The Naked Prince

The Naked PrinceJosephine “Jo” Atworthy was a twenty eight year old woman and according to her father needed some fun. She will be forced into going to a house party where she expected there would be nothing to do until she meets her prince that she had been corresponding with. Jo will find herself wanting to experience the house party and join in on the scandalous behavior if Damien was with her.

The Naked Prince is a novella that is part of the Naked Nobility series by Sally MacKenzie. This novella is book number 6.5 to the series. I have read this out of order as I have already read the complete series with the exception of the 2.5 novella (I will be reading that one next). Well I liked this novella. I thought it was very much like the other novels. There was some humor, scandalous behavior and two characters that you couldn’t help but like.

I liked Damien’s character. He was a scholarly type but also the Prince of Hearts. He was a man who liked pleasures but he was not as lustful as the other men at the party. I liked that he was reserved but not when it came to Jo. With Jo there was that passion that was between them and it as sweet at the same time because of her innocence. I liked that the novella wasn’t just about the lust as Jo and Damien had to work together to stop Stephen from being trapped by a woman into marriage who he did not love (Stephen’s happy ending will come in the last book of the series).

I am reading The Naked Laird next which will complete the Naked Nobility series.

The Naked Marquis

The Naked MarquisCharles Draysmith has become the newest Marquis of Knightsdale something he never expected or wanted to be. He would do his duty and take the title along with finding a wife which the process he is not looking forward to. He will find his luck turning when he meets up with Emma Peterson once again.

Emma Peterson has taken over for caring for these girls temporarily as the governess. She will soon come face to face with her childhood crush and find that she still loves him. The only problem is he wants to marry her but for practical reasons not love.

I am brought back to this series Naked Nobility by Sally MacKenzie and finishing the series with The Naked Marquis. As the rest of these novels there is wit, charm, a little humor and characters that you liked. Charles was not looking for responsibility but took it. It was humorous as he pursue Emma in all the wrong ways. I did chuckle as well when Emma would let her temper loose which usually meant throwing things at Charles because he would say the wrong thing.

Overall I liked this book it was a good addition and fun to revisit with all the characters that have been talked about or had their own story which I read.

The Naked Baron

Glancing over the racks of books I found myself wanting to read Sally MacKenzie. Her Naked Nobility series is very funny and entertaining to read. I have read most of the series but two of the books. One of the books I have not read is The Naked Baron.

The Naked BaronGrace Belmont is having her first season at twenty five but it is not to find a husband. She found out that her father has already gotten her engaged to her neighbor. Grace will do her duty but it will be difficult when she finds herself attracted to the Baron.

Baron Dawson “David” is on the lookout for a wife and no one would do that is before he saw Grace. Everything about her called to him and he wanted her to be his but there were obstacles in the way.

The reason I did not want to read this book in the beginning was because Grace was the woman who jilted John which was stated in The Naked Gentleman. You start to read the book and it completely changes my opinion as you get to know her character. She is fun, passionate, awkward, and has a warmer personality then what you are lead to believe from the previous book. I liked that now you understand the struggle she went through to do the right thing the best she could. This helped me like her a lot more. Now David was funny as well but his mind was solely on lustful feelings which were how his thoughts tended to drift every time he was around Grace. It was entertaining to read.

A second story was being told at the same time with Kate (Grace’s Aunt) and Alex (David’s Uncle). Their story was about second chances. I loved how MacKenzie did not make it easy on the couple but she threw in a couple twists that had you hoping for a happy ending finally for these two, and she doesn’t disappoint.

There is no real villain in this story but those of society are of course cruel and spiteful. Grace’s father does do a good job at imitating a villain as he wants to force Grace into a loveless marriage as he had to do. There is no real saving that relationship but MacKenzie will give insight as to why the father acts as he does.

The Naked Baron is full of laughs at what happens and a lot of playful passion which arises in the book. Only one book to go for the Naked Nobility series, The Naked Marquis.

Spend Some Time With The King of Hearts

The Naked King is the last book of the Naked Nobility series as of right now. Picking random books to read from the series I am always surprised by the turn of events and the last one of course continues that tradition. MacKenzie took the plot another direction I wasn’t expecting. She will keep the reader fooled by the turn of events.

Stephen Parker-Roth is known as the King of Hearts. Stephen doesn’t like the following but he deals with it. But one morning got him in trouble as lust got the better of him and found himself betrothed to a woman he just met.

Lady Anne Marston is a fallen woman but no one knows. Anne lives her life with no drama with the exception of two brothers and a sister. Anne has hidden her pain for ten years but now a man threatens to break that silence.

Stephen and Anne will find themselves in a situation that cannot be broken according to Stephen. Anne thinks he is not serious but finds herself falling while avoiding the clutches of the one man she wishes dead.

Stephen was a complete delight as he is not the playboy of the ton and he is a noble rake which will always keep his word. Him as a protector was thrilling to read.

I loved Anne’s character. MacKenzie had her given up on life, really broken. But little by little Anne developed the strength and courage she hid.

As a last story of the series I definitely want more of the stories MacKenzie has developed. So we will only have to wait and see if more will be written.

Watch Out For The Naked Earl

So from trying that one book in the series I went and found another one. Again not in the correct order but I just wanted to read her book. The next book I found was The Naked Earl. Robbie and Lizzie are going to get to know each other a lot more and since I have read The Naked Gentleman I already knew going in how these two characters are in the future which was actually nice.

Lady Elizabeth Runyon “Lizzie” is only twenty but she knows who she wants to marry and hopes that one day he would actually come to see her in the same light. But come to Lizzie’s surprise she just might get her wish as a naked Robbie comes stumbling into her bedroom and opps she was naked as well.

Robert Hamilton “Robbie” was Earl of Westbrooke and was avoiding the marriage mart and anyone trying for him especially like Lady Felicity. That is why he ended up naked in the one window he did not want. Lizzie has been in his thoughts but he could never marry her, never marry anyone. Robbie suffered from an alignment but he will be surprised who will be the one to help.

I could not wait to get into the story and like the one I had read before the wit and humor were steady in the entire story. I liked that Lizzie was brave and would not give up which is something Robbie needed.

Sally MacKenzie will have readers wanting to turn each and every irresistible page of The Naked Earl.

Getting to know The Naked Gentleman

Going into Sally MacKenzie’s series Naked Nobility I knew I was reading part way into the series but I wanted to see how I would like it. The Naked Gentleman sounded entertaining to read as I thought it would actually be a comedy and I was right. MacKenzie writes to the reader with witty commentary and funny plots.

Miss Margaret Peterson wants to study plants she loves them and her ideal man will have an extensive garden in which she could explore. She thought she found the man but he did not show his interest so Margaret must find herself a man she could marry. Margaret lures the men out to the gardens and tries to find one that she likes but this will cause danger for her and John Parker-Roth is the one which will save her.

John Parker-Roth wants to be left alone. Being left at the alter is a blow to any mans character. All he wants is to garden but then trouble comes his way in the form of Miss Margaret Peterson. He saves her from an attack but gets himself into a bit of trouble when they are compromised. He offers but Margaret refuses. John should just let it be but everyone is telling him he must and something inside of John is saying the same thing.

As far as plot goes MacKenzie was very funny in how obtuse and smart Margaret really was. I love that they each have a love for gardening but that is not revealed until later.

There are a lot of other characters who have points of views and their own sections in the book. As the reader you will have to keep track of the characters but what I did like was how she split up the voices as they did not do a continual one long chapter with ten people talking. She had page breaks to let the reader know a different person was talking which helped.

The one thing in which I am confused is how MacKenzie does the order of her stories. Grace a woman who left John at the alter is married to her baron in The Naked Gentleman which is the fourth book. I looked ahead for the other books to discover in the fifth book Grace is just meeting her baron in The Naked Baron. So the timeline is a little confusing but I will see how MacKenzie plays it out.

From just reading this one book from the series I am looking forward to finding the rest.