Do You Take This Cop? by Beth Andrews

Beth Andrews brings her latest book to the page and I have to say I liked it.  I have only read two of her other books and the thing I notice is that the characters are real.  There have real emotions and a realistic plot that you can see actually happening.  You start to feel for the characters.

The Plot of Do You Take This Cop?:

The last thing Faith Lewis needs is a cop poking his nose in her business.  Okay yes, Nick Coletti is gorgeous.  And charming.  And great with her son.  But dating the town’s most popular boy in blue is hardly going to help her keep a low profile.  This guy could blow their world apart if he discovers her secret.

Funny thing is, he may also be her only hope.  If she had someone like Nick on her side, maybe she could finally be free, and give her son the life he deserves.  But trusting Nick means telling the whole truth about her past.  He might protect them.  Or he just might turn her in…”

Honestly I was getting frustrated, happy, annoyed over this enjoyable book.  I loved Nick and Faith but I kept fidgeting when she would tell another lie or not the whole truth but Nick is the kind of character that is good no matter what.  The book is true to its genre of romance as the characters find love but still it is not perfect until the truth is told and everything is settled.

Beth Andrews is a great modern day romance author.

Fallen Angels by Lori Foster

Lori Fosters collection of books for the series of Men to the Rescue is filled with steamy men, determined and passionate women, and enticing plots.  This collection starts off with “Beguiled”, “Wanton”, and Uncovered”.


“P.I. Dane Carter assumed his murdered twin’s identity to find his killer.  Angel Morris was his main suspect-a woman his twin had betrayed.  Now Dane could destroy her trust again.  By falling in love with her…”

This was a great book to start out the series.  Since I already read the third one I knew about some of these characters and that made it very interesting to see how they began.  I loved the character of Mick as a 16 year old kid and to see how got into his career.  Dane and Angel are fantastic together.  They are steamy, passionate and interesting.  I like how Angel is trying her best with her little boy and protecting both of them from the threats that keep coming.  I love Dane and how protective he automatically becomes of Angel.


“Passion had clouded P.I. Celia Carter’s judgment once.  Never again.  Now she took on dangerous undercover assignments to deal with her guilt.  But P.I.  Alec Sharpe was determined to reawaken Celia’s sexuality…before she got herself killed.”

This story was fantastic with Celia as the character.  I love her drive that is making her be brave on this assignment.  Alec though doesn’t give a damn about her needs of helping all he wants to do is get her out of danger and in his bed.  The plot is Celia is undercover trying to find a missing girl who ran off with a man.  He told her that she could be a model.  Celia goes undercover as a young girl wanting to be a model and a whole lot of trouble follows but it also helps Celia find what she is really looking for.


Firefighter Harris Black stumbled across nude photos of a woman, and handwritten notes…about him.  Who was this mystery woman?  Harris hired a P.I. trace her…never suspecting he’d already found her.”

I really liked this story with Clair and Harris.  In here we also got to read about Dane and Alec for a little but it was primarily about Harris and Clair.  Clair wants more from Harris but she is not stupid, he is a womanizer.  Of course when Harris finds the nude photos he becomes obsessed with the woman not knowing they are really Clair.  Clair though wants Harris to want her and not the photos.

Easy and quick reads these books were fun to devour.  The steamy scenes were enticing and characters well thought out along with the plots.