The Suffragette Scandal

The Suffragette ScanalMiss Frederica “Free” Marshall was a woman who had started her own paper that was written by women and for women. She will quickly find that she had made an enemy and one man will be there to help her.

Edward Clark wanted revenge against his brother for what James was going to do to Stephan. He will find himself helping out Stephan’s employer who was another target of James.

The Suffragette Scandal is the fourth book from the series Brother Sinister by Courtney Milan. I really loved this book.

Free’s character was really fantastic. She had been mentioned early on and had a small part here and there through the series but it was now her turn. She was a woman who wanted to change the world. She was making sure that women had a voice through her paper. She was fearless with all that she did but she wasn’t completely fearless as the things that she had done gave her nightmares at times. Then there is Edward’s character that is out for revenge against his brother who had abandoned him at war. Edward also wanted to set things right for the men who were his true family. Now even though Edward’s character was pretty cruel at times with his blackmail schemes he will show that he is someone who wants more when it comes to Free.

Free and Edward would not have worked if he had been a nobleman but he had renounced that title, at least for now. She falls for the man that Edward had become. Now they have that insistent mistrust when dealing with each other but that will change when feelings start to get involved.

The villain in this piece was certainly James, Edward’s brother. He was not the most evil villain but he was definitely a bad guy especially with what he will attempt to do to Free and what he did to his own brother.

I will be reading the Stephan’s story next.

A Tale of Two Lovers

A Tale of Two LoversLord Simon Roxbury was a rake and had no desire to change that is until his father too away his way of living. He was to marry or become penniless. Roxbury liked his wealth and reluctantly chose marriage which he found out would not be easy when a columnist decided to give rumor to him liking the opposite sex.

Lady Julianna Somerset created her column after her husband died. She lived for writing and was good at discovering peoples secrets. She will write a scandal relating to Lord Roxbury which will earn her an enemy with Roxbury.  This will lead to her downfall in reputation which will lead her needing to work with Roxbury.

A Tale of Two Lovers is the second book to Maya Rodale’s series Writing Girls. This was another great book from the author. The plot flows easy as I read the story about Julianna and Roxbury.

Now this was a romance novel certainly as you can tell from the cover but these two characters were not in love whatsoever, at least not in the beginning. In the beginning they were mortal enemies. It was like they brought out the worst in each other yet underneath that anger was the wonder of seduction and lust. Roxbury was all about the seduction but it was more to teach her a lesson and Julianna thought about lust but did not want to push that idea to reality as she had been burned before in her previous marriage. They start getting along as they spend time with each other which is partly due to the need of repairing their reputations. I liked that they bonded over the hunt for the mysterious Man About Town and his identity.

Alright so now about the Man About Town this was a mystery. This person was a columnist who is competition for the Writing Girls. The person could be anyone but an older man since he had been doing the column for forty years. So my guess for this man was not even possible until Rodale gave one clue and then I knew exactly who this person was. I liked how Rodale ended it with this person which certainly gave Julianna the upper hand.

I am reading the fourth book next. I had previously read the third book to the series which featured Eliza. I can’t wait to find out more on Mr. Knightly.

A Groom of One’s Own

A Groom of One's OwnSophie Harlow had been left at the alter which was heartbreaking. She moved on with her life and became a writer. She would write about all the society weddings but her recent job will be difficult when she starts to have feelings for the groom.

Duke of Hamilton and Brandon was getting married to the perfect girl. She was beautiful, undemanding and was not in love with him. Brandon will find himself in trouble when his eyes drift longingly towards the writer who is doing the exclusive on his wedding.

A Groom of One’s Own is the first book to Maya Rodale by Writing Girls. I really enjoyed this book. Having already read the third book of the series I knew that I liked these woman and Rodale’s style of writing. Her writing is fun and she brings some humor to these characters with the situation they were getting themselves into, especially at the end.

So Brandon was engaged to Clarissa but he wanted another, Sophie, and she wanted him as well. Then Clarissa wanted her prince but was stuck being engaged to Brandon. It sounded like a play but these characters are clever enough and driven by love so they will find a way. Now there will be a problem with some secrets which are on Clarissa side. These secrets are a problem which threatened everyone from finding happiness. I will say I was a little surprised by the secret but it made sense.

I thought all characters had a place in the book and liked them all, well except for Lady Richmond. She was a piece of work and you wanted her to back off and let Clarissa find her own happiness.

Now the romance was something I loved in this book. It was a forbidden romance but I liked that even though the romance was forbidden no one was being really hurt because Brandon loved Sophie and Clarissa loved the prince.

I am reading the second book next.

Love Come To Me

Love Come to MeHeath Rayne, a charming Southerner, will find himself playing hero to Lucinda Caldwell who had fallen through the ice. He had wanted to meet her since he had first set his eyes upon her. He wants to be with her and will find a way.

Lucinda Caldwell was set to be married to her lifelong love but when she finds Heath her mind will change. She will fight against her feelings but it will only last so long. She will find her life changing and married to a man she does not know.

Love Come To Me is a standalone novel by Lisa Kleypas. I really liked this novel though there were parts that annoyed me at times. One part was when Lucy was acting too much like a child. She got a little annoying at times with how she acted but then you understood that she was not satisfied with how her life was turning out but too afraid to make that change. A change is forced upon her and she will embrace it eventually. The character Heath was an interesting one. I liked him as he was a good man, charming but thoughtful. He just did not tell everything that needed to be said which will get him into trouble with Lucy.

I liked most of the characters. Daniel, who was Lucy’s fiance, was not a bad man but not the one for Lucy. I thought him a coward for just not being honest with Lucy since they had been friends for so long. Then there was Raine who was from Heath’s past. She wanted to get him back which of course I didn’t want. I am happy to say that Heath is a very good man and loved his wife, so there was nothing to worry about in that case.

At the end of the book we get our happy ending but towards the end it almost looked like that would not happen. The ending is sweet with what Lucy finds out and you can’t help but smile at the declaration of love.

With reading this book I have a wanting to read more from Lisa Kleypas and found some more books of hers that I am sure I will enjoy.

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

Never Judge a Lady by Her CoverI have waited for the fourth book to Rules of Scoundrels by Sarah MacLean. I have been waiting to read this book since I read the third book. I had a need to read the book because of the big surprise which was at the end of the third book. Alright big spoiler on this one so if you don’t want to know more then I would stop reading right now! Chase is really Anna who is really the Duke of Leighton’s sister, Gerogiana, who we heard about in Sarah MacLean’s other series. I love that MacLean connects her characters like that. So now that I got that out of my system here is a summary of the book.

Lady Georgiana had suffered a scandal and paid the price but she has a secret that no one in London knows except her partners. Lady Georgiana may be a ruined girl but she is also the notorious Chase who owns the Fallen Angel. After six years of playing the part she finds that she will have to come back into society to find a husband with a title for the sake of her daughter but there will be a man who will have her distracted, Duncan West. Not only does he distract but he will discover that she is hiding more which threatens her identity.

Duncan West was a driven man and brilliant who owned a chain of newspapers. He looked for secrets and revealed them to either help or hinder. He will put it upon himself to help Lady Georgiana after his paper had wronged her but he will find that there is something off with the Lady. Duncan will want to discover her secret while he guarded his own.

I loved this book. Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover was fantastic book to read. I had been a little disappointed with the third book but there were no problems with the fourth book. I was hooked right away and fascinated by the way that Georgiana had her different identities. I thought that MacLean did a very impressive job at hiding the identity of Chase with the first three books. I had never even guessed that Chase was a woman.

Georgiana was a strong woman yet so vulnerable at the same time especially when it came to acting like herself who had been ruined. When she played Chase she was strong and determined with a vengeance streak. Now Duncan was interesting. He had his own secrets and MacLean wrote his story well. I was hooked and wanted to know what had happened to him. You of course will find out but it is closer to the end and I was surprised by the information that you find out.

The romance between Georgiana and Duncan is steamy. There is definitely sexual tension that amounts but it does not take long for them to find that lust together and when they do it is fiery.

The villain was quite a villain but I felt that he was down played and it was really about Georgiana and her secret which was alright with me. Though MacLean does make sure that the villain is known and that he is a despicable man who deserves what is coming towards him.

The ending is pure justice for Duncan and for Georgiana. They get their happy ending which I could not be happier with since they are together at the end. The ending could be considered sappy but I found it perfect. With this book the series ends as all four owners of The Fallen Angel stories have been told. I don’t know if Sarah MacLean will be writing more on the series but I do hope that she will write more stories. Maybe she will write one with Sophie who was introduced in this book. Only time will tell.

The Tattooed Duke

The Tattooed Duke (The Writing Girls, #3)Duke of Wycliff, Sebastian, was back in London and found himself penniless and in need of a wealthy wife. He wants to get back to his expeditions and leave his potential bride to be in London. Things will not go his way when he finds himself looking towards Eliza, his maid.

Eliza Fielding was a writer for a London newspaper and in order to keep her job she had to get the inside scoop on the notorious Duke of Wycliff. Eliza will disguise herself as a maid in his household and listen to all that Wycliff says but she will find herself falling little by little in love with the Duke.

The Tattooed Duke is the third book to the series Writing Girls by Maya Rodale. I found this novel to be a great romance book. I flew through the pages wanting to find out what was going to happen next with the characters and for them to have that happy ending. Maya Rodale is a new author for me and I know immediately that I will be coming back to this author. I don’t know what it was about this book other than to say it was a fun book to read. There is passion but also lies that are being told left and right by these characters.

Eliza was a character I loved. She was a writer for the paper and she goes undercover to write her articles. You knew that this lie she was living would come to bit her so that wasn’t surprising. I was surprised by her other secret she was holding. Now Wycliff was a very unconventional Duke. He was a man who didn’t want to be a Duke and to go back to living in the tropics. He was a passionate man in all aspects and now especially with Eliza.

The passion between Wycliff and Eliza was not unheard of but for them to find that happy ending would be next to impossible for several reasons. That of course does not stop me from wanting them to have that happy ending.

Before that happy ending can happen there are some villains that had to be gotten rid of, which were Liam, a man from Eliza’s past, and Lady Althea, a woman from Wycliff’s past. Personally both of these people were dangerous in their own way, but Liam topped it with the violence against Eliza. Lady Althea was a conniving woman who was out for the prize which she deemed was Wycliff.

Okay so personally I wasn’t warming up to the editor Knightly but I am certainly looking forward to reading his story which is the fourth book. I want to know more about him and about Eliza’s fellow writers. As I said above I will be without a doubt coming back to this author to read the other three novels from the series Writing Girls.

Lady Anne’s Lover

Lady Anne's LoverLady Imaculata Anne Egremont needed to leave London immediately to get away from her father. She will disguise herself as a housekeeper. She expected an elder man but her boss was a lot younger with a missing arm. Anne will do her job and will find herself falling in love with him as he will protect her.

Major Gareth Ripton-Jones wants to live in his own misery but it seems that his new housekeeper wouldn’t leave him alone. Gareth will come to know Anne and quickly come to want her more than he has wanted anyone before. She makes him become a better man but he wasn’t exactly ready for that. He still had to figure out who killed the woman who he once loved.

Lady Anne’s Lover is the third book to London List series from Maggie Robinson. First time trying out the author and I have to say that I will be coming back to her. The story caught my attention as Anne was recapping her scandal but what got me was why she wrecked havoc on her reputation. She wanted herself ruined as her father was trying to get a little too friendly towards her. Needless to say this was a touchy subject but I thought Robinson wrote it well but it didn’t completely concentrate on that subject. This story was really about Anne finding a way out and for someone that she could trust and love.

So Gareth almost seemed like a worthless cause as he was a drunk but he changed overtime in the book. He was a confident man and a master at seduction when it came to Anne. Of course he does fall back to drinking to hide and not confess his feelings which could ruin his chances to keep a hold onto Anne. Now Anne was a strong character as she was a fighter. She would not stop fighting until she was free. I liked that she was letting down her guard each day with Gareth and she was letting herself fall in love with this man. Through all of this they will also help solve the murder of Gareth’s first love. I was actually surprised by the murderer as I wasn’t not suspecting this person.

As I said above I will be coming back to this author. I wouldn’t mind reading the first book from this series which was the start of this paper that revealed scandal by certain members of society. If I can’t get that one I can always look for another book from Maggie Robinson.

Secrets to Seducing a Scot

Serena Marsh is used to the life of luxury but all that is about to change when her father forces her to come to Scotland for a visit. But the visit turns longer and Serena is stuck unless she wants to desert her father.

Malcolm Slayter comes into the lives of the Marsh’s as a protector but soon a fire is lite when he encounters Serena. Malcolm keeps his word to protect Serena in and out of bed especially when trouble comes knocking on her door.

Secrets to Seducing a Scot is the first book of the series Highland Knaves by Michele Marcos and it is thrilling while being seducing with the characters.

From the first page you are drawn in to the horrors which are so cruel to a family who only wants peace. As the reader you are now invested in how Malcolm will overcome this tragedy.

I love how Serena is portrayed as a spoiled woman, even though she really is not, but learns quickly to handle the serious issues which will come her way.

I am excited about reading the next of the children which survived the brutal attack on the family. Secrets to Seducing a Scot was a fantastic start to this Highland Knaves series.

Not So Snow White

The Glass Slipper, Inc. series is new to me from Donna Kauffman but I thought I would give it a try. I ended up picking the fourth book to the series Not So Snow White.

Tess Hamilton was a top tennis player since the age of fifteen years old. She was known as the wild child for her stunts on and off the court. Tess regretted her brazen behavior but owned up to it. Two years after her financial issues and injury Tess is trying to find a way back but with all her sponsors dropping her she is out of luck. Tess will find luck at the Glass Slipper Inc. and in a sixteen year old rising tennis star but the only problem is the brother.

Max Fontaine’s job was to protect his sister and her dreams she held. She was fierce on the court and determined but Max wanted her to hold back. Max thinks when Gabby meets Tess all is lost as he thinks Tess is nothing but a wild child like the gossip column view her as. They will be part right but once Max gets to know her he will find she is the one that will be able to help his sister find her place in tennis, and not to mention help him find what he has been missing.

I wasn’t thrilled at the beginning. The story wasn’t one to grab you right away but once you really get into the characters that is when you want to continue to read. I liked the simplicity of the story. Kind of reminded me a little of the movie Wimbledon with Kristen Dunst and Paul Bettany. Not the same story line but similar in a way.

Not So Snow White is a good novel to read and is playing off a modern fairy tales with the title like that. I liked that these woman from the company were like godmothers it kept humor invested in the book. After reading the fourth book to the series I found myself interested to start at the beginning of the series to see how Donna Kauffman started it with the modern day Cinderella.

Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

The Bridgerton series continues with the fourth book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. Colin is the next Bridgerton who is going to be caught for marriage.

Penelope has been in love, she has been in love with Colin Bridgerton for eleven years but that is not her only secret she keeps. At twenty eight Penelope is on the shelf and bored with life but is thrilled as Colin comes back only in hopes to talk to him.

Colin Bridgerton is the third child of his family and all he longs to do is travel. He has no purpose in life that fills him, that drives him. Soon though that changes when he finally sees Penelope in a new light. She will be what drives him to see to his passion, his dream. Together they will find out the secrets which would bring them closer.

The story was fun and in the smart, funny way that Quinn has written the series. I love how Penelope has now come forward and she is not the wallflower which she had been thanks to Colin.

There are ups and downs with the characters but it makes the story interesting and compelling to read. I liked it that Quinn created Colin and Penelope to be vulnerable.

The mystery woman is revealed and my suspect was right but I needed more answers. Quinn explains this person’s reasoning and it all makes sense at the end. I was very excited that Quinn finally gave the identity.

The fourth book was full of surprises and will leave you laughing and cheering for the relationship of Penelope and Colin.