A Mackenzie Clan Gathering

A Mackenzie Clan GatheringIan Mackenzie and his family were first to arrive at Hart’s home for Christmas time. Ian will be woken abruptly from sleep. Quietly he will investigate only to find burglars in Hart’s home. Ian will be unable to stop the men but he would not rest until he found these men.

A Mackenzie Clan Gathering is a novella in the Mackenzie/Highland Pleaures by Jennifer Ashley. This novella is number 7.5 in the series. I really loved this novella.

I loved that Jennifer Ashely brings back the Mackenzie family for these gatherings. Of course the main focus was Ian and his family which I didn’t mind, as Ian is still one of my favorites. Now this story had some mystery to it with these burglars who had taken the items. You wonder who was the villain but that mystery will only be solved with Ian’s ability to solve problems.

So there was an added part to this story that was interesting. Ashely wrote in Beth’s brother in law who had come to help cure Ian from his madness. I thought it was interesting with how the brother in law was trying to help but I couldn’t help but feel that this was wrong. I loved Ian’s character because of how he was different, and anyways he had been getting better because of Beth and his children.

Well I am done with the series at least for now. There is only one more book to read in the series which will take you to the Mackenzie’s past with Malcolm Mackenzie. I will be reading this book but a little later.


Blog BooksTeresa, Dowager Marchioness of Darnet is on the search for husband number four as she finds herself in a bind with a blackmailer. She searches for the right groom and found Owen to be perfect as he would not be able to function like normal men. Teresa though will be surprised that this marriage will not be like the others.

Captain Owen Purchase or now known as Viscount Rothbury found himself amused at the prospect of Teresa as a radical but even more so his bride. Owen will accept even though it was amusing his desire for her was building. There will be trouble brewing in the back ground that Owen will have to help Teresa with which test their relationship and find out who trust one another.

I have reached the fifth book of the series (only reading now three of them out of six) and I am loving this series still. I think Nicola Cornick wrote well when doing these books as each character so far has been well described and plotted out. All her themes are similar as it correlates to the title of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton. Each woman is scandalous in their own way but keeps most of themselves hidden. Teresa follows that similar guideline but in the public view she is brazen. There is a lot of depth to her character that I loved. Also her being part of the radicals was fun to read. Now Tersa holds a secret about her past which has damaged her. Cornick slowly uncovers it with little clues along the way. You can guess what happened through the clues but not how it happened exactly. Owen is a novelty. He was a Captain now he is a Lord. Owen stays true to his character as the knight in shinning armor which I loved. I knew though there would be a problem when he married Teresa as the topic of Joanna popped up. As he was in love with her beforehand it would break Teresa to know that. It is predictable and Cornick does it well. She made me dislike Joanna, who I loved in the first book, for a little as she seemed greedy for wanting Owen to still love her. It was an odd part in the book but it was settled and all would be okay once again.

As always there were side stories going on with the novels and the characters who surprised me were Emma and Tom. Emma was part of the radical which surprised me as her strength had grown. She was not the pampered little girl anymore but one with a voice. I liked her better for it. Tom was also a surprise. Now knowing some the the back story with Tom (a villain in the past who has reformed) I am a little sad at what happens to him, its understandable as he is the villain but I was starting to like him a little. Most likely his fate is sealed at the end of this book but I can’t help but wonder if Cornick will give a twist in the sixth/last book of the series. Either way I am excited to finish the rest of the series (second, third and sixth book) as this author has got me hooked.

Grand Passion by Jayne Ann Krentz

As I was browsing throught the aisles of books it got me thinking that it has been a while since I picked up Jayne Ann Krentz.  I love her style and the simple to complex characters which are developed.  I have read many of her books but I wanted to start and revisit them.

Cleopatra Robbins has imagined the moment when she’ll meet the man of her dreams.  But when Max Fortune strides into the Robbins’ Nest Inn, a devastating sensation sweeps through her.  She knows it’s him.  And he’s all wrong!

Head of the giant Curzon Hotel chain, a cynical man with a passion for rare works of art, Max is looking for five priceless paintings left to him by his mentor, Jason Cruzon.  With one long look at Cleo Robbins, Max knows he’s gazing at a masterpiece…and for the first time in his life, the solitary and powerful executive is overcome with the strangest desire for that wonderful institution called home.  But despite their mutual attraction, Max suspects Cleo of hiding something-and by the time he realizes her secrets have nothing to do with the lost treasures, it may be too late to save her from the danger rising out of her past.

Krentz delivers a sense of passion in each book that she writes but what draws me to all her books are the characters.  In some way or the other they are real.  They have a sense of being real and not just fiction.  Within Grand Passion you could relate to the characters problems they were facing which is a powerful abiltiy to do with books.

The plot is a cute romance.  A man looking for his inhertience but finds much more.  The characters of the book are delightful.  They are a little wacky and quirky but all together real and lovable.  They are the type of characters you would imagine working in a small inn.

There are secrets and sabotage moving throughout the book which gives a little mystery to keep you reading.

Grand Passion is a fun book to read, just to loose yourself in for a few hours.

Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd

Christina Dodd brings her second novel of the series Fortune Hunters.

How can one little lie land Meadow Szaras in such trouble?  Sure, Devlin Fitzwilliam catches her breaking into his mansion to steal a priceless painting.  And, yes, in sheer desperation she tells him she has amnesia.  But then he claims she’s his wife.  As Devlin’s own treacherous agenda comes to light, Meadow finds herself locked in a match of high-stakes deception.  She doesn’t dare take her eyes off him, and doesn’t want to; yet the danger is just beginning.  For a third player has entered the game, and is trying to kill them both…

The second book was fun to read.  I loved Devlin’s character and Meadow was amazing in her own way.  They were interesting people that started out this unbelievable relationship in a lie and of course all lies come to an end.

The first book though I think I liked a little better but nonetheless it was enjoyable.  The next half brother got his appearence, Devlin.   Little by little you find the half brothers from a man who left them all behind.

Christina Dodd ends her second novel of Fortune Hunters with a new future for Devlin and Meadow.