Sunrise Point

Sunrise PointTom Cavanaugh was back and adjusting to civil life with his grandmothers apple orchard. Tom will meet a woman but know she is not the one for him. He will keep her as a friend as he takes a look at a more sophisticated woman but he will keep looking at Nora.

Nora Crane needed more work and lucked out with the apple orchard. She has an instant connection with Tom but knows it can’t happen because he is her employer. She will become friends with him even though she wants more from him.

Sunrise Point is the nineteenth book to Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. I came upon this author and thought to give her a try. I picked a book that is almost at the very end of the large series. From what I can tell you can read this book on its own as its a complete story and I didn’t feel I was missing anything.

I finished the book with a smile on my face but it took me a little time to get into the book. I liked the characters and it had a cute plot but I wasn’t pulled into the story. Part of it I thought was Tom’s inability to see the woman Darla who was way too superficial and I guess he was at first since all he saw was on the outside. He does get a clue but its really towards the end, but once that happens I will say the relationship between him and Nora was sweet and it blossomed into more. Nora I liked right away and how she got along with Maxie the vibrant grandmother.

There were good parts to the story which lead me to finish it up and since I was smiling at the end I figured I will be back to Robyn Carr. Maybe I will try out the first book to this series to see how it all began or just grab another from the series, which ever is more available.


One Lucky Vampire

One Lucky VampireNicole Phillips is a successful artist but going through a divorce that is leaving her with too many problems. She will get some help with a new cook/housekeeper but she will be getting more than she realized.

Jake Colson is on a job thanks to a family member but it is not the normal security job. He has to play a role to help protect an artist who is being threatened by her ex-husband. He will keep an eye on her but his lust will take over even when the accidents gets too close.

One Lucky Vampire is the nineteenth book from the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands. I have read all of the books of this series and it keeps me going with every book I have read. Lynsay Sands brings this series with a interesting twist with the nanos. This was another good book to read. She keeps growing the series with new family members and it looks as if she is giving more options going to the Notte side of the family. There is a side of me that still loves the very beginning books the best but no matter what these books are very entertaining.

I liked Nicole’s character in the book. She was an artist and stressed over all that she has been happening to her with the divorce. I liked that you found out more info on the soon to be ex husband which gives several answers to several situations that happened. Now there is of course our hero who is Jake. He was turned only seven years ago and doesn’t really like it. He does understand more now and stops hating what he is.

There will be plenty of sex between Nicole and Jake once they understand they are life mates and it doesn’t really stop. Their relationship goes fast pretty quickly but that is like most of the couples in the series. It gets a little humorous with Jake’s family intruding on them. I thought that getting to who is behind all the accidents took a while to have it all wrapped up together. There is a twist with this person that kept you guessing towards a different direction.