Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the WolfBella, a Red werewolf, was raised as a gray which was her adoptive pack. She will last a while with the pack that is until the pack leader will start to do anything to get her. She will runaway from the pack as she can not protect herself against the leader. For a while she will be safe but after 150 years of running she will come face to face with Devlyn who will be taking her back to the pack. She had been in love with Devlyn but knows that they can’t be as their leader would kill him.

Devlyn follows his pack as it is his family and he knows no way else which leads him to follow orders. But Devlyn will break the rules this time to help Bella, the woman he has always loved. He will do all that he can to protect her from the Red werewolves who wanted her as a mate and his own pack leader who wanted her.

Heart of the Wolf is the first book to Terry Spear’s series Heart of the Wolf. This author was recommended to me by my mom. She has been reading this series and keeps talking about it to me, so I figured I would have to try the first book. So my first thought was I liked the book. It grabbed me at the beginning and it moved along pretty well. There were no real slow parts that stopped you from reading the book.

Bella is a strong werewolf but is no match for her alpha which is why she had to runaway from him especially as she loves another. Devlyn has loved Bella from a far and knew that he couldn’t have her. I kind of wanted him to just get over this follow the orders of his alpha, who was a villain, and go for the woman he loved. Well that didn’t happen quite as quick as I would have liked but then there wouldn’t be a story to be told. Needless to say they do find a way to be with each other but danger will be very much in their path. There is the threat of these Red werewolves and also the Gray pack whose pack leader, Volan, wants nothing but Bella. There is a lot of violence in the book but that would be expected as it is about werewolves and I thought Spear wrote it well. There was a lot sex that is between Bella and Devlyn but once again that is expected as this is about werewolves and lust happens when there are two that mated and when the full moon comes.

As far as werewolf books go this one was good and it was interesting with these two packs, the Red and Gray. You don’t always read about the laws that are followed in the packs so I liked that part in the book. It was kind of horrible how easy it was for the Alpha leaders to claim their mates especially if they don’t want to be claimed like Bella. But she is not without resources and chooses her own mate not the villain Volan.

I wouldn’t mind trying another of her books from this series to see where it will be going. I looked at the list of books in this series and there are plenty to read.

Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the WolfKathryn Avinger had to endure ten years of marriage to a sadist man who could have been her grandfather but is now a widow. She had prayed for someone to save her but as the love of her life had abandoned her, she had to save herself. Or save what was left of her and thanks to the wolf inside of her, but now she will need help as someone is after her.

Renjiro Roesner was exiled ten years ago but what kept him away was the fact that the woman he loved had married another. He is back ten years later to find her widowed and now in danger as someone wants her dead.

Heart of the Wolf is a standalone novella by D B Reynolds. I really liked this novella but that wasn’t a surprise as with all of Reynolds books I get hooked on them and absolutely love them. This novella was not with vampires instead with werewolves. It was a change from these charming Vampire Lords but not a change from the world of supernatural.

As this is a novella it is a pretty short story but throughout it all I didn’t feel that I was missing anything along a story line as Reynolds gives enough details. I only wanted more just to enjoy the story more and to find out more about these characters but from what was given you certainly were able to learn about them. I was horrified with what had happened to Kathryn and inside that sham of a marriage. What horrified me more was the fact her father did that and nothing was done to help her. I didn’t like that the father wasn’t really in the book and getting what should have been coming to him. Now Ren who was our hero of the story. He was there to protect Kathryn and nothing would stop him from finding out who was after her. I liked his determination and how he handled the situations to keep her safe.

I was kind of surprised that nothing more was written about them or about werewolves. Don’t get me wrong I love the Vampire Lords and only want more but I wouldn’t have minded more to be written about these wolves.

Desire the Night

Desire the NightGideon has been enslaved by a witch for several years. He is given human women to drain and the witch will then take his blood which keeps her body young. Gideon is desperate to escape and will soon find it possible with the next woman who is thrown into his cage.

Kay Alissano had no idea where she was when she woke up in a strange room. She will find herself trapped with a vampire and soon realize that she is his next meal but will soon find that with Gideon she will not have to forfeit her life.

Desire the Night was an impulse pick up as I walked the aisle of the library. I decided to give Amanda Ashley a try and found that it was a good book. It wasn’t mind blowing with tons of action or sex but it was a satisfying sit down book that I read pretty quickly. The plot was quick and the characters were easy to follow along with and you knew which ones to hate and to cheer for.

I found myself though asking is this going too fast? Should there be more detail with the characters especially the love that blossoms almost instantly without any supernatural help between Gideon and Kay. It’s a little unbelievable but still there are good transitions through the book.

What I did find annoying was the role of the father, the Alpha werewolf of Kay. He was way too dominating with his wife and daughter. He was a character you didn’t really like but didn’t hate either. The mother was the tragic one and at the end you were glad that at least she found a way out of her own hell even if it was a tragic way.

Now even though I found the father annoying I have a feeling I will be reading more from Amanda Ashley in the future.

The Wolf’s Surrender

The Wolf's SurrenderNick Jenner is the leader of the Blackpaw pack and takes protecting the pack seriously. He will stumble upon a new problem when a feral werewolf will leave his victim. Nick knows it is their responsibility to stop the feral werewolf but will be distracted by the new problem of Mia who was bit by the feral werewolf.

Mia D’Alessandro life suddenly changed from a romantic weekend with a man she liked to having him chase her in the woods and eventually bite her. Mia is terrified but the horror has yet to finish. She will learn that she will change into a feral werewolf and go insane unless she finds a werewolf to claim her, but Mia is hiding something else that she has been hiding since birth.

I had picked up The Wolf’s Surrender by Kendra Leigh Castle on a whim. I looked at the cover page and it sounded interesting, also the fact that I love paranormal book is another factor. The book is a novel and not part of a series but I can certainly see the promise of more books with these packs.

The characters were all about action in the book and how werewolf procedure was. I liked the insert of the magic and how Mia is not all she appears to be as it added more to the book. Overall I liked the book. I wasn’t enamored by it but it certainly held my attention to the very end. I will be interested in reading more from Castle.

Werewolf in Seattle

Werewolf in SeattleLuna Reynaud was out of place most of her life as she was a half human half werewolf. Now she has found a place she belongs but with the unexpected death of her employer Luna hopes her future will not be in ruins when the new heir comes to the island.

Colin MacDowell had not visited his aunt in years and was astonished he was left the property. Knowing that he had no use of it his first thought was to sell. Meeting the staff and especially Luna he was rethinking everything.

I had grabbed the first two books to Vicki Lewis Thompson to refresh my memory of the series Wild About You. The nice thing is you can read these stories out of order as you will still hear about what had happened in the previous book.

Werewolf in Seattle is the third book to Thompson’s series Wild About You. True to the other two books Thompson writes these stories with humor and some quick wit with these characters. Its really the side characters who are probably the ones with the most humor among them but Luna and Colin will take part of that humor with the playful banter. You are pulled into this supernatural world easily as the story is kept fun and light with the exception of Luna’s troubling past and secret she holds.

The past from Luna or really her parents past was an interesting side story that develops Luna into who she is. I also liked the introduction of Duncan, Colin’s brother, who will be involved in the next book. He seems a little flighty so it will be interesting to see if he changes.

If werewolves are real what else? Bigfoot?

Loving the first book of the series Wild About You from Vicki Lewis Thompson I was happy to find the next book Werewolves in North Woods without problems. I had to find out more about the Wallace packs as this sequel followed Roarke, Aidan’s little brother.

Abby Winchell is visiting her grandfather as he has now found proof of a bigfoot sighting. She loves him and wants him to move down to Arizona so she can take care of him. She goes to see him and helps him prove that he is right but Roarke Wallace will be the one standing in her way that is until she finds out more about Roarke.

Roarke Wallace is a professor of Anthropology. He has come to Portland to prove that Bigfoot does not exist even though Roarke knows it is true. He is here to disprove Earl Winchell but finds himself meeting the granddaughter and is intrigued. His intrigue goes straight to lust. He knows he has to maintain it but the attraction will get the better of him and only draw them closer on their hike.

This sequel ends the stories on the New York pack, of course I’m sure their names will appear in the next stories Thompson writes.

The thing I like so far about this series is that its a good story. There is humor, desire, adventure and a little mystery. Roarke and Abby embark on a hike to help bigfoot find a new home and to give Earl some relief that he was right. I like that the playboy Roarke is being taken in by a human woman, something he said he would avoid like the plague. But that is like most werewolf stories, when a mate is found it is hard keep away.

I liked how Thompson creates these books around the most influential families in the werewolf community. I am intrigued by this series and can’t wait for more.

My Sister is a Werewolf by Kathy Love

The final book of the Young Brothers series, My Sister is a Werewolf, is enticing and thrilling conclusion.

Elizabeth Young’s brothers think they have it rough as vampires?  Ha! Two words for them: unwanted hair.  What werewolf Elizabeth craves is a normal life with a husband, kids, and less shaving.  Unfortunately the vaccine she’s researched isn’t working yet.  Worse, she’s in heat-and soon every dangerous wolf pack for miles around will be at her door.  To buy time, she needs to have sex, and often, with the first human male she can find…

Veterinarian Jensen Adler just mean to down his sorrows, until a stunning leather-clad brunette made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Now he’s caught up in something really weird, definitely dangerous, and, okay, extremely hot.  So his new girlfriend’s hiding something (and she’s a little freaky about the moon), but Jensen knows true love when he feels it, and this time, he’s not giving up…no matter how hairy things get.

I loved the last book.  Elizabeth “Lizzie” is fantastic.  The scenes with Jensen were very hot and steamy.  Everything happened fast but was very exciting to read.

The whole story line was enjoyable and fun to read.  It was nice to read about all the brothers and finally getting Elizabeth into the picture.  The ending had a nice surprise and Love was able to leave the book with all the Young siblings to have a happy ending.

Kathy Love finishes the Young Brothers series with a fantastic conclusion.