Highland Avenger

The thirteenth book of the Murray Family series is Highland Avenger by Hannah Howell.

Arianna Murray Lucette has been married for several years in a lie with verbal abuse everyday of her marriage, but now she is free. Though freedom is not so easy for Arianna as she is soon on the run with her husbands illegitimate children to the outside world. She will find sanctuary in the arms of a man that will make her believe that love is possible.

Sir Brian MacFingal will find a woman he thinks is dead but soon finds out she is alive and not alone. He will rescue Arianna and her two wards from the danger that awaits her from her husbands clan. Brian will protect her body with his own and try to heal the wounds that are on the inside of Arianna while trying hard not to fall in love.

I thought it pretty amazing how Hannah Howell created the series as this family could go on and on, and I have a feeling she is not going to stop anytime soon. I liked this story as it went back to an enemy the Murray’s had been fighting over time but its been a while since they were spoken.

The main characters were fun to read about and I like how Howell brings in Arianna’s family to be the protective type. Our main man Brian plays the same role as many of the men of Howell’s series where they don’t understand what they are throwing away. Of course a happy ending will find its way to the pages.

I wonder now which Murray will have their story told.

Highland Sinner

Sir Tormand Murray is a lover of woman and many women would fall at his feet. Now Tormand has a problem as a few lovers he had been with have now been grotesquely murdered. Tormand is suspected but will not go down for something he has not done. He will find help in an unlikely woman.

Morainn Ross has been named a witch for all her live and has been kicked out of her town. Morainn makes a living with helping others with medicine but what keeps her alive is her visions. Now her visions are clear on the man Tormand and she feels it is her duty to save this man from death as it beats down his door and hers.

Highland Sinner has certainly reached a different level from the rest. Hannah Howell has spread her writing into the world of supernatural with this one. Although healing and visions have been talked about in the books this book goes into further detail. In fact this book focused solely on this for the plot.

I thought Howell did a nice job on making the supernatural world come alive and really horrific in the intense crime scenes.

Highland Wolf

Now even though Highland Wolf did not bring in more of the Murray family Howell did bring back James. He is adopted by Eric Murray and Bethia Drummond (Jame’s half sister) and first mentioned in Hannah Howell’s third book Highland Promise. I was excited to read about James as he was taking us back to the original brothers.

Annora MacKay wants to leave her home as it is more like a prison but she stays for one person. Annora would do anything to protect Meggie, a five year old and supposed daughter of the laird. Annora knows the wrath of her cousin and she knows soon her fate will be sealed until a handsome woodcarver comes her way.

James Drummond wants his land back and his daughter. He poses as a woodcarver but will find an obstacle with Annora. He will soon find her a woman who could easily entice him. James will not resist desire for long as feelings get in the way. Now he must find a way for revenge all the while protecting his daughter and Annora.

From the last book which was alright to this I was happy to be brought back into the series. The characters were thought out and engaging throughout the book. The addition of Meggie was a nice touch. She gave the story a heartwarming feeling and something for the characters to protect from the villain. I really liked the little twist which Howell gives involving the crime James had supposedly committed.

Highland Wolf has brought back my interest in the series and I am eager to continue reading who Hannah Howell will write about next.

Highland Savage

Sir Lucas Murray has been wounded and betrayed by the woman he loves. Surviving the betrayal he is once again reunited with Katerina and will find it hard to resist helping her.

Katerina Haldane has lost the one man she has loved but now all it not lost. She has found out that he has not died and she will save him from her scheming half sister, and try to win his trust once again.

I liked the book Highland Savage. It is the ninth book to the series Murray Family. There was the normal Scotland historical romance with the Murray family, but for me something was missing. I wasn’t thrilled by the plot but I did like the two characters who were entertaining to read. Lucas is Artan’s twin which references the eighth book where Artan was the lead character.

Highland Savage was a good book but it was missing the Murray family connections  I guess. I like it when Howell brings in that family which helps each other through the crisis. The next book is Highland Wolf.

Highland Barbarian

The Murray Family continues with Highland Barbarian.

Sir Artan Murray was on a mission to get Angus’s niece, marry her and become the heir. It was going to be simple until he found out that she was getting married to another. Artan will charm his way in and soon will take matters in his hands and kidnap his soon to be bride. Things will not get any easier after that especially as there will be those who will want to take Cecily back.

Cecily Donaldson knew it was her duty to marry this man her guardians had picked for her. Then she  meets Artan and her heart betrays her. She will find herself falling for him until he kidnaps her. Cecily will fight for her freedom especially when she finds out what Artan gets when he marries her.

I definitely liked this story from Hannah Howell. Artan’s character was a warrior throughout but one that had compassion. He saw what needed to be done and did it. Of course kidnapping his potential wife was not the best way to do it.

Cecily was the perfect woman to many as she always had a smile on her face and said little to upset her clan. I loved that she became more when she was with Artan. She became stronger and more sure of herself yet there was still a part of her that had to please those around her.

The Murray clan is definitely one to read so far and I have to wonder who will be next in the ninth book in Howell’s series?

Highland Angel

Sir Payton Murray is a man who is easy going and one to look at. Most woman he has come across wouldn’t mind a night in his arms. Payton was about to enjoy another night when a woman in rags interrupted him. Payton is intrigued by the woman’s pleads and soon will be immersed in the horrific situation that she is tangled in.

Kirstie MacIye was able to survive the drowning her husband was giving her. She had to survive to protect the other children from a far worst fate. Sir Payton was to be her knight to help her and the children, and she will not be disappointed. Together they will forge in stopping her husband from hurting another soul.

As I continue the Murray Family series I am sucked in more and more. You fall for the characters and how Hannah Howell interweaves a story. Now in Highland Angel I was furious as I read it as its a tough subject when you are reading about little children being hurt. Of course Howell will give you justice for those who have been hurt with the villain getting his own form of justice.

I loved Payton and Kristie’s character. They meshed well together. I loved that Payton was easy going but once you got him going he would be fierce. Kristie was blood thirsty when protecting the children and I loved it. You wanted to see her fight for what was right and to succeed.

Through reading the story there was a boy named Simon and I wondered if he is the one from Highland Protector. Nevertheless if its not she still does a good job keeping the characters involved through the series and its fun to read once again about a character you only heard about.

Can’t wait for the next novel with the Murray family.

Highland Bride

Gillyanne Murray found herself liking the new land that she held onto. The problem was three suitors who wanted her land. They were persistent but one was more so and she found herself married to him in a blink of an eye.

Connor MacEnroy is ignorant of the ways of woman and Gillyanne is a prize to be won. He soon found out that all things his uncle said about wives were not all true.

Highland Bride is the sixth book to Hannah Howell’s series Murray Family. Reading the series so far has been a lot of fun. The books are engaging and you want to read them. This once was frustrating as the character Connor was less to be desired. His attitude of woman pissed me off as it was very male chauvinistic. Of course the character I hated even more was Meg who played mistress to all the men.

Howell redeems herself as she  switches Connor’s thinking of how to treat a wife and women.

Gillyanne was my favorite character in this particular book as she was a strong woman and would fight for what she wanted, it only took her a little time to find out what she wanted. You cheered her on and wanted her to win in the end. Howell will of course not disappoint the reader and give a happy ending.