Once upon a Billionaire

Once upon a BillionaireGriffin Verdi was royalty and hated it. He hated the fuss and everything that went with it. He will be forced to go back home for a wedding and with his luck he had to get a new assistant, Maylee. Griffin will be shocked by this new assistant but as he spends time with her, Griffin finds himself feeling things for this woman.

Maylee Meriweather was out of her depth but she wanted to make sure to do her job well. She will work hard for Griffin but she found it difficult to follow all the rules and even more difficult not to fall for her boss.

Once Upon a Billionaire is the fourth book to the series Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare. Alright so I really liked this book but there were a couple things that drove me a little nuts to annoyed. It mainly was how Griffin acted. He was a snob and not very good with people. He kept making these comments that really hurt Maylee. He will make it right but he comes very close to loosing her. So then there is Maylee. I guess I wouldn’t say she drove me nuts because in reality I did really like her character. I think that her character was a little over the top. But I did like her spirit with how she was seeing everything for the first time.

So, personally I don’t see how a naive southern girl would end up with a snobbish royal but as this is fiction that will happen, and hey I’m a sucker for characters finding love. Well, what I will say is that Jessica Clare wrote these characters well with how they should and would act.

So another book to the series down and now I am on to the fifth book.

Stranded with a Billionaire

Stranded with a BillionaireLogan Hawkings was a billionaire and had been burned before with relationships. Though when he meets Bronte he will find himself falling hard. To make sure he wouldn’t be burned again he will test her while he keeps a distance, emotionally.

Bronte Dawson was on a free vacation but it wasn’t the paradise trip she had expected, especially when there was a hurricane. She will be rescued by a man who she found herself wanting to love but that will all change when she finds he had lied to her. Bronte will not stop loving the man but will be afraid to step into his world.

Stranded with a Billionaire is the first book to the series Billionaire Boys Club by Jessica Clare. Alright so I really liked this novel. Everything about this story is predictable but it doesn’t matter as I really liked the characters who kept the book going for me.

Logan was not a nice man and he had some trust and control issues. I didn’t really mind Logan and his control issues, frankly because it wasn’t that controlling. He needed to learn to trust that Bronte would not want his money but Logan goes about things very wrong and I liked that because it showed he wasn’t mister perfect. So then there is Bronte. She is someone who needed a break and she gets it but she doesn’t let this life consume her. It is partially because of her past with her father. I liked that she drew back from Logan but then didn’t like it at times. She was running because she was afraid of this new world she had stepped into with Logan.

The passion between them is well done and you can believe that Bronte would be swept up by Logan and his charm through the disaster. It would be hard not to form an attachment. Though I liked that Jessica Clare did not just make this into a fairy tale between the two characters. There were lies, some betrayal, still a lot of a passion, and both characters were scared to truly start something real between them.

After reading this one I am excited to read what will happen to the next set of characters. Well, I am off to read the second book to the series.

The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage BargainAlexa Maria McKenzie decided to try her luck and cast a love spell to find the perfect man especially one that has cash to spend. Alexa needed money to save her parents home and will be shocked when the perfect person for the job was her best friends brother.

Nicholas Ryan was a billionaire and was about to get what he wanted but there was a problem. He had to marry to get the company he needed. With the help of his sister he will find a wife, her best friend.

The Marriage Bargain is the first book to the series Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst. I really liked the first book. This was a shorter novel then the other two I have read from the series but it was still a very entertaining novel to read. There were characters opposites of each other, fights, jealousy, hot sex and finally love even though it almost comes at the end and almost always too late.

Alexa was a kind and generous woman. She was determined to do things her way and on her own. I liked her love of animals and her drive to help out animals that need that extra help. Then there was Nicholas who did not want any attachments. He wanted to work but the “will” from his uncle stopped those plans. He was a good man but he was cold at times which was from his upbringing. Nicholas will start to change thanks to his wife, that is eventually. I thought that Jennifer Probst wrote a perfect ending to the book that will make you smile and know that this couple will have a chance.

I liked the list of requirements for Alexa and Nicholas and their potential spouses which were the exact opposites and yet it will work. That is when they were not fighting which was almost comical at times. Their fiery natures worked well for their attention to each other. When they had the chance the passion which surrounded them flared to life especially when they were arguing.

I am reading the second book to the series next which will complete the series for me as I have already read the third and fourth book.

Missing You

Missing YouJess was getting back to her life after living through war because of her job which made her lose her ability. Though Jess is not happy with her life in New York. She likes teaching kids but not becoming a professional musician. She will be shocked to find Rob, the boy she loved and who she broke up with, was at her doorstep and asking for help to find his sister.

Missing You is the fifth and final book to the series 1-800-Where-R-You by Meg Cabot. I was happy that she was able to write another book after the four books. With the fourth one she ended it and it was good but I wanted to know more with what was going to happen with this group Jess was working with and how Jess and Rob progressed in the relationship department.

So as I was reading the book I started to remember more and more of what the book was about but I was still missing little details. I was shocked to read about how Jess got post traumatic stress disorder which resulted in her losing her powers. Then there was Rob who was seen kissing another girl. Well I knew that Cabot would not disappoint us with Rob and Jess not being together, and she doesn’t. Its hard at first but when you find out what Rob has done to better his life and it is for Jess which will make your heart melt.

The missing sister was interesting and led them on a path of some pretty bad things that involved girls being taped and who were underage. I liked the end scene as the bad guy does not get the happily ever after ending since that is reserved for Jess and Rob.

So since the beginning Jess’s mom, Toni, has not been my favorite. It is like she wants Jess to be the perfect daughter and Jess is not that girl. I hated that she disapproved of Rob and kept reminding Jess that he kissed another woman. I was happy that she changed towards the end, well to a point. Her dad though was pretty great especially the last book. It surprised me that Cyrus, the FBI agent, was also pretty nice. He wasn’t bugging Jess to join back up since her powers came back. Mostly I figured it was because of her post traumatic stress but it was still nice he didn’t try to manipulate her.

So with that ends the series I read from Meg Cabot when I was a teenager. I have only read one other series which was Insatiable. That one was not bad. There are others out there like the Princes Diaries but I was never into that one and the fact was after this series I stopped reading a lot of young adult books. Down the road I might try another one of her series.

The Mediator-Shadowland

The Mediator-ShadowlandSusannah Simon or known as Suze to only her mother is having a hard time dealing with a big move from New York to California. Her mother married a man who had three sons. Susannah’s problems aren’t stopping there as she is a mediator and can talk to the dead who wouldn’t leave her alone at times. Coming to California she will have a ghost in her home and one in her school who wants revenge. Susannah is the only one who could stop her but she will soon find out that she is not alone being a mediator.

Shadowland is the first book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. First off this is a young adult book and I really do stay clear from these books for the most part. Although this series is different as it came out in 2000 so I was still a teenager at 14 years old and found myself loving this book back then. I wanted to revisit this series, which I own, so I am reading all six books in row.

I really loved this book as it showed promise with Susannah who can see ghost and help them. Rereading this again I find myself smiling at the characters and what she had to go through and I am taken back to the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer with its very first episode. I guess because Susannah has a secret identity that she has to keep secret but has these new friends who will be her sidekicks and lets not forget the priest who knows and sees these ghosts as well.

Susannah was a bit rough around the edges but she had to grow up fast and has gotten in some tough situations thanks to her ability to see the dead. I liked how Cabot gave Susannah the ability to be able to touch these ghost and not just see them and able to communicate with them. Now she is not the normal girl but I loved that in this new school she had become very popular thanks to her saving the most popular boy. That was something she could never have achieved in her old school. I love Jesse’s character as he is our good looking ghost who has old fashioned ways especially as he was killed back in the eighteen century. He is self righteous but wants to protect Susannah from herself. For me Susannah and Jesse are the main characters to this book but there are many other characters who are great on their own.

I know how this series goes obviously as I have already read it but I am looking forward to revisiting the books. The second book is called Ninth Key which I am reading next.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Unleasing Mr. DarcyElizabeth Scott was taking a leave of absence that was being enforced by her job as she was on probation due to a scandal. Elizabeth was able to enjoy herself some as she puts her dog through dog shows. She will find a new job opportunity in England which will keep her in proximity of Donovan Darcy who had mad and wanting him.

Donovan Darcy was judging another dog show but this time it was different. He will meet a woman who will have him smiling and annoyed at the same time. He will be surprised to find her in London and Donovan will want nothing more than to spend more time with the woman who was driving him mad.

Unleashing Mr. Darcy is a standalone novel by Teri Wilson. I absolutely loved this book. There is certainly parts of this book that are familiar to Pride & Prejudice with scenes that are very much like the classic story, but Wilson makes her own story.

It was a charming tale that happened between Elizabeth and Donovan and how dogs brought them together. I liked the instant dislike that Elizabeth had for Donovan as based on her own experiences with the wealthy. The dislike does not go away as Elizabeth is stubborn and nervous about letting him get closer. Donovan is not the stuck up man you would think him to be. He is a fun guy to be around, a little serious, but that was too be expected as he had to grow up fast when his parents died. I love his kindness with animals and that is shared with Elizabeth which does bond them.

Their relationship is anything but a fairytale as Elizabeth doesn’t always like him and Donovan finds her annoying. Of course they work it out and then more bumps in the road happen. Donovan will be persistent in his pursuit of Elizabeth and you can’t help but sigh over his attempts and want a Donovan for yourself.

The villains are certainly Helena and Grant. Helena was the jealous one when it came to Elizabeth as she wanted Donovan. She will do anything to get rid of the competition. Halfway through I was thinking I bet Grant will be making an appearance. He does as his part in the story wasn’t quite finished. I really wanted these two characters to be kicked to the curb and thankfully Wilson will not disappoint.

After such an enjoyable story I want to read more but am hesitant as sometimes you read such an amazing book and the next one is not up to those standards which I doubt. You just never know. Though I have a feeling I will be back for another Teri Wilson’s book because I am curious about the other books she wrote about.

Sweet Talk

Sweet TalkClaire Keyes a renowned pianist is coming back home to her estranged sisters and a home she had not seen in years. Claire wanted to make things right starting with helping her twin sister get through the surgery. She helped at the family bakery but it seemed everything she did she was told it was wrong. Claire was determined to become a family again with her sisters.

Wyatt knew not to trust Claire as he had listened over the years from Nicole about the estranged sister. He tried to keep his distance and dislike but she surprised him. Wyatt did not want a relationship but wanted to be with Claire who was willing to do the same.

Sweet Talk is the first book to the series Keyes Sisters from Susan Mallery. I was taken back from the book, first off I should say that I really liked this book. All the sisters were talked about, Claire, Nicole and Jesse but it was really Claire’s story. Now with that being said I have to say the main emotion was hate in this book, most of it coming from Nicole who has a lot of resentment to both of her sisters. There are plausible reasons but for hating Claire it seemed that Nicole’s hatred over the years only grew. It was interesting to read about all the sisters and what problems they had gotten into or what they had to deal with over the years. I am interested in what Jesse’s story is as I think there is more to it as no one is really listening to her.

So back to Claire I liked that she seemed real as she was pulled from her home at the age of six years old. I liked reading about how she grew a backbone when dealing with her sisters, her manager and even Wyatt. Now Wyatt was a great character but very jaded over what he thought would happen if he tried. There is a little surprise that comes about towards the end which results Wyatt to be pushing further away from Claire even more.

With the book there was a lot of hostility in the beginning with Nicole and Claire along with Claire and Wyatt. I liked the transition Mallery gives as that hatred does loosen up and becomes friendly.

The addition of Amy, Wyatt’s daughter, gave the adults a way to bond particularly Nicole and Claire who both had taken care of the girl.

These sisters have me hooked which is why I am happy to have picked up all three at the same time. The next book is with Nicole in Sweet Spot. I am curious if she will cool down her sarcasm and forgive her baby sister. Then again that might happen in Jesse’s story.