The Longest Night

Mary Cameron, a Highland widow, was helping her best friends daughter get out into society. Mary missed her home in Scotland but she wanted to help. She will shocked to see Valentin, who was a man and something more. She had helped heal him back in Scotland and never thought she would see him again.

Baron Valentin, a Nvengarian bodyguard, was sent to be a bodyguard for an Ambassador and his wife of Nvengaria. He was on a mission but that will not take his complete attention away from searching for Mary. He wanted to find the woman he loved.

The Longest Night is the fourth story to the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. It had been a while since I read the other three stories from the series but I was quickly brought into the novella and enjoyed it. I wish it was a little longer. I wanted Mary and Valentin to get more to their story but what they got was enough to make a great story.

Mary was a widow and a woman in her thirties. She thinks she is over the hill and too old to be running away with a man. She was afraid to step out of place, but she was stronger than she knew. I liked that she became more brave and took that chance. Valentin was a bodyguard and a shapeshifter. He was loyal to the Prince and Grand Duke, although that was not always the case which was shown in the previous books. I really liked Valentin, he was a good match for Mary to shake up her stiffness and let her enjoy life and not be afraid of passion. It was also interesting to learn about him and the tragedy that feel upon his sister.

The mystery of who was shooting after who was intriguing and it kept me invested in the story. I wanted to get answers and find the villain. The Longest Night was a great addition to the Nvengaria series.

Highlander Ever After

Highlander Ever AfterEgan MacDonald has been given the task to protect Princess Zarabeth. He was nervous around the girl as she made him weak with desire. Egan will find that he will soon stop fighting his feelings and give in to the woman he has loved for years.

Princess Zarabeth has loved one man but she was rejected. Now five years later she’s back with that man as she is in danger and he is for her protection. She will find more than she thought staying at Egan’s castle and will find a curse on Egan’s family which she will be determined to break.

Highlander Ever After by Jennifer Ashley is the third and final book in the series Nvengaria. I wanted to read this right after the second book so I stayed in the moment of this magical world and wanted to know more about Egan and Zarabeth’s relationship ready.

The characters of Egan and Zarabeth were fun to read about especially there interaction. They had a past and Ashley explains it well and it shapes who these characters are. Zarabeth used to be carefree but now she is more cautious and she has a secret where she can read minds. She could not however read Egan’s mind which drew her towards him. I liked that she was magical. Now Egan was the laird of the castle without a doubt and took the job seriously. I loved that he was to be the protector of Zarabeth.

I had walked past this book many times before in the library but never getting it because I wanted to read the series in order. Now that I am here I really liked this series and this book. Highlander Ever After was a great finish to the series.

The Mad, Bad Duke

The Mad, Bad DukeMeagan Tavistock was helping a friend when they went to get a love spell. Meagan was told to keep the talisman by her friend and she soon finds that this talisman will work on the intended. She will be helpless to resist him even though resisting is the furthest thing from her mind, but once the spell wears off where will it leave her.

Alexander, the Grand Duke of Nvengaria, is on a mission given by Prince Damien. He is to watch the King of England but will soon be distracted when a love spell occurs and Meagan soon comes into his life. Alexander will find that he will also be discovering the other side of himself as the love spell triggers it.

The Mad, Bad Duke is the second book to the series Nvengaria by Jennifer Ashley. I wanted to remind myself what this series was about so re-read the first book. I had remembered the characters of Penelope and Damien but I didn’t remember all the details, so re-reading helped to get me back into this world of magic that the surrounds these characters. Ashley follows the same path from the first book to the second one. Magic plays a strong hand in the book as well as the creatures logosh who are magical but also thought as wild creatures.

The character Meagan is strong and fierce within the book but you could not tell that at first glance. She is more on the quiet side but will not shrink away from glares or gossip especially when it involves the man she loves, Alexander. I loved that what started this all was a love spell that was for a friend of hers. We find out more of the truth about the witch and find out who she paired up in the past with the same type of love spell. I was so happy that Meagan got the man she loved in the end. Alexander was fantastic but there was a hidden side, a more dangerous side if not controlled. It was interesting to read how he got that control and learn to cope.

What I found interesting was the logosh. Ashley does not call it shapeshifting but basically that is what happens as the logosh can look human but turn into a different form. It was an interesting way of writing about these creatures that was well done.