Double the Pleasure

Double the PleasureDouble the Pleasure is a collection of four stories by four different authors. My drive to read this book was because of Lori Foster’s novella Deuces Wild. This novella is part of the series Winston Brothers and Cousins. I loved this series especially the story that had Joe in it. I liked this novella. It was short but overall it was good. The story was about twin brothers and Hart had to leave but needed Dex to stay and pretend to be him. The problem happens when Dex’s meets and girl and she thinks that he is Hart, and Dex goes along with the lie. I felt that the girl forgave a little too easily but it had to be done quickly with the story being a novella. I liked the twin brothers. With reading Dex’s story I am intrigued with Hart and what was going on with the girl he had been with then left. It might be awhile before I find his story but I will be on the look out for it.

The other authors and their stories are The Lucy of the Irish by Deirdre Martin, which is about a carpenter who has the choice of going home to Ireland or sticking around in New York. With this one I wished that it was a book because then you would have gotten to really know the characters. You got to know them but it felt way to quick. The next book is Your Room or Mine? by Jacquie D’ Alessandro. This one is all about coworkers who judge each other to quickly but with a weekend to bond things will heat up. I liked the story. Once again I thought it was too short but it was enjoyable. The last book of the collection is Double the Danger by Penny McCall which is with an FBI agent and witness protection. Personally I wasn’t that into the book. I read it but it didn’t really thrill me.

Overall I will have to say that this collection was an enjoyable read.

Too Good to Be True

Too Good to Be TrueGrace Emerson had a habit of making up boyfriends to make herself not so lonely. She will make him up again when her ex-fiance starts to date her younger sister. She will get herself into hot water with the lie that will have her rethinking what she wanted, which just might be her neighbor Callahan O’Shea.

Too Good to Be True is a novel by Kristan Higgins. This was another fantastic book from the author. She writes these stories well and makes you feel for these characters.

Grace was a strong character just not when confronting her feelings. She hid behind her fake boyfriends. I liked that she grew up during this book and stopped being a coward around her family. Now Callahan I knew wasn’t a bad guy. He was an ex-con but he had not done the crime. You find out the whole story throughout the plot. I found myself cheering for Grace and Callahan but was waiting for the downfall that would happen between them.

So I was ready to dislike the sister Natalie thinking that she was a home wrecker but I found out that wasn’t the case. She was a good person, a little spoiled and babied. I was a little mad that she went for Andrew even though Grace said it was okay. Andrew however I did dislike especially at the end of the book. He was unbelievable and deserved what he had gotten.

The ending of the book took a turn I didn’t see coming, which I thought was perfect. There was some justice for Grace and she got her happy ending, which I had cheered for since the beginning of the book.

The Wolf Next Door by Lydia Dare

From the very first book I waited to see when William would be up against Prisca. I wanted to know their story since there was history that Lydia Dare created. Dare does not disappoint as she rehashes old history and new that the two would be making with each other in The Wolf Next Door

Prisca Hawthorne loved William Westfield but he frustrated her more. Each time she saw him her heart went faster but he would never stay for long. He was always chasing some skirt that he found. William Westfield didn’t want to admit it but he needed Prisca. She was his and when a lone wolf was approaching his territory William new it was now to take action and not to be afraid. But there will be bumps along the road to happiness as Prisca must discover who William really is.

I was impressed with Dare’s storytelling within this novel. From the first page I new that I would love reading this novel. Throughout the novel you found out what went wrong between Prisca and William. I knew that they would be together but there was a problem that stood in the way. The ever charming earl who just happened to be a wolf as well.

Through Dare’s story I hoped and needed to know what was going to happen between this trio. Hoped and knew there would be happiness but you never know. Dare keeps the reader involved throughout the whole book with Prisca’s stubbornness, William’s charm and both their wit.

This was the third book with the brothers and now they are finished but Dare has another book which will bring a man to Ellie’s friend Cait.