love. Thompson got you cheering for them to have that happy ending.

The Renegade Hunter

Nicholas Argeneau is on the run for fifty years now for murdering an innocent woman. As an ex rogue hunter he is good at getting away but when an innocent woman is trouble he helps and this time he finds his own trouble. The woman he saves is his lifemate and this time he doesn’t want her to die so he will keep away but when he does things keep going from bad to worse. Nicholas has to stick close to Jo for her own safety.

Josephine ‘Jo’ Willan was stunned to be attacked at her sisters party only to be next kissing her hero and wanting more from him. Jo is soon thrust into troubles regarding the immortals and finds all about them. She wants a life with Nicholas and will fight to save him from himself if necessary.

So going back to reading the series I found myself once back into the immortals. For some reason it disappeared in the eleventh book but its back with the twelfth, The Renegade Hunter. Lynsay Sands gives Nicholas a chance to clear his name and join his family once again.

I like that Nicholas was a tortured immortal but did right by those who needed help. You knew that something was wrong about him killing an innocent and Sands will explain but not all the way. There will be a cliff hanger leading us into the next book to find out why his stepmothers were killed, why Annie was killed or for him to be executed.

I was happy to read that Jo was Sam’s sister. Not remembering their last name I was surprised to read the book. I was excited to see Sands was going to bring the sisters into the series so Sam would be able to keep her family. The party at the beginning was humorous with Sam’s attempt at matchmaking for her sisters.

Now I will admit before this book and The Immortal Hunter I didn’t remember reading about Nicholas which is why I wish the book had a family tree. The ones before had them. Its hard to keep track of all the Argeneau family.

Can’t wait for Armand’s chance at finding a wife that doesn’t meet a tragic end.