The Vampire Who Loved Me

The Vampire Who Loved MeJulian Kane has been away from his family finally understanding there was no hope for him or his lost soul. He especially had to stay away from Portia Cabot who was too good for him but she was never far from his thoughts even after all this time. He will fight the temptation but it will only hold him off for so long.

The second and final book for Kane/Cabot Vampire series from Teresa Medeiros was once again fantastic and follows along the path of the first book. I was once again drawn into this regency world where vampires are no long myths.

Now Adrian was a fantastic lead in the first book. Julian holds the darker side of the character but nevertheless he still is a good man even though there is plenty of doubt and betrayal. Portia never truly gave up on Julian which I loved and it looked like neither did Julian. What was different with this book was the involvement of vampires. There was definitely more vampires or scenes with them which gave more to the book. There is the happy ending that you long for but it was not an easy task. I thought the scene which all the action at the end was well written by Medeiros.

Ending the short series I know that this will not be the last series read by Teresa Medeiros and I can’t wait to find another series to read from this author.

Divine Misdemeanors

Merry and her men have faced off with the Queen and the Prince and have lived to tell the tale. Now they are back in America and trouble is at their front door again but this time the demi-fey are the ones that are being attacked. Merry must help her people out and to find the one who is harming them.

The eighth book, Divine Misdemeanors, of the series Meredith Gentry was not bad. I had thought before that the seventh book from Laurell Hamilton had finished the series but she cranked out another one.

Turning the pages for this book started out slow. Since I love reading about Merry and her guards I knew I would like the book but it took a little to get into the story. The plot is not following the same as it had been and to me it lost a little interest. This book was not my favorite. Now on the other hand it was a good story once you got into the book and back with the characters. New things are revealed and Merry’s men who are the fathers of her twins are not the only ones she loves or lets in her bed.

At the end of the story Hamilton leaves it open. This book was published in 2009 so its been several years. I’m not sure if she will write another book for the Meredith Gentry series, but she certainly does not close the chapter completely.

A Bite To Remember

Continuing on with the Argeneau Family series the next one is A Bite To Remember the fifth book.

Vincent Argeneau is a four hundred year old immortal. He is tired of life, tired of acting but there is a problem. The people around him are starting to get into accidents. Vincent’s problem will be solved with the help of a PI, but knew problems will occur especially how attractive his PI is.

Jackie Morrisey is a PI for her fathers firm and now the owner. She takes her job seriously. She keeps her distance from immortals as she had an encounter with one years ago. But with one look at Vincent she found herself loosing the battle. She wants him more that she knew, but as the bodies keep building Jackie will have to watch out for herself before she becomes a target.

Since starting this series I have found that it is one that pulls you in and I of course have my favorite characters, Marguerite’s children especially. The series is witty and has its own humor along with adventure. Vincent’s story was very much like the rest of the others but nevertheless I liked how Lynsay Sands writes the story. Sands delivers a small twist with life mates that will have readers angry until they find out what happens next.

I liked the back stories that Sands gives each character but especially Jackie as you feel for her character and the trouble (an immortal) that she found herself in at eighteen. Through that trouble you want her to find some kind of justice and love which will make up for her struggle.

I liked once again how Marguerite played as a matchmaker. I still hope that Sands will give her a chance to find her own true life mate. I guess I will hold out as this is only the fifth book of the ever going series.

Incubus Dreams by Laurell Hamilton

With every book in the Anita Blake series the plot is more aimed to Anita and what is happening in the supernatural world.  Slowly cop work is being forgotten about or it is being diluted into very little.

It is a sad thing that the police work is not a forerunner for the plot.  I find the crime investigation interesting to read.

The plot for Incubus Dreams is Anita is the best man at Larry’s wedding but trouble starts when a killer starts making bodies appear.  Anita is asked to help find the killer that is going after strip clubs which inhabit wereanimals.  But in life Anita is finding more problems with the men in her life and trying to maintain power.

So as I said there is police work but it is not forth coming with many scenes.  Hamilton is concentrating on Anita and her men.

One new thing is Anita is finally with Nathanial in every way.  By doing this Anita brings another man in her bed but also becomes stronger with the bond that Nathanial and Damien share with Anita.

Power is overflowing Anita as well.  Hamilton is getting to the point that Anita is uncontrolable if she delays feeding the ardeur which again can be fed through sex and blood.

The one thing I liked that really dealt with the sexual theme was her and Nathanial because that was a long time coming but the continual battle of Jean Claude, Richard and herself.  They create very steamy scenes together.  But I do not mind them.  I think because they were the very first attraction for Anita.

As far as the book goes it was interesting to read.  Hamilton knows how to write but I am getting a little tired of stories which seem to be all alike.  Incubus Dreams was long and it seemed in parts to keep going but surprisingly it was not really boring.  I think though there is too much filler that are in the pages.

5th Horseman by James Patterson

I was instantly intrigued by the title of James Patterson’s book, 5th Horseman.  I wanted to know what this other horseman would be like since the four brings the apocalypse.

The Plot:

“A young mother is recuperating in a San Francisco hospital when she is suddenly gasping for breath.  Help doesn’t come in time.  The hospital doctors, some of the best in the nation, are completely mystified by her death.  This is not the first such case at the hospital.  Just as patients are about to be released with a clean bill of health, their conditions take a devastating turn for the worse.

Accompanied by the newest member of the Women’s Murder Club, Yuki Castellano, Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer probes deeper into the deaths.  Is a manic playing God?  When someone close to her begins to exhibit the same frightening symptoms, Lindsay fears no one is safe.  But the hospital is determined to shield its reputation at all costs.  And while the hospital wages a court battle that grips the entire nation, Lindsay and the Women’s Murder Club must hunt a merciless killer.”

Again another heart-stopping suspense, mystery book by James Patterson.  I was drawn into the plot.  This book seemed a little different from the others that have been written.  I liked the idea of a killer in the hospital.  It was a new twist that was not done before for the murder club.

The end again was something I wasn’t sure on. One of the guys that was the actual doctor was scum and you hoped that he was the bad guy and hoped that he would go to jail for a very long time.  But everything was not as it appeared to be in true mystery/suspense novels.  James Patterson leaves you on the seat as Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club searches for the murderer.

2nd Chance by James Patterson

From reading the first book, 1st to Die, I was intrigued by the series.  Women’s Murder Club is definitely a different series from many that I have read.  The series is a wonder to read.  The four women are remarkable.  2nd Chance is another book that shows James Patterson’s incredible work of thrills and suspense.

The Plot of 2nd Chance:

“The Women’s Murder Club is back!  A brilliantly diabolical killer is murdering people from every walk of life.  The deaths seem unrelated but police homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer senses a connection and, together with medical examiner Claire, assistant D.A. Jill, and Chronicle reporter Cindy, finds a link that sends a chill through the entire nation.  The killer’s motives are unspeakable.”

Reading the first book let you get to know the characters, introduced them and know you are getting to know them more personally as the level of action and thrills are knocking on their door.  I was awed by the amount of events that spun out of control for the women.  I loved it and hated it.  Felt horrible for some and cheered them on.

When one of the members had a tragedy happen to her I felt horrible for the character.  You felt the need to protect the character from any further harm.

I hated the tragedy and betrayal of trust with Lindsay’s estranged father but it gets better and has promise of a relationship.

The villain in this one was unbelievable.  I couldn’t stop reading until I figured out who the killer of these people were.  There were so many clues that took you one way and then another.

This book, 2nd Chance, is a heart-stopping and heartwarming as the Murder Club is back in action.  James Patterson intrigues the reader with mystery, suspense, thrills and non stop crime fighting action.