Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction

Alec Mackenzie was in search of his brother, Will. He disguised himself as a French painter who was to teach Lady Celia, whose father was thought to have information on his brother. Alec was to get that information any way but he found that he could not use Lady Celia. Instead he will help her and surprisingly she will help him

Lady Celia had lived through scandal and was suffering the consequences. She was instructed to learn to paint portraits and she was to learn by a Mr. Finn. Celia will soon learn that all was not what it seemed when he it came to Mr. Finn.

Alec Mackenzie’s Art of Seduction is the ninth book to the series Mackenzie’s and McBrides by Jennifer Ashley. I really loved this book. Though whenever I read anything with the Mackenzies I will almost always love the book.

Alec was a warrior and playing a part to help find information on his brother who had been captured. Alec is a good man who will do anything for his family. Though he does stop before any harm could be done to Celia. I liked that he did not lie to her for long. They made a good team as they worked together to find Alec’s brother Will. I loved that Alec really did treat Celia as an equal. Celia was a good daughter. She was not the spoiled girl that everyone thought. She had lived through years of her mother ordering about and a scandal that had happened because of her mother. Celia tried her best but I was happy to read that she was spreading her wings and taking chances. I did not want her to be weak because that was how English ladies were supposed to act.

The mystery behind Will’s capture was intriguing and of course it sets up for the next book which will feature Will Mackenzie.

A Scot in the Dark

a-scot-in-the-darkMiss Lillian Hargrove was ruined by society’s standard. Knowing that she had only a little time before she was publicly disgraced Lily was planning her escape. The only problem was her guardian showed up and was insistent that she not run from her problems.

The Duke of Warnick hated everything English but he was determined to make sure his ward was taken care of. Warnick would make sure Lily was protected through a marriage. Though with feelings starting to form it was hard for Warnick to have Lily go with another.

A Scot in the Dark is the second book in the series Scandals & Scoundrels by Sarah Maclean. I ended up liking the novel. I thought it was cute but it was tough at times to keep with it, especially in the beginning.

Lily’s character was one that I grew to like. I thought she was interesting but she kept wanting to leave and express her misery. I understood why she was sad but it seemed that it went on a lot. She got better when she found herself challenging Warnick and really discovering what she wanted in life.

Warnick’s character was a man that didn’t want his dukedom. He was against it and against everything English. I actually really liked Warnick and wanted to know about his past as Maclean kept bringing up his shame. I wanted to know what he did that made him that shameful. The shame which kept getting brought up was a little much at times but once I found out what had happened Warnick’s character made sense.

The relationship between Lily and Warnick was driving me crazy. They were at some point arguing with each other, wanting each other and feeling ashamed for their own particular issues. All of these things are not bad, it was just expressed a lot. It helps when Maclean gives a little more explanation about the characters past.

The next book to this series comes out in June 2017.

The Earl Claims a Bride

The Earl Claims a BrideHarrison Thornwick inherited his title but Harrison would gladly give it back to have his brother back. With little time to accept the title Harrison will find that the Prince will be requesting him to marry a Miss Angelina Rule. Harrison will be against the match until he meets Angelina.

Miss Angelina Rule has wanted to marry her Captain for the last three years, she had dreamed about it. Now she is being forced to marry another because of her father’s debt. Angelina will be sadden at the fact she can’t marry the man she had wanted, but when she meets Harrison she will find herself wanting him.

The Earl Claims a Bride is the second book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book.

Harrison’s character was a good guy. In his past he had a definite wild side but that is tamed especially when he finds himself attracted to Angelina. I liked that he had actual feelings for Angelina and it was not just on the surface. I wanted him to win the affection of Angelina instead of the Captain because the Captain was not the same man as he once was. I thought it was interesting that Harrison also knew more about Angelina in such a short time than the Captain ever did. Personally I think that the Captain just saw what was on the surface and didn’t truly know the woman he wanted. Angelina’s character was a dutiful daughter who wanted to do right by her father. I thought it was cruel that the father did this to his daughter. I liked that Angelina was staying true to her Captain but I wanted her to realize that the feelings she had were no longer there. The feelings she had for Harrison were alive and well.

I am reading the third book next.

A Midnight Clear

A Midnight ClearTroy Davenport had left his family and the family business to pursue art which had been his calling. His art will lead him to many places and to his next muse, Miranda Granger. He will want more than anything to paint her but Troy had to convince her.

Miranda Granger had been ruined nine years ago only no one knew that fact. Miranda keeps herself distant from any man that might want more from her. She will be very weary when it came to Troy but she found he was bringing back emotions that had long ago buried.

A Midnight Clear is the first book to the series Edwardian Nights by Kristina Cook. I really loved this novel. Kristina Cook writes so that you love the characters, so that you connect with them through the good and bad things that happen to them.

I liked Miranda’s characters as she felt real. She had made a mistake and for the past 10 years she was not allowed to really forget that. She is almost like a doormat but underneath there is a woman with fire and courage to live again. It takes a charming painter to bring that out of her. Troy was that charming painter. He was a rogue but not in a villainous way or one that flaunted his affairs. If anything Troy almost lived under the radar which made sense as he wanted to be known as Troy the painter and not be connected to his wealthy family.

So within this novel there are no real enemies but I will say that I really disliked Gertie. I thought at first she was just immature. Well she is that but she is also vengeful when it comes to her older sister. I really didn’t like that Kristina Cook didn’t give us some conclusion with Gertie getting into trouble. I did like how Cook ended the book but I wanted to know that Gertie wouldn’t get away with what she had done.

Well I am done with reading Kristina Cook’s at least for now. I hope that she will continue with this series and maybe the next person will be with Caroline.

Once She Was Tempted

Once she Was TemptedBenjamin Elliot, the earl of Foxburn, was surprised to meet the woman whose portrait he has that hangs in his study. She is the exact opposite of what he thought and will figure he knows her type but will find out that is not true. He will be asked to help her locate the other portrait and will find himself falling for this woman.

Daphne Honeycotte had posed for two paintings that were slightly scandalous. She is now in good society and is frightened that her reputation will be torn apart if they see them. She will enlist the help of Ben who was the owner of one of them to help find the second portrait. Daphne will be thankful for the help but knows that she had to keep her distance from Ben because every moment she is at his side she falls deeper and deeper for the man.

Once She Was Tempted is the second book from Honeycotte series by Anne Barton. The first book for me was one I loved. Anne Barton can weave a story that got me to notice the characters and the plot. I loved this second book for very much the same reasons.

Daphne wasn’t someone I got to know much in the first book but with this book you certainly get to know her character. I liked that she did whatever she needed for those she cared about. Ben was a stubborn man and one who liked his isolation but that will be that life will be shaken up when Daphne comes into his life. It was interesting with the location of this painting and what depths Ben did to get this painting for Daphne.

The ending of the book was fantastic with the scene at the Ball where all is about lost but Daphne will triumph with how the situation is handled, Ben as well. His part was a little more sneaky which I loved. It brings that happy ending I was waiting for and a not so happy ending for Mr. Hallows, the villain. Mr. Hallows was not a very nice gentleman. He liked to drink and gamble and make life miserable for others around him. His target was Daphne as she was the woman in the painting and he wanted to see her suffer.

There are not many books to choose from by Anne Barton but Olivia’s story will be available sometime in October, so the book will be coming out soon as we are approaching that month on Wednesday.

After the Kiss

After the kissSullivan Waring has his mind set on two things and two things only, revenge and his rightful inheritance that was taken from him. He will find his revenge but will stumble upon Lady Isabel Chalsey who will find out his identity. He will soon be blackmailed but find this not to be too much of a hardship.

Lady Isabel Chalsey never expected to find a thief in her house let alone to kiss her. She will find out the thief and use that knowledge to find out more about this man. Soon finding the man to be everything she wanted.

After the Kiss is the first book to Suzanne Enoch’s series Notorious Gentleman. I had read the second book of hers and really liked the book. I am back with the first and third book to complete the series with Sullivan and Bram.

So the plot was fun and simple. The act of revenge is used often but Enoch writes it well for Sullivan who I really liked reading about. He knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to stop at anything but that leaves him to be lonely. Then there is Isabel who I wasn’t too thrilled at first with her. I didn’t like the idea that she was blackmailing Sullivan but she did see him for the man that he was. She does get better which makes her a good heroine after all.

The villain is Sullivan’s family clearly as you read through the book. They don’t really get anything bad happening to them but there is a lesson that is learned, Sullivan particularity.

This was another book that could stand alone on its own and you could understand perfect what was going on. The characters of Sullivan, Phin and Bram are mentioned or there in the book. Bram’s story is the next and last book.

Surrender of a Siren

Surrender of a SirenSophia Hathaway had runaway from her upcoming marriage. She did not love the groom and did not want to feel sheltered. She wanted to feel passion. She fled to a ship that would take her away. She had not expected to find what she was looking for on the ship and in the arms of Gray.

Benedict “Gray” Grayson wanted and was turning a new leaf with his business. He wanted to give a good life for his brother and sister, but the new passenger was tempting him back in his old ways.

Surrender of a Siren is the second book to Tessa Dare’s series Toby and Isabel Trilogy. After reading the first book from Tessa Dare I knew that I had to finish the series, but of course everything was checked out from her. Now I have the other two books to complete this trilogy. I was excited to get the book as Tessa Dare is a brand new author for me, with the exception of the first book, that I had never read before. I kept hearing her name and people telling me to try her out. I am so happy that I got started on this series. She is a fantastic writer and you get pulled into her story right away.

Now the first book left with Sophia runaway from Toby which I felt was the right choice as he was not the right man for her. He tip toed around her like she was fragile flower. She is off to sea and showed much bravery along with finding lust and passion that she was missing out. She was becoming a temptress as she was following her passion. Then there was Gray who was trying to turn a new leaf and be more respectable. He was already a good man but I loved that a girl like Sophia tempted him to no end. He was a character you ended up loving with how he created that passion with Sophia and how he cared about his family.

Tessa Dare keeps the majority of the story on the ship. There is tons of interaction with Sophia with the crew which was very entertaining and I loved that her art was used then. It is one of her passions and not to be held back. I also liked the banter back and fourth between her and the men and of course Gray. So far this series is fantastic. With only one more book, which I have in my hand, I will finish the series.

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy

The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea DarcyAlethea Darcy has been married recently immediately finding out that her husband was not one she wanted to stay with as his cruelty was breaking her spirit. She had to find a way out. With her maid at her side they escaped in the middle of night disguising their appearance as men. Alethea will keep running as she finds little help from her sisters, with the exception of Camille who is out of the country. She will find a savior in the arms of an unlikely man who will help her find a way out.

The second book to the Darcys series is The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy. Elizabeth Aston brings us back to the world of Austen with the youngest sister in a bind. I loved reading about Alethea in the first book and was interested in finding out more about her. I loved her bravery in the book and was horrified with what happened to her, what her husband inflicted upon her. I was happy that Aston did give a happy ending for Alethea.

I loved Titus, our hero. He was a hard man to but he helped those in need especially Alethea who needed his help without question. I loved that a friendship grew and then to love especially as he had loved and it did not end well. He was able to get a second chance. The ending was perfect.

Our villain is certainly Alethea’s husband but there were several others who were her sisters I think. I was very angry with Georgiana who dismissed her sister and told her that it was her husbands right. If I didn’t like the sister before I would really dislike her now. Even Letty got worse with her religious banter.

This plot was more scandalous I thought than the first only because of what happened to Alethea. For me this is going outside of the realm of Austen but it was really well done as you could still feel for the most part it was Austen’s world with how the characters interacted and behaved.

An Invitation to Sin

An Invitation to SinCaroline Witfeld wants to be an artist and she is close to her dream. Caroline will only need to find a model of an aristocrat and then comes Zachary. She will get him to pose for the portrait but she will find that is not all she will be wanting from Zachary.

Zachary Griffin was with his aunt because of his older brother. Zachary’s new goal was to join the army but that soon changes when he meets the Witfeld girls, well Caroline Witfeld. Zachary will want seduction with Caroline and succeed but he has to convince her that he will not stop her from her own dream.

The second book to the Griffin Family series is An Invitation to Sin from Suzanne Enoch. This follows well from the first book of the series. It was enjoyable as the first and something you wanted to take your time reading. This time Zachary is the main character and he lives up to his name being carefree. He was one to jump around to different ideas but you wanted to love him as he was a good person. Caroline was fantastic with her dream of being an artist. She was sensible but had a hidden fire in her.

The family of Caroline really played into the story and gave the charm and laughter. There are seven girls in all and they are all silly and giggling girls looking for a husband. Caroline was really the only sensible one. The girls mobbed any suitor leaving the suitor terrified. They kept the story going.

Now Sebastian played the part of the big brother but he was cruel in how he handled the situation which left me annoyed. He kept Zachary and Caroline apart but he did redeem himself at the end leaving me liking him once again. I will say at the end of the book I did love how Zachary and Caroline were reconnected and how paint was involved with their reunion. It was sweet and funny with the passion that they had in the beginning and never lost.

Potent Pleasures

Potent PleasuresCharlotte Diacheston is in a bind when she follows her friend to a masquerade ball. Charlotte will meet a man and loose her virginity all in one night. Charlotte is confused and has vowed she wouldn’t marry now. Three years later Charlotte is making her way into the world but finds herself facing the man who she lost her virginity too only he doesn’t recognizes her.

Earl of Sheffield and Downes, Alex Foakes has been away for three years since meeting the woman of his dreams at the masquerade ball. He was never able to find her. Now he has found a new woman that has his mind turning lustful, and Alex will have this woman. He will not realize that his dream girl and this woman are one in the same.

The Pleasures Trilogy series starts out with Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James. This book was very quick to read with passion stirred into the pages and had a certain charm thanks to Charlotte’s character. I liked her own determination to go on with her life after her certain ruination, she did what she wanted. Alex was a character you wanted to like even as he was a stern man who really couldn’t trust people. He treated his daughter right which was enduring part of his character especially when he was usually glaring. When it came time to trusting Charlotte he continued to fail in that department. I got annoyed towards the end when the downfall was to happen. I thought that Eloisa James didn’t give Charlotte enough to time to really fight back but the scene that was created was written well and you felt for the characters.

Eloisa James gives us a truly happy ending especially with the scene in the epilogue which brought back the passion in the beginning of the book.