Irish Gallagher’s Pub Series by Nora Roberts

Short series are one of my favorite because I know where they begin and end.  I do not have to wait long for authors to finish their story.

Irish Gallagher’s Pub series consist of three stories:

  1. Jewel of the Sun
  2. Tears of the Sun
  3. Heart of the Sun

All three books are placed within the Irish land following a loving and very Irish family the Gallagher’s who work in their pub to make a living.

The first book is with the oldest brother Aiden finding love with a yank coming to find her family in Ireland.


The second book is Shawn the second oldest brother who finds love with the girl he always has seen but now really sees.


The third book is Darcy the youngest Gallagher.  She finds love with another yank and he will give her everything her hearts desire but the one thing she really wants.

Throughout all of the books we have two spirits who are lovers but separated. They are trying to bring these young couples together so they will find that happiness the spirits long for.  In the end there is happiness for all couples and even the spirits.

Overall I liked the Roberts series.  It took me a little to get into the first book.  I wasn’t sure of it but once I met the characters I wanted to see how the fiery bunch would interact and come to their choices.

Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter

For me when I come upon an author which I like I have a tendency to go through and read every book they have written.  It is sometimes a challenge for me to see how many I can read from that author in a certain amount of time.  Showalter’s next series I am trying is Atlantis and the first book is called Heart of the Dragon.

Searching for her missing brother, Grace Carlyle never dreamed she would discover a secret world populated by mythological monsters-or to find herself facing a sword-wielding being whose looks put mortal men to shame.

But there he was, Darius en Kragin, one of a race of shape-shifting warriors bound to guard the gates of Atlantis, and kill all travelors who stayed within its borders.

Now Grace’s life was in his hands, and Darius had to choose between his centuries-old vow and the woman who had slipped beneath his defenses and stolen the heart of Atlantis’s fiercest dragon.

As a first book of a series goes it left me intrigued about the rest of the books.  I think Showalter does a good job creating a plot that grabs and holds your attention throughout the book.  The concept of Atlantis is interesting to read as it is guarded by these different types of monsters.  Its a new take on Atlantis.

The characters were well developed.  Grace was very quirky and fun to read about.  She was strong within the jungle and at the face of danger but has a fun and sensual side to herself which is pulled out by Darius.

Darius I liked because as the keeper and King he is supposed to be ruthless and is but he still has a conscious.  It might be buried deep down inside of him but it is there.  He also hides his emotions from his men but that is until Grace gets into the picture.

Heart of the Dragon a great first book to the series filled with wit, intrigue, sensual scenes, humor and adventure.

Oh My Goth by Gena Showalter

A great book to read and really lets you see what it is like in the other persons shoes.

Jade Leigh is a nonconformist who values individuality above all else.  She has a small group of like-minded Goth friends who wear black, dabble in the dark arts, and thrive outside the norm.  They’re considered the “freaks” of their high school.  But when Jade’s smart mouth lands her in trouble-again-her principal decides to teach her a lesson she’ll never forget.

Taken to a remote location where she is strapped down and sedated, Jade wakes up in an alternative universe where she rules the school.  But her best friend won’t talk to her, and the people she used to hate are all Goth.  Only Clarik, the myterious new boy in town, operates outside all the cliques.  And only Mercedes, the Barbie clone Jade loathes, believes that Jade’s stuck in a virtual reality game-because she’s stuck there, too, now living the life of a “freak.”  Together, they realize they might never get back to reality…and that even if they do, things might never be the same.

I liked this book.  It was quick, funny and enjoyable to read.  Showalter does a good job setting the stage of a typical high school then twisting everything around.  It was predicable but enjoyable to read.  You knew that the characters would end up the way they did at the end but it was sweet.

The disturbing thing about the book was what the principal did to get those results, to teach them a lesson.  That was a little extreme.  Intriguing idea for the plot though.

Oh My Goth had humor, witty characters and a moral to the story.  A good book for the young adult collection.

Firestorm by Iris Johansen

Now Kerry works as an arson investigator with her evidence-sniffing dog, Sam.  Together they’re a great team, but only Kerry knows the real reason that they’re so good at what they do-only Kerry and someone from a past she thought she’d put far behind her…

But all that is about to change in the time it takes to strike a match.  Suddenly the flames are back, sweeping through her life, and this time Kerry may not be able to put them out.  And now, from out of the ashes of another tragedy, a stranger appears.  Who is Silver?  And why does this mysterious man need her help?  Even more distrubing, now does he already know so much about her?  All Kerry is certain of is that he’s come to enlist her in the hunt for a psychopath who has left a trail of guresome, fiery deaths in his charred wake-a human monster determined to bring his own private vision of hell to earth.

But the killer Kerry is supposed to find has already found her-and in his twisted thoughts and burning obsessions, the nightmare of her own past threatens to ignite and destroy her.  When tragedy strikes, Kerry’s one hope is Silver: a man who seems to have no alliance to anyone and no authority to answer to-a dangerous man who seems to know Kerry’s mind almost as well as she does herself.

But even together, Kerry and Silver may have met their match in a killer as coldhearted as his method is red-hot.  And to save themselves and the innocents whose lives art at stake, Kerry may have to reach deep into the very past once already nearly destroyed her-to do what she hoped she’d never have to do: fight fire with fire.

There were times that I was confused and horrified hoping it was not who I thought it was. It was a thrilling read to pick up.

Iris Johansen leads the reader through a dangerous road in Firestorm that will have you guessing at what will happen next and how.

Secret Life of A Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

The series Love At Stake is a hit.  Kerrelyn Sparks brings creative characters and a dynamic plot to the pages with each book.  Her sixth book,  Secret Life of A Vampire brings those characters back to the pages but this time Jack has the floor and will be assisted by Lara a police officer.

The Plot of Secret Life of A Vampire:

“A typical bachelor party is all about beers and beautiful women.  A vampire bachelor party is no different-except the men are drinking Blissky (whiskey-flavored synthetic blood).  And no one can throw a party quite like Jack, the illegitimate son of the legendary Casanova.  But when the party gets out of hand the cops show up, Jack has some explaining to do…if only he wasn’t stuck speechless by the beauty of officer Lara Boucher.

Lara is sure there’s something more than a bachelor party going on.  What is Jack hiding?  And why is he so interested in the recent disappearance of young women all over town?  Her investigation uncovers more than she wants to know, especially about this modern-day Casanova.  But if she’s ever to make detective, she’ll need to expose all his secrets…if only her heart wasn’t on the line.”

Jack and Lara are a perfect pair.  They are able to combine forces while getting their hearts tangled.  I liked this story for the fact that Lara is another strong women but she is immune to Jack’s control, to any vampire mind control.  That gives her a great advantage and will let Jack know that his heart is on the line as well.

Having the son of the Casanova is a nice touch.  I liked the use of historical characters mixed in with fiction and the use of gods and goddesses even if they were the bad vamps.

Finally the story brings the were-animals more into the light and Phil will be coming center stage in the next book with Vanda.

Kerrelyn Sparks is a clever writer bringing the very traditional vampires into a new light.  A fantastic series to devour over.

The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

The fourth book of the series Love at Stake has Sparks bringing out Jean-Luc for a final fashion store before he goes into retirement but that will stop when he sees a true woman he could fall for.

The Plot of The Undead Next Door:

“Heather Westfield has always lived a quiet life, but that all changes when she helps a very handsome, very mysterious stranger. There’s something not quite right about Jean-Luc, but still, she’s never been with a man so charming, so attractive…so wonderful. Now if only a murderous villain wasn’t after them, they might get their happily-ever-after.”

The Undead Next Door was brilliant. I was laughing, smiling, sighing over the whole book. The characters of Jean-Luc and Heather were fantastic and had great depth to their characters.

Jean-Luc doesn’t want to harm anyone and doesn’t want to fall in love but he can’t help it when Heather comes into his life with her cheerful daughter and wise-ass babysitter. Heather is a teacher who is unsure of herself in a lot of things. She can’t seem to be strong for herself all the time. But I do love that she is already aware that Jean-Luc is not everything he seems to be. I like that she thought he was an immortal which is almost right.

The bad guys are not really showing right now, but there is an enemy from Jean-Luc’s past who wants nothing more but to put Jean-Luc into the ground permantly.

As far as the other characters I still love how they are all interacting little by little. Ian is taking the potion to age himself so he can find love. Then Shanna and Roman are going to have another baby who will probably be like Constantine. Not quite human but the best part is she is going to turn to a vampire when the children are older. I didn’t know how they were going to do this with keeping them together, so maybe the same thing will be with Jean-Luc and Heather at a later point.

Kerrelyn Sparks is delivering hit after hit with the series Love at Stake and I can’t wait for the next one.

Vampire Vendetta by Alexis Morgan

Seeing the book and reading the back I was interested but not really jumping for joy. The book seemed okay for a vampire book but I thought to give it a try. I wanted to try out Alexis Morgan, an author I have never read anything by.

The Plot of Vampire Vendetta:

“As the lone survivor of his vampire clan, Seamus Fitzhugh lives only for revenge. And now that he’s infiltrated the compound of his enemy his chance has come…until he rescues a stunning hybrid from certain death. Megan Perez is a woman on the run from her own demons, and she’s a distraction that could cost them both their lives. But the passion that burns between them is too hot to ignore, and not even the threat of danger can keep them apart.

Now their fates are intertwined-for better or worse-as they risk everything to experience the ultimate sensual release, as evil closes in all around them. Seamus must weigh how far he will go in the pursuit of vengeance…and love.”

Well as I finished the book it was good, not great. It was not something I would go out of my way to read again, but I will try her other books to see if I like them better.

I liked certain parts but it just wasn’t something I was excited to read. I thought the book was a little confusing with the idea of chancellors and vampires. As you kept reading you figured it out. The nice thing is she gave a little something different to the world of supernatural. The sensual sences with Seamus and Megan were intense I loved their chemistry within the book.

So this book was good to read but all in all it didn’t hold my attention till the really end. I find that sometimes vampire books need more and although Morgan gave something new I was just not enthralled with Vampire Vendetta.