My Lord Scandal by Emma Wildes

The first book, My Lord Scandal is from the series Notorious Bachelors. Emma Wildes I have not read and from the first book of the series I like her characterization and the plot which grabs you as a romeo and juliet story but there are many clues that will be unmasked as the story continues.

Alex St. James was a younger son and would not inherit. He is fine with that. With more than enough woman and money he was content but now he has a mission. A missing key which he must find for his grandmother. He must breach the home of his families sworn enemy.

Amelia Patton is the daughter of earl and is now thrust into the marriage market. She does not want to be there especially now that she has had a forbidden kiss from a would be thief. She will find his identity and their lives will be interwoven as love blossoms between them. But family will make it difficult as their families are sworn enemies all because of a past discretion.

Alex and Amelia were two characters that pulled you into the story right from the start. Forbidden always brings desire and lust and in their case love will form. I like how Emma Wildes creates these two characters to belong to families which have had a feud for many years.

The feud is not what it appears to be and it is tragic as parts are revealed but for the most part a happy ending is given.

Wildes does a good job as she uncovers the past for our present characters. All side characters were also well written and involved to make sure they were not forgotten.

My Lord Scandal was a delight to read with the sensual characters and interwoven plot that pulls you into the world of forbidden love and the consequences that go along.