On A Wicked Dawn

On a Wicked DawnAmelia Cynster has loved Luc Ashford for most of her life. She is now determined to get him to be her husband but she is going to present it to sound like its helping him. She will be surprised how readily he agrees but will soon wonder does he feel more.

Viscount Calverton, Lucien Ashford has been proposed too and found it was not a bad idea, in fact the idea sounded perfectly. He looked at Amelia in a whole new light and wanted her as his wife and her body. Luc will spend time wooing Amelia and will have to let her know that he is not in desperate need of money as she thinks.

On A Wicked Dawn is the tenth book to Stephanie Laurens series Cynsters. After reading about Amanda I figured Amelia’s story would be just as good, it was. Both the twins stories pulled you in and wouldn’t let go until the last page.

The character of Amelia is very much like her sister but still very different. She is a little more stubborn and I think level headed but she couldn’t see the signs clearly that Luc was feeling more than the causal friendship. Luc I loved. He was a determined man to help his family out of their money problem and does. He is a good man if at times a little hard. I liked that he was a man in love throughout the book but wanted to woo Amelia.

There is once again some danger through the book but Laurens keeps it from happening until close to the ending of the book which was well written and entertaining to read. It gives the book a little something more than just lust between the two characters. Those steamy scenes are never a bad thing though and there is tons of chemistry between Amelia and Luc who just can’t get enough of each other.

The next book is The Perfect Lover.