Faking It

Max Sterling loved his job and his life but his mother would not leave him alone when it cam to his personal life. She thought he needed a wife, then something changed for Max. He will find out that woman he had been lusting after was not truly engaged. With the help of Hailey he will let his mom think he has changed as he steps in as Hailey’s fake fiance.

Hailey Ellison had been hurt by her last boyfriend and as a match maker she needed to show that she had a steady relationship. She created a fake fiance but she will be shocked when Max will step up and play the part.

Faking It is the second book to the series Book Boyfriend by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. This was another fun story that was easy to read, steamy and entertaining.

Max was a good man who loved his family and friends. He was a charming and smooth talking man but he was genuinely a good man. He was content with his life but when he meets Hailey he knew that he wanted more. I love that he was falling hard fast.  Hailey was a woman who had lived through tragedy and was still healing over criticism that had cut deep, which made her self conscious. But she was determined to make something of herself and she did. When she interacted with Max, a playful side came out. I really loved them together because they made sense and balanced each other.

I did want more with Addison. I think I wanted to see her get more in trouble and a little more justice but at least it was served.

I am reading Well Built next.

Morgan by Lori Foster

This is the second book of the series Buckhorn Brothers.  Lori Foster writes another hit with “Morgan”.  The brothers continue with Morgan taking the role of finding a wife.

Morgan Hudson the second oldest brother in the group is the sheriff for this small town and quite the ladies man but when he sees her everything changes.  Setting his sights on Misty Malone was a no no.  Misty was his new sister in law sister which meant she was off limits.  Except he couldn’t stop thinking about her.  He wanted to be with her and to protect her.

Misty thought that Morgan hated her and it was just as well because she did not need him in her life.  She was through with men all together, but Morgan made it difficult to keep him out of her mind with his comments and looks.  Of course her life has been thrown a few curves with her being arrested for stealing money, which she didn’t do!, and being pregnant.  Misty wanted the baby and knew she had to figure out a plan.  That plan did not include Morgan Hudson but he decided to barge into her life and offer a helping hand as well as a little romance.

I loved how Misty decided not to let her getting pregnant and abandon get her down and give up.  She is a strong and determined to make it on her own.  And even though she does accept help Misty keeps true to her own feelings.  With the second book behind me I keep finding that the Hudson brothers fascinate me.  I love their natural characteristics and their family dynamics.