DeceptionRaphael and Cyn must face a dangerous situation when someone from Raphael’s past kidnaps him while he is in Hawaii. An enemy from Europe has descended and wants Raphael’s territory.

Deception is the ninth book to the series Vampires in Americas by D. B. Reynolds. I really loved this book. It was intense with Raphael’s kidnapping and how Cyn and the team find a way to save him.

Cyn’s character is once again a bad ass. With every book she is getting more and more blood thirsty. I don’t want her to appear so invincible but I do love the kick ass attitude. She is a woman who would do whatever she needed to protect her mate. I loved that Raphael and Cyn have a connection as that helps them talk to each other in their dreams, which was helpful.

The villain, Mathilda was pretty viscous but really only in the cunning way. She was a woman who liked to get her way and when she didn’t get her way she had a temper tantrum. Mathilda’s way of capturing Raphael was underhanded as she using a lot of vampires and magic. The magic aspect was interesting which it sounds like there will be more with Nick’s character. I had liked Nick in the first book because he was just a guy but I don’t want him causing problems. I just really hope that a love triangle doesn’t happen with Cyn, Raphael and Nick. It is not needed.

I am reading Christian next.

In the Company of Vampires by Katie MacAlister

Fran is coming to save her mother because she has now gone missing. While she tries to save her the ex, Ben, will come back into her life. Fran was named his Beloved five years ago but she didn’t want to have her life bonded to a person out of force. Fran wanted love from Ben. When Fran comes into Ben’s life things have changed but they are not all what they appear to be as Fran will find out.

The nineth book, In the Company of Vampires, is another one by Katie MacAlister in the Dark One series. I found myself frustrated and really hooked on Fran and all the crazy things that were happening in her life.

Through the book I wanted to throw the book because of the character Naomi but I was happy that I found not everything was how it appeared. Ben and Fran were fantastic together, they didn’t need anything stepping in between that relationship, especially now that they are older. MacAlister created them sweet and humorous throughout the book.

A fantastic nineth book to the series Dark One.