Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

When tragedy strikes Katie revalates her life. She wants adventure and to feel more than being an accountant. She takes the job in the wilderness as an office manager. She wishes upon a star for a night of sex which went along with her new self and she will get her wish in the form of Cam Wilder.

Cam Wilder is now back after a year. He has given up woman and is still badly hurt but soon things are going to be turned upside down when he meets Katie. Soon he wants to get her in the sack but when the option of more comes around he flees and doesn’t know what he wants.

After reading one of the books by Jill Shalvis I found her writing fun to read as she incorporates her characters to be witty, funny and sarcastic. The characters in Instant Attraction are no exception. Katie and Cam fight battles between each other which will wind them up on a bed.

Instant Attraction is the first book in the series Wilder Adventures. The three brothers will be the focus of this series and their sex appeal to the women who happen to land in their lives.