A Highlander Christmas

a higlander christmasCamry MacKeage had runaway from her job as she needed some breathing space. She could not have a breakdown in front of her family as the MacKeage woman were strong. She will leave NASA to babysit dogs and to find out what she wanted again, and what she wanted just might be in the form of Luke.

Luke Pascal had loved space since he was twelve years old. Though years later his curiosity in space will get him in trouble as with his tampering of information the satellite of the renowned Dr. Grace MacKeage will fall. He needs Camry’s help to find out what happened but first he has to convince her to help.

A Highlander Christmas is the seventh book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I had reread the sixth book which was with Megan and Wayne/Jack. I wanted to reread it just so I was reading the series as a whole. Now on to the seventh book, I liked this book. It was cute like all the other ones and had some humor along with a pair of very lustful people.

Camry was a woman who was smart and put together but then she had a meltdown. She needed to change something in her life. Camry was good at lying as her parents did not know about her not being at NASA for almost a year. It takes a certain amount of courage to just quit a job and try something else. The other character was Luke. You knew that he had done something bad right up front, although Camry didn’t know he was the same man that had corresponded with her through email. I didn’t like Luke right away and I think it was how his character acted for the first part of the book. Although once I got to know his character and his past I liked him more.

It seems that the concept of time travel stays strong throughout this series as within each book there is someone who had traveled through time whether it was from the past or future. I liked the visitor within the book as it led Camry and Luke on the path that they had wanted with the satellite and towards each other.

I only have one more book which will finish off the series Pine Creek Highlanders.