The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh

The Taming of Ryder CavanaughMiss Mary Cynster is the last marriageable Cynster at least for right now so there were not going to be a lacking of suitors. Mary has her own mind set on her suitor as long as the necklace comes to life. She will be frustrated as it will but to the wrong man. Soon after Mary will find herself linked to this man and accidents start to happen to them.

Marquess of Raventhorne, Ryder Cavanaugh is the eldest brother of his half siblings which left him in charge. He will know that it is time to start looking for a wife and knew the perfect one was Mary. He will just have to convince her that he is the right man to wed which will get a little tricky as accidents keep happening to them.

The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh is the fifth and last book to the series Cynster Sisters from Stephanie Laurens. Like the previous book I liked the story. Stephanie Laurens can write well and her characters are engaging.

Mary is the last marriageable Cynster as of right now and I found it funny as that meant she was a prize to be had by suitors thanks to her family. Mary is an intelligent girl and knows her own mind with the exception of not seeing things how they are like pursuing a man who has no interest in marriage. It was kind of funny how she pursued one suitor who she thought would be perfect for her husband but her necklace did not react. It only reacted to one man who Mary had no desire to be shackled too. Ryder is the man that Mary is trying to avoid, but he is not really a bad guy. He is just a rogue who usually gets the girl and a caring one at that as he always has time for his half siblings. I liked their family unit with the siblings as it was genuine. I liked that Ryder wanted Mary not for a mistress but for a wife. He will attempt to seduce her to be his wife but there will be some things getting in his way, like the mysterious accidents that kept happening.

The act of the accidents I knew exactly who is was as it was pretty obvious right from the beginning. I wasn’t disappointed that I knew the culprit as you still did not know what kind of accidents were coming next. The villain has their own ending which will leave Mary and Ryder save from any harm.

The Accidental Courtesan

Lady Noelle Seymour only had to sneak into the earl’s bedroom and put back the necklace one of the courtesans had stolen. She didn’t expect to find herself in the arms of the earl and to enjoy the brief yet steamy kiss. She will get away but she will encounter the man once again but only this time she will know his real identity.

Gavin Blackwell brief encounter with the courtesan in his bedroom only led him to want more. Gavin was able to find his courtesan only to discover she was not all she seemed to be. He will help her as a danger lurks in the shadow.

The Accidental CourtesanI had read The School For Brides a while ago which is the first book to the series. I wanted to read more from the series but at the time there were none available. I decided to wait until the series, School for Brides, had several for me to take and read. I requested the second, third and fourth book of the series and it did not take long for them to all come my way.

The Accidental Courtesan takes us back to the sisters, Eva and Noelle but this time it will be Noelle helping out a courtesan in trouble. I liked that Noelle had not changed. She stayed a strong woman with her own convictions but there was a sensual side that Gavin was able to draw out. Gavin was also a strong character. I liked that he came from savage lands of America as they called it. He had charm and wit that would make you fall for him but there was also determination and he was a gentleman at heart.

Cheryl Ann Smith writes a well developed romance that holds a little danger and mystery in The Accidental Courtesan. I can’t wait to see where the series will led. The next book is The Scarlet Bride.

Bodyguards in Bed

A genius, a driver and a model all have one thing in common they will need their own bodyguards. In Bodyguards in Bed is a collection of three authors (Lucy Monroe, Jamie Ann Denton and Elisabeth Naughton) with their own short story all about bodyguards.

In each story it almost seems as you are starting with the book in progress as you don’t know some of these characters. As each story could have its own series instead of a separate collection but each story is very well written and engaging with their steamy scenes and the quick thrill.

The three stories in the collection are Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brothers Bed?, Hot Mess, and Acapulco Heat.

Suzanna’s Surrender by Nora Roberts

The fourth book, Suzanna’s Surrender of the series The Calhoun Women is a thrill to read. This time it is Suzanna’s time and the emeralds are closer than they think.

Suzanna is a mother of two and after having a brutal marriage and divorce she is making it back on her own but she will get sidetracked with the new comer. Holt is back in town after several years away. He had the biggest desire for Suzanna when he was young and the years have only made it stronger. He will help bring passion back into Suzanna and help discover the location of the emeralds.

I couldn’t wait to read the story with Suzanna. I love her character as the good mother and hated to read her hardship. But when she gets the chance to find passion with Holt I was thrilled.

The secret of the emeralds is coming to an end with the help of Holt who is the grandson of Bianca’s lover. I liked the tie between the past and present.

The theif I thought was a good touch. He is coming closer and watching every move. But in the end good still will triumph.

The thing that I really liked was the ghost. It was interesting to learn about the lives of Bianca and now you got the insight of Christian which was fun to read.

Suzanna’s Surrender leaves the reader with a smile as the story is coming to a close but there is an addition with Megan when she will find the Towers as a new home in the fifth and final book of The Calhoun Women.

A Man For Amanda by Nora Roberts

There is something easy to Nora Roberts books. The second book of the series Calhoun Women is A Man For Amanda. The second book was a fantastic continuation of the series.

Amanda Calhoun is the practical sister who is the assistant manager at the hotel in town. Sloan is the new architect who is going to help transform the Towers into a functioning hotel. The two automatically butt heads right from the beginning but they will find each other through their own stubbornness and a sneaky new character who wants more than Amanda’s companionship.

The second book of Calhoun Women was a blast to read. There was romance, wit, and humor that drifted through the characters.

I liked that the plot was only a few weeks apart from the first book. It kept the reader in the story and the lives of the sisters. I loved that it was Amanda’s time to find love according to her Aunt and it was in the form of Sloan.

The two characters were a blast to read. There stubborn streak kept the book filled with wit.

I liked that the plot had a little suspense to it. A sneaky character was trying to find the emeralds that had been leaked to the papers. He is not someone you think would do that but very quickly you know his desire. I actually liked that you knew who the bad guy was in this book but you didn’t know his strategy which left you to enjoy the book and to read on to find out his plan.

A Man For Amanda is a delight to read for romance readers. You will fall in love with the Calhoun women.