A Winter Wedding

A Winter WeddingKyle Houseman was constantly on guard from his ex wife who would not leave him alone. His solution was to just give her money to make her stop harassing him. That will soon stop when he meets a woman who shows him that it was possible to move on from the only woman he had loved.

Lourdes Bennett had come to Whiskey Creek for one reason which was to write her songs for her next album. The problem was that Lourdes was heartbroken and writing was not coming easy for her, then she meets Kyle and things will change.

A Winter Wedding is the ninth book in the series Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak. I really liked this book. I liked that it was about two characters who had their heart broken and both needed to be mended. This was not a book where the characters jumped right into bed which I appreciated because you got to know them first, and the fact that they had become friends was very sweet. They helped balance things out in each others lives.

Lourdes character was one that I easily liked. She was a small town girl trying to make a career for herself and she was not a diva. She was a down to earth character and at this point she was pretty vulnerable but she had a strength inside. That strength was helped by Kyle. So Kyle’s character was I thought of a push over. Now don’t get me wrong he was a strong guy but when it came to his ex he just gave in. Before I read this book I had read When We Touch which was when Kyle cheated on Olivia with her sister, who had become his wife. Kyle was always doing the right thing. I liked that finally in this book he was getting more of a backbone when it came to his ex wife. He was living again especially with Lourdes in the picture. There was one part in the book that had me cheering because Kyle finally gets some justice with all that had happened to him because of his ex wife.

Noelle, Kyle’s ex wife, was a piece of work. Basically from the entire series she had been nothing but trouble. In this book it was like she went crazy. She will do a lot of harm to those around her and personally I was happy with her ending. There was one thing that bugged me with how Olivia forgave Noelle especially since she had stolen Kyle, but I guess that was how Olivia operated and it had been five years.

I have one more book left to read in my pile for Brenda Novak which will be the tenth book, Discovering You, and I am reading that one next.

Sweetest Scoundrel

Sweetest ScoundrelMiss Eve Dinwoody is the bastard sister of Duke of Montgomery. She loved her blackmailing brother but disliked what he did to others. She will soon find herself in charge of her brothers money for Harte’s Folly. Eve could handle the bookkeeping but could not handle the owner, Asa.

Asa Makepeace aka Mr. Harte had been working at the theater since he was seventeen years. Asa had worked hard to make sure his theater was a success and he was close to the new opening, only one problem stood in his way, Eve Dinwoody. Asa knew he could not charm her like his other women, Asa would have to work hard to have Eve trust him.

Sweetest Scoundrel is the ninth book to the Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. I was happy to have Hoyt going back to the family that started the series, the Makepeace’s.

Asa’s character was a man who followed a path he knew that his family didn’t want. He was passionate and good at his job. I really liked him though in the beginning I did think that Asa was an ass to Eve. Though Eve was being cold to him as well. They each had their own reasons for being how they were and it was interesting how Hoyt wrote their back stories, especially Eve’s. You knew that something terrible had happened to her especially with her reaction to certain things that happened at the theater. The truth will be revealed and its pretty bad but things do get better for Eve especially when Asa starts helping. Eve’s character was shy and scared. She cared for those who were close but she was too scared to really take a step out of her own shadow. She will be able to take that step thanks to Asa.

The villain was unknown until close to the end when Hoyt revealed the truth. I felt that with the villain things moved very quickly at the end. I wouldn’t have minded a little more but in the end I got what I wanted with what happened to the villain.

The next book to the Maiden Lane comes out this May. This one will be with Val, the Duke of Montgomery and with Mrs. Crumb. I have a feeling this one will have a lot of secrets and some twist as these are not exactly honest characters. I can’t wait to read their story.

Lover Unleashed

Lover UnleashedPayne has been released from her prison only to find herself in another one when she is seriously injured. Her brother will make sure she does not stay paralyzed as he will bring in a doctor, Manuel Manello, to fix her. Payne, however, was ready to die that is until she meets her healer.

Manuel Manello had lost one of his best friends a year ago, but will soon find out that she is not completely gone when he is pulled into a very strange situation. Manny never believed that vampires were real, that is until he met a whole group of them. He will help heal Payne and find that he will not want to leave her side, but knows they have no future.

Unleashed is the ninth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. Another great book to the series. I found that I flew through the pages with this book. I thought it was interesting with the new character, Payne, and revisiting with Manny.

From the previous book I thought Manny was alright but in this one I was liking his character. I liked that he become tongue tied and not as cocky as he had been. He wants Payne pretty much right away and the feeling is mutual. Payne for me was like the other Chosen. She was very new to this world but what she has that the Chosen do not are the fighting skills. They have no problem with chemistry but what they do have a problem with is the future and how they can have a relationship.

Well with the last enemy not really in the book you know that Ward has to find another one and it will be from the past when the Bloodletter was alive, and the Bloodletter is V’s and Payne’s dad. Right now that enemy is staying hidden but I have no doubt he will come back to the Brothers to complete his mission.

The story of Qhuinn and Blay continue on and it gets interesting when it looked like Qhuinn was having almost a vision. Its a vision he never want to happen, which makes me wonder if Qhuinn will ever find happiness? Also with how things stand will these friends ever be together? I looked ahead with the summary’s of the books and found that Qhuinn’s story is coming in the eleventh book. Of course you will still hear about him in the tenth book which I will be reading next.

Against the Mark

Against the MarkHaley Warren knew that her father’s death wasn’t accidental after all she learned. Haley will get some help to investigate the truth which leaves her to discover more. More on her parents marriage, the woman her father left them for, but the real danger will be who will soon be after her and Tyler.

Tyler Brodie was helping out Ellie when he took the job to help investigate with Haley. He had a hard time keeping his mind on the job as his thoughts went to Haley who was not to be touched. Tyler will protect Haley from the danger with his life.

Against the Mark is Kat Martin’s ninth book from Raines of Wind Canyon series. This is a very easy series to get wrapped up into. The characters are easy to like and the plot is very easy to understand. Raines of Wind Canyon series tends to have those really tough guys and very attractive women who need help that only they can provide.

Tyler and Haley fit the requirement but there was more to the story than boy saves girl. There is the instant lust and sexual relationship that will follow these two but there is also mystery, the mystery of what happened to Haley’s father. It looked to be a simple accident and digging further there is more to the story. I liked that Martin goes through the plot with the intention of finding the killer. There is a little surprise with who a bad guy was which I didn’t expect to read. Safe to say the bad guy will fall and Haley and Tyler will have that happy ending we all wanted.

I can’t wait to read the next installment of the series.

On A Wild Night

On a Wild NightAmanda Cynster is going to find the right kind of man to have as a husband, not the boring men she has seen over and over the years in the ballroom. She will find the perfect man but knows that she can not be obvious in her pursuit. She will entice him to want to spend time together with her many outings that are not for the innocent woman.

Martin “Dexter” Fulbridge left society ten years ago but he was never really gone. He will play knight in shinning armor when he rescues an innocent woman at a table of cards. He will be confused by her desire to have excitement but can not leave her side so she can find another fool to be her chaperon.

On A Wild Night is the ninth book of the Cynster series from Stephanie Laurens. I go back and fourth with these books. The last one I liked, this one I loved. It was on the long side reaching over four hundred pages but I could not stop reading this book. The plot is simple with Amanda setting her sights on Dexter but it was their interaction that got me hooked. Amanda was a little silly at first which worried me about the book but quickly I found that was not how she was going to be. She was smart, had drive, and was not a weakling when standing up for what she believed. I loved that she stood her ground when it came to giving into marriage with Dexter, she kept him waiting so he understood the marriage should not be out of duty. Dexter was on the quiet side but that was just how he acted. He was easily a seducer especially when he found that being with Amanda was something he wanted.

There is the mystery that follows Dexter which is the scandal that drove him out of society ten years ago. The mystery is there in the book but it really progressed towards the end of the book when Amanda started to play detective. I loved the drive she had to solve this mystery and thus freeing Dexter from the gossip. I thought Laurens did a good job with the mystery but felt it was a little rushed, still well done. I also liked how she wrote Amanda and Dexter’s scenes together for when they were creating the lists of suspects who looked like Dexter.

Amelia’s story is up next with On A Wicked Dawn which I plan to start right away.

All Summer Long

All Summer LongClay Stryker an ex-model has come back home with a plan to make something of himself as a business man. He will find his time being divided between his new life and a firefighter Charlie who walked into his life. He didn’t want to start anything with a new woman but with Charlie he was going to help her out with a problem that has been hurting her for years.

Chantel “Charlie” Dixon is a tough firefighter who doesn’t let a lot of men come close to her. She is guarded as her first time was not a consensual one. She made a friend with Clay and took a chance to take the next step with healing herself.

As I really enjoyed the eighth book of Fool’s Gold I had a feeling this one I would like as well. I found Charlie to be a character I wanted to know more when she was in the eighth book. I got my wish with All Summer Long by Susan Mallery. This series really is a heartbreaking stories that have that uplifting at the end which is needed.

Immediately in the story Mallery brings you into the world of Fool’s Gold without a problem. The characters once again are all around which really lets the series grow. They float in and out of the plot but ultimately the story was focused on Clay and Charlie. Those two couldn’t be more opposite but they were both a little damaged with how people saw them and how they couldn’t open to love. Clay couldn’t as he had that love and wasn’t looking for it again. I loved that he wasn’t just another pretty face and that he truly cared. Charlie never had it and was hurt before she even had a chance. I loved that Charlie asked Clay as for the deal but the moment they started you hoped they find true feelings for each other.

On a side note of the book this was a heartwarming tale of forgiveness but I didn’t really want Charlie to forgive her mother. Her mother didn’t believe her when Charlie went to the police and filed rape charges. Her words of advice were horrible, don’t lead a man on. So with that I couldn’t really think Charlie should forgive but forgiveness is the way to grow and heal so I know why it was needed.

Fool’s Gold will be a series I will be coming back to as I want to find out how it all started but I have my eye on another series by Susan Mallery which is Lone Star Sisters.

Highland Savage

Sir Lucas Murray has been wounded and betrayed by the woman he loves. Surviving the betrayal he is once again reunited with Katerina and will find it hard to resist helping her.

Katerina Haldane has lost the one man she has loved but now all it not lost. She has found out that he has not died and she will save him from her scheming half sister, and try to win his trust once again.

I liked the book Highland Savage. It is the ninth book to the series Murray Family. There was the normal Scotland historical romance with the Murray family, but for me something was missing. I wasn’t thrilled by the plot but I did like the two characters who were entertaining to read. Lucas is Artan’s twin which references the eighth book where Artan was the lead character.

Highland Savage was a good book but it was missing the Murray family connections  I guess. I like it when Howell brings in that family which helps each other through the crisis. The next book is Highland Wolf.