A Midnight Clear

A Midnight ClearTroy Davenport had left his family and the family business to pursue art which had been his calling. His art will lead him to many places and to his next muse, Miranda Granger. He will want more than anything to paint her but Troy had to convince her.

Miranda Granger had been ruined nine years ago only no one knew that fact. Miranda keeps herself distant from any man that might want more from her. She will be very weary when it came to Troy but she found he was bringing back emotions that had long ago buried.

A Midnight Clear is the first book to the series Edwardian Nights by Kristina Cook. I really loved this novel. Kristina Cook writes so that you love the characters, so that you connect with them through the good and bad things that happen to them.

I liked Miranda’s characters as she felt real. She had made a mistake and for the past 10 years she was not allowed to really forget that. She is almost like a doormat but underneath there is a woman with fire and courage to live again. It takes a charming painter to bring that out of her. Troy was that charming painter. He was a rogue but not in a villainous way or one that flaunted his affairs. If anything Troy almost lived under the radar which made sense as he wanted to be known as Troy the painter and not be connected to his wealthy family.

So within this novel there are no real enemies but I will say that I really disliked Gertie. I thought at first she was just immature. Well she is that but she is also vengeful when it comes to her older sister. I really didn’t like that Kristina Cook didn’t give us some conclusion with Gertie getting into trouble. I did like how Cook ended the book but I wanted to know that Gertie wouldn’t get away with what she had done.

Well I am done with reading Kristina Cook’s at least for now. I hope that she will continue with this series and maybe the next person will be with Caroline.

Once She Was Tempted

Once she Was TemptedBenjamin Elliot, the earl of Foxburn, was surprised to meet the woman whose portrait he has that hangs in his study. She is the exact opposite of what he thought and will figure he knows her type but will find out that is not true. He will be asked to help her locate the other portrait and will find himself falling for this woman.

Daphne Honeycotte had posed for two paintings that were slightly scandalous. She is now in good society and is frightened that her reputation will be torn apart if they see them. She will enlist the help of Ben who was the owner of one of them to help find the second portrait. Daphne will be thankful for the help but knows that she had to keep her distance from Ben because every moment she is at his side she falls deeper and deeper for the man.

Once She Was Tempted is the second book from Honeycotte series by Anne Barton. The first book for me was one I loved. Anne Barton can weave a story that got me to notice the characters and the plot. I loved this second book for very much the same reasons.

Daphne wasn’t someone I got to know much in the first book but with this book you certainly get to know her character. I liked that she did whatever she needed for those she cared about. Ben was a stubborn man and one who liked his isolation but that will be that life will be shaken up when Daphne comes into his life. It was interesting with the location of this painting and what depths Ben did to get this painting for Daphne.

The ending of the book was fantastic with the scene at the Ball where all is about lost but Daphne will triumph with how the situation is handled, Ben as well. His part was a little more sneaky which I loved. It brings that happy ending I was waiting for and a not so happy ending for Mr. Hallows, the villain. Mr. Hallows was not a very nice gentleman. He liked to drink and gamble and make life miserable for others around him. His target was Daphne as she was the woman in the painting and he wanted to see her suffer.

There are not many books to choose from by Anne Barton but Olivia’s story will be available sometime in October, so the book will be coming out soon as we are approaching that month on Wednesday.

About Last Night

About Last NightCath Talarico has made plenty of mistakes but she had been doing good. Then with a blind date and too many drinks she wakes up in a strangers bed but he isn’t exactly a stranger. She has seen this man on the train and studied him. She will want to resist him but it won’t take much for her to fall into his bed. She just won’t take the leap to fall in love.

Nev Chamberlain was from a wealthy family and was a banker but his heart was not in his work. Nev was a painter but he was too scared to try and make it in the art world. He will find himself on a new adventure as he pursues Cath. They will have no problem about passion but Nev will want more, he will want all of Cath.

About Last Night is a novel from Ruthi Knox. She is an author I picked up on the whim.This was a novel that didn’t interest me right away but as I got through a couple of pages I found myself interested in Cath’s character. She is definitely a free spirit but one that was trying to redeem herself. She would not give Nev a break or make anything easy. Now Nev was the man who wanted out of his normal boring job. I liked that he was a painter and had that passion. He was persistent when it came to Cath which was needed as she was not easy to go along with his plans.

I had figured the novel being a romance novel (the cover says it all) there would be that passion between the two characters. There was and Knox did not extinguished the fire between them. There was nothing but sex between the two characters and it was hot and heavy. Of course as Cath opens up she starts to share more about her life which was pretty tragic.

The family is not the best especially the mother and the brother. I was happy to read that the mother at least becomes better which only happens when Nev becomes more assertive.

There was the tragic past with Cath and I liked how Knox slowly unfolded what had happened throughout the book. It was interesting to find out what those tattoos had meant to Cath. I thought the ending was a perfect way to wrap up for Nev and Cath and give them that new beginning.

The Truth About Love

The Truth About LoveGerrard Debbington only wanted to paint the exclusive gardens of Lord Tregonning but could not unless he painted the mans daughter portrait. Gerrard did not want to but conceded and walked in on much more than a simple portrait.

Jacqueline Tregonning was told that she was to sit for a portrait. She knew that her father did not want the portrait for obvious reasons. He wanted the artist to paint her to show her innocence from the crime everyone thought she had done.

The Truth About Love is the thirteenth book to Stephanie Lauren’s Cynster series. I liked this book. There was more of a mystery going on that intrigued me to continue. I thought why would everyone assume a young woman would be able to lift up their own mother and toss her over the wall which she was killed. I liked reading about the revealing of the mystery and Laurens does it well with giving clues but keeping this mystery a mystery until close to the end.

Gerrard was not the average painter which I liked. He wasn’t self obsessed and was a good man. He was also a seducer but didn’t make that his job until it came to Jacqueline. His attraction to her is quick and intense but it is not all about that with Laurens. She writes a mystery of murder and a good who done it plot. I liked Jacqueline for the most part but wonder why she did not fight a little harder for people to believe she was not the murder.

I had wondered how in the beginning of the series Laurens would keep writing the series once the set of Cynster cousins were through. I do like that she continues the series with those related to the wives who married the Cynsters, like Gerrard who is the brother to Patience. Patience is the wife of Vane Cynster. Laurens keeps a family tree so far with every book that I have read which is useful since the family keeps branching off.

The next book is What Price Love?

The Sinner Who Seduced Me

The Sinner Who Seduced MeJames Marlowe, has to go undercover to find a traitor and he will do his job at all costs. James didn’t expect to find the love of his life staring back at him or that she would be his only solution to finding the traitor.

Lady Clarissa Collins is a painter under one of the best painters. She will find herself in trouble when she faces James and he is a changed man. She will help with the problem but will be wary of ever trusting him again.

Stefanie Sloane’s third book to the Regency Rogues series is The Sinner Who Seduced Me. I liked the book. It stays true to the series with these spies in the book. There was a little more mystery and a lot more betrayal when it came to double agents.

The characters were interesting as they were both wounded and not able to trust each other completely, at least until everything is cleared between them. Clarissa was a strong character but it left her cold and not able to trust, especially the man she loved. James was full of deceit and because of this he was ruthless and guarded his heart. I liked that there was still passion even though it was hard for both of them to trust. There is a happy ending which gives our characters a second chance at love.

The Art of Deception

“Supposedly he had come to her father’s estate looking for respite.  But was handsome Adam Haines the man he was pretending to be?  Or was Kirby Fairchild in danger of falling hard for a stranger who was even more practiced in th eart of deception than she was.”

The name of the book, The Art of Deception, is true to it’s name.  Nora Roberts gives a fantastic plot of deception, mystery, suspense and thrills with The Art of Deception.

When I first started the book I wasn’t sure what I was really expecting but I was pleasantly surprised.  The characters of the Fairchild’s were amazingly crazy.  Their outburst of artistic creativity was strange to read and interesting at the same time.  Adam was an interesting character as well but he was more than he appeared.

Actually all of the characters were more than you thought they were which is great to read because it kept you guessing over and over with what is going on with this plot.  And you did not know the truth of everything until the very end when it all unravled.

A Second Chance with the MacKade Brothers

The second book, The Pride of Jared MacKade, in the MacKade Brothers series by Nora Roberts is just as good as the first.  This one I think went even faster but that is because I needed to know what would happen between the prideful Jared and stubborn Savannah.

The Plot:

“He was a man who stood for something, and never turned his back on a fight.  So when Jared MacKade’s work as an attorney brought him up against Savannah Morningstar, her rude behavior and strong defenses weren’t going to stop him.

Savannah was the type of woman who defeated odds brutally stacked against her.  And once he got to know her, Jared was determined to be the man to stand beside her in the fight.”

The story, The Pride of Jared MacKade, is another fantastic tale of the MacKade brothers written by Nora Roberts.  Jared MacKade is the oldest of the four and is a lawyer who likes to win.  He had his spin with marriage and found that wasn’t what he wanted until he meets Savannah, although marriage is not exactly what pops first in his mind.

Savannah is a single mother of a nine year old.  She has been on her own since sixteen and has done many odd jobs to survive.  Her main goal was to survive for her child, Bryan.  Moving to Maryland was a new change for her and her son.  She wanted a place to call home then her estranged father died and Jared MacKade found his way to her front porch.

At the very beginning the sparks were there between the two.  But Savannah had her own secrets to hide and Jared needed to know all, needed to know her.  The two collided in more than one way as they found out about each other.

I love that that all of the brothers are involved in the stories and also you can read it out of order because Nora Roberts gives a little reminder of what goes on with the characters that have been previously mentioned.

I like this series so far.  It has heart and wit with the characters, and I can’t wait for the next.