Highland Knight

The fifth book of the Murray Family series is Highland Knight. Hannah Howell continues the series with Avery Murray.

Avery Murray was taken against her will on the idea that she would be a debt paid. She was horrified to learn of the crimes against her brother and knew they were false. She had to find a way to have Cameron believe her, but she knew that revenge was too great and he would not listen. Avery hoped he would change his mind as she was falling in love with him.

Cameron MacAlpin was set on seeing justice for his sister. Payton Murray would pay and his sister would see to that debt. The problem was Cameron did not want to force a girl in his bed, but it would seem it would not take much. Avery soon became willing and feelings started to get in the way. Cameron knew that revenge was not the only thing driving him now but he knew that he would have to find a way to let her go.

I liked the story a lot actually. I had a feeling I would since this series has kept my interest. I liked Avery’s younger cousin who will be in the next book of the series.

I think out of the plot I enjoyed the idea of a ruthless debt payment that was being forced upon Avery but she did not waver. She stood strong and soon Cameron didn’t think of her just as an object.

The villains are few but the person you will hate the most is Katherine, Cameron’s sister and the cause of most of the problems. Howell will give justice in the book that would suite Katherine and leave the reader smiling.

Can’t wait for Gillyane and her turn at love.

Highland Vow

Elspeth Murray fell in love with a lad at the age of nine and ten years later it has not gone away especially as he is the one to save her from an unwanted suitor. Elspeth will find herself giving Cormac everything that she has to offer in her heart and her innocence even as she knows he might not love her back. Elspeth will be persistent but will find herself up against a wall when Cormac’s mistress will make her presence known.

Cormac Armstrong has given a vow to a woman for ten years but this young woman is testing that vow. He doesn’t want to betray his love but after being with Elspeth he questions what he truly wants. The fact that he hears rumors of his beloved gives him worry especially as it comes from his friends but love made him blind. When he comes to lose the one thing in his life that was real Cormac has to make a decision.

The moment their names intertwined I instantly remembered that they were Ilsabeth’s parents who was the main character in Highland Protector the book I started with. I liked reading how her parents met and came about.

Highland Vow is the fourth book of Hannah Howell’s series the Murray Family. I found myself thinking that this series will get a little confusing as the family will continue to grow and you will get confused about whose child is who, but the nice thing about Howell’s stories are you get immersed. The story brings you in right away and you just enjoy the characters and the plot.

The book was easy to read and something you wanted to as you hoped that Cormac would listen to the rumors and follow his heart leading him to Elspeth. Then with Elspeth’s character you are impressed by her strength and persistence and hope that she gets her man.

Can’t wait for the next Murray to find love.

Highland Promise

Following up on the third book of the Murray Family series I wanted to find out how Hannah Howell was going to write Eric’s story.

Eric Murray wanted to branch out and meet his mothers side of the family to get their support and on this quest he comes across a very small woman with a baby. Eric is insistently protective of this woman and wants her with a fury. He will help her and show her the ways of the world but life is not easy for these two new lovers as her family is after her and he is trying to regain what has been taken away.

Bethia Drummond knew that her new family had killed her sister and brother in law. Bethia fled from the home with her nephew only to come across her knight. She found herself to be captivated by him. They shared mutual lust which turned into love but Bethia was wary. People always looked down on her and never proved to truly love her. With woman flaunting themselves at Eric she knew he would loose interest in her, but Bethia will prove herself worthy to those around her and herself.

Highland Promise was engaging right from the start. I liked how Hannah Howell started out with Bethia fighting her way out of the place that wanted her death. Howell creates Bethia to be a fighter but unsure of herself. I liked how Howell let her grow and believe in herself. It was a steady growth which fell into the story well.

Eric was a fun character. I liked that he found a place but still was an outsider in a way. He was easy going but fierce and a little naive in some aspects. I liked that he found love and a way to protect Bethia through the story, it gave a sweet side to the battle.

The family was entertaining with the wives now with plenty of children and advice. I am looking forward to continuing the tale of the Murray Family as now it will be all the children of the three brothers and their wives which is ever growing.

Highland Honor

Nigel Murray has been gone from his family fighting for seven years. Thinking its time to come home he stumbles upon a girl dressed as a boy. Nigel soon finds himself wrapped up in helping this woman from the people she had been running from and from herself. Nigel will find himself enthralled with her and wanting more from life that she was now in it, but he had to first keep them alive and away from her family that wanted her dead.

Gisele Deveau is on the run for murdering her husband. Of course she did not murder him but wanted him to rot in hell. Gisele will find herself on the run with Nigel and sooner than later she will find herself in his arms. Love will blossom but she doesn’t want him hurt and will do her best to keep them both alive.

Highland Honor is the second book of the Murray Family series from Hannah Howell. I liked this book as it held the intrigue of an adventure to fight for the truth. Howell also speeds up time to seven years later that Nigel has been away from home. I liked that as it gave Nigel the time to work out his own issues.

Gisele and Nigel were well matched in the book as each were strong in surviving what life was giving them. Gisele was a little hardened from what life has given her while Nigel was a little more lighthearted.

There was a betrayal on Nigel’s part that didn’t make you hate him in the least but frustrated that he was being an idiot. I liked that Gisele made him work for his penance and did not take him back with the first attempt of wooing.

Eric will be next in the clan to rescue the damsel in distress.

Highland Destiny

Back in May I had ventured with the twelfth book of the series Murray Family. I had forgotten the author for a little time until I found her name while searching the shelves of my library. This time I went to find the first book which started the Murray Family series, Highland Destiny.

Sir Balfour Murray now laird of his clan after their father had been killed wants to lead his people in peace, but trouble was not over. Their brother Eric had been taken. It had been thought that Eric was not a Murray but to Balfour there was no difference. Eric was his brother regardless and now he was going to find him. When Nigel, the middle brother, falls a woman comes to help and Balfour falls for the lass but wonders if she is another trap.

Maldie Kirkaldy is running towards the man who is her father. She had given a blood oath to kill the man that had ruined her mother. Maldie’s desire for revenge only grew over time, she would not let anything stop her until a fallen knight. As a healing woman she takes her gift seriously but soon that leads her into the arms of a chief of another clan. She wants to tell him the truth but afraid he would only hate her because of who her father was. Maldie will take matters into her own hands to find revenge and hopefully peace.

I have to say the series had intrigued me from the twelfth book has now grabbed me at the first book. The language Hannah Howell writes in the book is engaging and the characters are people you want to read more about.

Maldie is strong and lethal in her own way but unsure of herself when it comes to love. I like that there is a certain vulnerability that she portrays as you are insistently warm to her character.  Balfour is also vulnerable at times but as a macho man it is of course not condoned. His weakness is thinking a betrayal will happen and to be too rash before one thinks about the situation. He was strong willed as well which worked to his advantage.

I did like the love triangle that wasn’t really there in your face and no real harm done as the woman only loved one of the brothers. It was a nice change that a feud between brothers did not start because of a woman.

Howell gave a couple good twists in the book especially for Maldie with her revenge. I am interested in seeing how the series will progress.