Raphael has decided it was time to bring the fight to the Europeans. He needed to send a message especially after the most recent attempt to harm his vampires and his Cyn. He will travel to Paris and bring the fight to Laurent who had taken over after Mathilda.

Relentless is a novella, number 11.5, of the series Vampires in America by D. B. Reynolds. I really loved this novella though maybe not as much as the others. The beginning certainly pulled me in with the shooting. There were several parts in the middle that were a little slow for me but the fight scenes were good. It is always amazing how much power Raphael truly has. What I loved was the interplay between Raphael and Cyn which is always something I love to read.

So part of the book was introducing Quinn who will be the next Lord of Ireland, which will be the next book that is coming out this year. I am interested in learning more about Quinn in his book. Though what intrigued me greatly was the woman he had followed at the end of the story. I am sensing that she will be like Buffy the vampire slayer, but time will tell.

I am reading Vampires in America: The Vignettes Vol 2 next.

Sweet Filthy Boy

Sweet Filthy BoyMia Holland was done with her college graduation and with two of her friends they went to Las Vegas to celebrate. Mia was ready to let loose which meant a possible one night stand. Though Mia chose the wrong guy for a one night stand because Ansel Guillaume wanted more. If Mia was honest with herself she wanted more as well and she was going to take that chance with him in Paris.

Sweet Filthy Boy is the first book to the series Wild Seasons by Christina Lauren. I really liked this book. This was one that I sat down and just read, not taking any breaks to stop reading.

Mia’s character was a young woman who was contemplating life after graduation. She didn’t want to go to Boston, it wasn’t in her heart. I liked that she took a chance even though it was one heck of a chance. It is a brave person who just ups and leaves their home to another country. Now Ansel’s character was a Frenchman who wanted that romance and lust and he will get it with Mia. For me Ansel was a mystery at times. I sometimes felt he wasn’t really showing his true self but that was because he was so busy at work, and everything for them is very new. I liked that you did get to know him more.

The chemistry was explosive between these two. This book has a lot of sex and I mean a lot of sex. Being with Ansel seemed to bring out a playfulness to Mia especially in the bedroom. The chemistry doesn’t seem to be going anywhere even when a problem happens.

So I got all four books to the series since I saw that they were available to check out. I couldn’t resist. I am reading the second book next.

Suddenly Last Summer

Suddenly Last SummerElise Philippe was the chef and Snow Crystal and loved her job. She also loved the family that had taken her in, saved her from her past. Elise thought she was safe but she will be wrong as a one night stand will turn to more and that will have her scared.

Sean O’Neil did not do relationships. His job was his life and that was how he liked it. Sean will find himself being dragged back home when his grandfather falls ill. Though this time Sean will not find the task too difficult especially with Elise near.

Suddenly Last Summer is the second book to the series O’Neil Brothers by Sarah Morgan. I really liked this novel.

Elise I really loved. She was a character who lived life, had passion but behind those smiles was a very scared and damaged young woman. I hated what had happened to her and how it was effecting her still. I liked that she was able to live again with Sean as he tried to get past her barriers. Then there is Sean who was mister unavailable all the time. I liked how he started to change to be a man who cared for more than just his job.

Its funny with how the novel starts off with Elise and Sean are so alike with their personalities, both having a relationship phobia. They were the perfect couple as things were kept light and without complications, but then something changed and feelings started to intrude upon them. And I liked that Sarah Morgan did change them but it was not an overnight change, it was very much a gradual change.

The other characters of this O’Neil family were great. I loved the stubborn grandfather, Walter. All he wanted was the best for his family but he just couldn’t express his feelings that well.

I can’t wait to read about Tyler in the third and final book, which I will be reading next.

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzie

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzieDaniel Mackenzie has grown up in a wealthy, scandalized family but was never unloved by any of them. He grew up generous and smart with an eye for beautiful women which led him to Violet. He knew she was not gifted with a sight to see beyond but that did not make him stop wanting her. She will drift away but Daniel will find himself following her only to find there is much more to this woman.

Violet Bastien is a professional at what she does. Being a medium is the way she and her mother makes a living. Her job was easy and that was to entertain, to read people which she got good at but it came with a price. She learned long ago not to trust thanks to a man who ruined her. Violet will learn all men are not the same thanks to Daniel but it will not be an easy journey.

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel MacKenzie is the sixth book to Highland Pleasures series that is written by Jennifer Ashley. I had become obsessed with this series thanks to the very first book with Ian. Through the series you heard about Daniel and I have been waiting for his own book which is now here. First off I loved this book. The story was everything I wanted and more. You had Daniel as the lead but there was also the MacKenzie men and their wives that made an appearance through the book which kept me remembering why I love this series so much.

Then there was Violet the fake medium and she was one who suited well with the clan even though she did not think it would go down that path. Violet had her innocence ripped from her at sixteen years old and it has traumatized her. She was not someone who cried in the corner but she was also not able to open herself up to anyone that is until Daniel. Now Daniel was someone you wanted to have interest in you and to take that chance. He was generous and an odd mixture of his Uncles and his father but it made him to be a good man. I liked there was the sensual side, a dangerous side and a caring side. Daniel has many layers and all are shown throughout the book.

I love how Jennifer Ashley writes Violet and Daniel’s relationship from start to finish. There was no broken feelings between the two but there was Violet’s past that had to be gotten over and Daniel’s family. The family wasn’t much of a obstacle but Hart would not stay silent like always.

The ending gave a justice to all that Violet had gone through which was satisfying. I will keep on the look out for the next book which is sadly comes out next year at some point. There are some novellas that are part of the series which I am on the look out but can’t seem to find. I have been thinking of trying out another series from Jennifer Ashley like Shifters Unbound which sounds like it goes towards the supernatural.

Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait

Lady Jenny's Christmas PortraitLady Jenny Windham craves to paint. It has been her passion for many years and she is now having the chance to go to Paris to give her craft a chance. She will get the chance to practice her art with another artist who is being commissioned to paint her family’s portraits.

Elijah Harrison has been a painter his whole life and his next job was to paint the children of this large family. Elijah will encounter Lady Jenny and notice her artistic ability. He will help develop her skill while becoming closer and finding more with her.

Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait is the fifth book to the Windham Sisters series. This is the first book I have tried from Grace Burrowes. I was told she is a very good writer and thought to give this one a try. This one was chosen due to the upcoming holiday. I don’t read a lot of Christmas books with romance. I have to say this one was worth reading. I felt there was a lot of back story that was before this story but you certainly could read this book on its own because Burrowes goes into this family and recaps with some history.

I think what I loved about this story was that it was written well and realistic of that time with also being just romantic. Lady Jenny would not be free to actually have a job as an artist because she was supposed to stay at home and have children and oversee her household. I liked that Jenny fought for what she wanted that she didn’t back down when her family was not as supportive as she would have wanted. Then there is Elijah who is a working artist. I liked his interaction with Jenny as they worked together on their art as it was sensual and enduring at times. They learned from each other.

After reading a book from Grace Burrowes I am definitely coming back to read more from the author.

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea DarcyAlethea Darcy has been married recently immediately finding out that her husband was not one she wanted to stay with as his cruelty was breaking her spirit. She had to find a way out. With her maid at her side they escaped in the middle of night disguising their appearance as men. Alethea will keep running as she finds little help from her sisters, with the exception of Camille who is out of the country. She will find a savior in the arms of an unlikely man who will help her find a way out.

The second book to the Darcys series is The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy. Elizabeth Aston brings us back to the world of Austen with the youngest sister in a bind. I loved reading about Alethea in the first book and was interested in finding out more about her. I loved her bravery in the book and was horrified with what happened to her, what her husband inflicted upon her. I was happy that Aston did give a happy ending for Alethea.

I loved Titus, our hero. He was a hard man to but he helped those in need especially Alethea who needed his help without question. I loved that a friendship grew and then to love especially as he had loved and it did not end well. He was able to get a second chance. The ending was perfect.

Our villain is certainly Alethea’s husband but there were several others who were her sisters I think. I was very angry with Georgiana who dismissed her sister and told her that it was her husbands right. If I didn’t like the sister before I would really dislike her now. Even Letty got worse with her religious banter.

This plot was more scandalous I thought than the first only because of what happened to Alethea. For me this is going outside of the realm of Austen but it was really well done as you could still feel for the most part it was Austen’s world with how the characters interacted and behaved.

Silk is For Seduction

Marcelline Noirot is the greatest dressmaker in the world she just has to make sure the English woman understand that. With several clients her business was going well but she was setting her eyes on a bigger prize, the future wife of the Duke of Clevedon. All Marcelline had to do was go to Paris and convince the Duke she was the one to bring style to his future wife. What Marcelline did not expect was to find the Duke so attractive.

Duke of Clevedon knows that he must marry the girl he was promised to since childhood, it was understood. Clevedon wanted several more weeks of freedom which is when he saw the mysterious woman. He made it his mission to find out about her and was baffled that she was a dressmaker wanting his business or rather his future brides. Clevedon is confounded and tries to stay away from the dressmaker but she haunts him at every turn making her impossible to forget, and he has no desire to do so.

Silk is For SeductionI was captivated by Loretta Chase’s Silk is For Seduction which is the first book to the series Dressmakers. I have not read anything from her and was driven to finish the novel and was not disappointed. The two characters are from two different social status’s or at least on the surface. I liked that Chase kept the status alive between the two characters. It felt real as a duke does not marry a dressmaker but as you go on in the story you only want happiness for the characters as you are now invested in the story. They both fight hard to do the right thing, Marcelline more than the Duke but both still fought it. I loved the interaction between the two characters throughout the entire novel. It was fascinating to read how the Duke started to change from his quiet unobserving self. Marcelline did not change much but opened up for something more. Now Chase will definitely have those scenes of passion but they are few as our characters fight the attraction, of course when they come together there is no holding back.

Chase sets up the series to definitely have two more as the two sisters will undoubtedly have their own story which I can’t wait to read as the first book was refreshing and engaging to read.