Ride Wild

Cora Campbell had been running when she found a way out with the help of the Ravens. She gets a shot at starting a new life with Slider who has her working as his kids nanny. Things will get complicated when she starts to have feelings for Slider.

Sam “Slider” Evans had been burned by the love of his life. He lived his life now only for his children. He will start to live again when Cora becomes part of their life.

Ride Wild is the third book to the series Raven Riders by Laura Kaye. I liked this book. It was a fun, fast, sweet, and steamy book.

Cora was sweet and looking for a second chance. I liked her character, she was ready to begin a new chapter for herself and I really liked that she wanted to do the things on her own. She wanted independence but was not afraid to ask for help. Slider’s character was a great dad but he needed help. I liked that he softened up when Cora was around especially when he let go of the past.

Within the story there wasn’t a lot of action. There will be some trouble with the Raven and some bystanders will get into trouble. The Ravens will have to help the ones they love.

The other characters of Sam and Ben, Slider’s son’s, were adorable. They wanted the best for their dad and they were a cute addition to the story.

Mary Poppins

Mary PoppinsMary Poppins is a classic story that you have either read as a child, an adult or have seen the movie. I had only seen the movie when I was a child and numerous of plays when I was younger. I had just seen the play this past year which got me thinking about the book and how I have never read it. What got me to read the book was watching the DVD of Saving Mr. Banks. I fell in love with that movie and I wanted to read the famous book of P.L Travers.

The book Mary Poppins is similar to the movie but the book does have a lot more detail with the activities Mary Poppins and the children encountered. For me there seemed to be quite a difference in detail but that is what happens with books turning to movies. The movies can’t have everything that was written. In the book there is more of a whimsical atmosphere because there are more activities that the children get to embark on and of course lessons to learn.

I am a visual person so the movie was very entertaining to watch but with how Travers writes you can certainly image everything that goes on in the book. There are also illustrations that accompany this book which were done by Mary Shepard. The illustrations are not done on every page but they are given at the right moments to convey the story.

Mary Poppins is a story that can be read and enjoyed at anytime no matter your age.


JaneJane Moore is in dire need of a way to survive. She finds a job as a nanny for the famous Nico Rathburn and finds there is much more to this rock star. But there is also a mystery going on in Thornfield Park that could be threatening for Jane.

Jane was a book I picked up randomly a year ago that was free. It has been sitting on in my bookcase this entire time. I started to organize my books and came upon it thinking it was time to actually read the book.

I read the book easily in one sitting. I know the story of Jane Eyre well as I have read the book and of course seen the movies that have been made. The story is easy to follow and characters are memorable. There are the cliche stereotypes of the rock star image that Nico Rathburn does follow but it is well done. I like Jane who does play close to the original Jane’s character.

It is always interesting to read how authors take on retelling classic novels that have been around for years. Some go the modern way of storytelling or go a little paranormal. If they are done right they are fun to read and I think April Lindner does this modern retelling of Jane Eyre justice.

Forever and a Day

Grace Brooks is at a loss. Her hopes of finding a permanent job that her parents would be proud of is becoming unlikely and her money supply has dwindle to almost nothing. But then Grace gets a break with a job as a dog walker which is not what she expects especially as she starts to become the nanny of the dog owners son. Grace thanks her lucky stars at the job and being close to Dr. Josh Scott is no hardship.

Dr. Josh Scott has no time to breath let alone spend time with his son or sister with the amount of time his patients take. He will see Grace as a savior as she handles the chaos that is in his life. Both know they can’t get involved but Josh cannot get Grace out of his mind. He will stay away as much as he can but a man can only take so much.

Forever and a Day is the sixth book to the Lucky Harbor series. This is definitely a drama that Jill Shalvis writes but a drama done right. I have loved this series since the first book and have continue to do so. Shalvis writes these stories with real characters. The family dynamics feel like a real family going through those heartaches which makes you connect with those characters. The evil boyfriend to Josh’s sister even felt real as you wanted to smack him for his behavior as you know he is going to hurt Anna. But its not all about the family drama as Shalvis will write Grace and Josh’s scenes to be nothing but steamy as they finally get together.

As I concluded this book I saw this was the last one available but I have a feeling the Lucky Harbor series is far from done. Of course now comes the question is who is to be next?

The Marine’s Babies

Captain Jace Monroe was a great marine but what he wasn’t prepared for was playing daddy to two twin girls he knew nothing about. Getting two little girls dumped on his doorstep was not ideal but he had to make it work as the mother of the children abadoned them. Feeling out of his league he found a nanny.

Emma Stewart knew this would be hard to do. A nanny job after her tragedy but she wanted to do this. Helping Jace and his little girls was the best job but one that she would not always have. Of course having the marine as your employer made a few things difficult as feelings started to show on both sides. But tragedy will make it hard for each to trust and truly love one another.

The Marine’s Babies was a cute short book which falls in the category of harlequin books. Laura Marie Altom gives a short story where the characters each are supporting hurt from their past and the only way to be fine is to come together. I liked that she was able to have depths with the characters in such a short novel.

For a short romance book The Marine’s Babies is a delight to read.

The Blessing

When reading the summary on the book I wasn’t too thrilled. I thought it was going to be a sad book where brothers are torn and love never actually happens. I am a romantic at heart so I love the happy endings. But Jude Deveraux surprised me as I read the book. I thought it was going one way and she completely flips the plot. The Blessing is an intriguing story of family and love.

Jason Wilding can have anything he wants but for some reason he is not happy. Then his brother David calls. David has found love in a woman named Amy who has a son, Max. David needs Jason’s help with taking care of Amy’s son so he can woo Amy.

Jason agrees but things turn as he finds himself falling for Amy and Max. But there are problems and the main one is Amy believes Jason is gay. Jason has to go along with David’s farce but every minute he gets to know Amy the more attached he becomes and the more he wants to break his agreement.

This is the first book I have tried with Jude Deveraux. I like her style with creating the plot as it was very simple but the characters add to the drama. I devoured the book and hoped that Jason found that happy ending but then she threw in a wrench and I was shocked how Deveraux played the plot. But in the long run it made sense with Amy’s character.

The Blessing is one of many novels by Jude Deveraux.